Family Secrets Update Tuesday 6 July 2021


Family Secrets 6 July 2021: The Episode starts with Anami asking is this Laddoo’s drawing, tell me. Satrupa says yes, but I didn’t get him, kidnapper would have stuck it at the windscreen. Anami asks why would he do that, what does this mean, why didn’t you tell me before. Satrupa says I don’t have your answers, I didn’t know what to tell you, just think, this date indicates Laddoo is fine. Anami hugs drawing and cries.

Daamo asks what, Anami got that paper, did she doubt on you. Satrupa says no, I have managed, I can’t lose Anami. Anami says I m checking the car, the kidnapper has some motive to paste the drawing on the windscreen. She checks the car.Laddoo talks to Satrupa on call. Satrupa turns and gets shocked seeing Anami. She asks what happened. Anami says I didn’t get any clue, I don’t understand what does the kidnapper want. She gets Adhiraj’s call and goes. She tells Adhiraj that its Laddoo’s drawing, he makes sketches when he is happy, none can force him, is the kidnapper close to his heart. He asks how can you be sure. She says I know him well.

He says it means kidnapper is close, maybe Sudha. She says or maybe Satrupa. He asks what are you saying. She says Laddoo was getting close to her. He says why will Satrupa do this. She says you are right, if she was involved, why would she worry for Laddoo. Sudha comes to Baldev and says Narottam didn’t come since two days. He says go from here, he is just your son. She says he is your blood too, I m not here as your wife, I m here as a mum, please bring Narottam back. She cries and says I have no one to help me, please get him back, I will do anything you say. She holds his feet and says I will become your servant. She hugs him and cries. He holds her. Satrupa looks on shocked.

Anami prays for Laddoo. Poonam says sorry, I heard you, shall I say something, Hira Singh, Daamo and Narottam are also missing. Anami says Hira Singh and Daamo went to find Laddoo, why did Narottam not return, is it….. She gets angry and takes some flowers from the idol.She goes to Sudha and asks where is Narottam. Sudha says I don’t know. Anami says just answer me, I want his address. She says he is missing, I m shouting to ask them, no one cares for him. Anami says stop playing game with me, I want my answer. Sudha says someone is playing game with me and maybe with you too, Satrupa is behind this. Anami says enough, I know her nature and her love for Laddoo, you don’t need to explain me. She scolds Sudha. She says if I know you are behind all this, I will bid you farewell. She applies bhabhuti to herself and goes.

Satrupa thinks of Baldev and Sudha. She cries. Baldev comes talking on call and asking for info about Narottam. Satrupa says you are so concerned for Narottam, I know we have distance between us, but don’t increase it, you promised me you will not let your past come between us, why are you still stuck in your past, what was Sudha doing in our room. He says I didn’t break my promise, I had thrown Sudha out of my life, she came here because of you and Anami.Anami cries for Laddoo. Purushottam calls her and asks did you not recognize my voice, your brother is alive, he is playing, I think I should join him. He sees Laddoo playing with a guard. He threatens her. She says I did as you said, why don’t you get him back. He says police came in between, I will give you another chance, if you upset me again, Laddoo will get away.

She says it won’t be good if you do anything to him. He asks her to just hear what he says. She says I won’t get anyone with me. He says I will call and tell the address, wait for my call. He thinks Satrupa, I will use your tactics against you, your weakness will become my strength.

Dadi worrying for Laddoo. Dada ji says police is finding him. She asks him to do something, till when will we sit back. He says fine, I will call minister. He calls a minister. They get worried seeing Anami crying. Anami says kidnapper called me, he has Laddoo with him. Satrupa says we don’t know what he wants, Laddoo will surely come back. Dadi calms down Anami. Satrupa asks Daamo why did you scare Anami. Daamo says I didn’t call anyone.Satrupa asks didn’t you call, then who was it. She turns and sees Pujan. She says its bad habit to hear someone’s conversation. He says bad habits don’t go off soon, did you find Laddoo. She says no.

He says so sad, that boy got trapped, he got missing from this palace, security is not good, Hira Singh is also missing, did you send him for some work. She says my guards protect us always. He says you felt bad, I m asking as I didn’t see even Daamo, both of your soldiers are missing. She asks what do you mean to say. He says I m just asking, forgive me if I did any mistake. He goes. She calls Daamo and asks where is Hira Singh. Daamo says he didn’t come here. Hira Singh is caught. Purushottam asks his man to give an easy death to Hira Singh, as he is old. The man asks how did you know Laddoo is in Royal steels.

Purushottam recalls running away and calling Sudha. He tells her that Satrupa took Laddoo from me. She says but she didn’t get Laddoo here, she kept Narottam captive. He says I will ruin her game. FB ends. Purushottam says these people just have two nests, Lal Mahal and Royal steels. Daamo says the call was from home. She praises Laddoo’s drawing. Anami calls Adhiraj and says kidnapper called me again, I don’t know what to do. He asks was there any noise in background. She says no. He says don’t go out, just send me that number. He asks the man to trace the number.

Satrupa comes to Laddoo and says we have to go to Anami. Laddoo gets glad and says it means we defeated our enemy. Satrupa says we will just take Laddoo to Anami and end this story. Adhiraj and Anami are on the way. He says we are going to Royal steels factory, kidnapper is there. She prays for Laddoo. He asks her not to worry. Sudha leaves. Puja says something is happening here, Satrupa and Anami went and now Sudha, I m also coming to know this.

Satrupa, Daamo and Laddoo leave in the car. Purushottam and his goons block the way and stops them. Satrupa says you are alive. He jokes. He says I have killed Hira, I will commit next sin by caging you. Adhiraj and Anami reach there. Purushottam says you have played a great trick. Anami sees Laddoo. Adhiraj stops her. Purushottam says I start playing from the point where your game ends, just tell me about Narottam. He points gun at her and says your silence will take your life. Adhiraj calls Ila and asks her to send team. Daamo says wait, I will say. He says your servants are loyal, I won’t get fun if I kill you so easily, I must pay it back, I will first kill your daughter first, then I will kill you. He asks men to take them, till then he will find Narottam. Satrupa says nothing will happen to you. Adhiraj says we don’t have to take risk. Sudha is on the way.

Pujan follows her and says why is Sudha going to Royal steels, lets find out. Laddoo shouts for help. Adhiraj stops Anami. She runs to Laddoo. He runs after her. Goon beats up Adhiraj and point gun at him. Adhiraj fights. He gets the gun.Adhiraj gets Laddoo. Anami hugs Laddoo. They cry. She asks him is he fine. He says yes, Satrupa was with me. Satrupa says how did you come here. Anami says Adhiraj got me here. Purushottam says so mum and daughter united, its good Adhiraj came to see the drama, it will cost a lot. He takes gun from his hand. Adhiraj throws the goon and kicks Purushottam. Satrupa takes Anami and others. Sudha comes there. She sees Adhiraj and Purushottam fighting.Pujan comes there and looks around. Adhiraj beats Purushottam. Sudha hits up Adhiraj with a rod. Adhiraj gets dizzy. Anami, Satrupa and Laddoo see Sudha. Laddoo gets tensed and hugs Anami. Purushottam catches Anami and sends away everyone. He says don’t move, else I will kill her. Goons catch Adhiraj.

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