Family Secrets Update Wednesday 7 July 2021


Family Secrets 7 July 2021: The Episode starts with Sudha asking Purushottam to let everyone go. He says I will leave them, let me first reveal everyone’s truth, I mean I have kidnapped Laddoo, but someone else kept him captive, I couldn’t think Satrupa will fall so low. Pujan says it means someone else played the game. Satrupa asks Purushottam to leave Anami, she will give him any amount he asks, no one will touch him, he can leave. He says its not needed now, it will be fun when Laddoo tells them who has kept him captive.

Adhiraj gets conscious and looks around. His team comes. Adhiraj beats the goons. He hits Purushottam and catches him. The gun falls down. Purushottam says you are taking the wrong man, let me expose them. Satrupa says take him away. Purushottam sees Sudha. Pujan looks on. Purushottam pushes the men and aims gun at everyone. He asks them to move away, else he will shoot Anami, I was just a pawn in this game, someone else was playing, if I go jail, I will expose everyone, no one is loyal to anyone, I will tell you how this Mahabharat started.

Sudha thinks my breath will be gone if he takes my name. He says Anami’s brother….Sudha shoots him. Everyone gets shocked. They look at Sudha. Anami hugs Laddoo. Everyone comes back to Lal Mahal. Pujan asks Adhiraj why is he waiting, Sudha shot Purushottam, arrest her. Adhiraj says sorry, I can’t arrest her, she didn’t shoot any civilian, she shot a criminal, she did this to stop Purushottam, this is an act of self defence, not any crime. Dada ji says I can’t give shelter to any criminal in Lal Mahal, Baldev take this woman away.Baldev goes to Sudha and says you say its not a crime to kill anyone to protect family, Sudha has saved our family, if Sudha didn’t shoot, either Anami, Satrupa or Laddoo would have died, this isn’t justice with Sudha, we shouldn’t forget that her brother died by that bullet.

She cries. He says just look at her, she did this to save us, you are asking her to leave, think what she is going through, is this justice of Lal Mahal. Satrupa says she shot a criminal, not brother, we don’t know her involvement, she has knit this game. Adhiraj says we have no proof yet, if I find any proof against her, I will take her to police station. Dadi sends Sudha. Dada ji thanks Adhiraj for getting Laddoo back. Adhiraj says I don’t think this case got solved, many secrets have to get unveiled, until then I will not stop.Anami looks after Laddoo and praises him. She asks him to have milk. He sits sad. She cheers him by her talk. She says please don’t leave me, I can’t live without you, no one can separate us, else I will get against the world, what’s the matter, since you came back, just I m talking, are you much scared, or did you feel bad of my words. Poonam says I think he will get fine after a good sleep. Anami asks him to take rest.

Pujan says something is troubling me, why was Purushottam naming Satrupa, what was he trying to tell us. Satrupa sees Daamo. Daamo says nothing, he wanted to frame Satrupa, he asked for Anami instead Laddoo, Satrupa didn’t agree, when she got Laddoo, he started blaming her. Hira Singh gets Narottam. Pujan says come, everyone is coming one by one, where were you. Adhiraj says your Mama got shot, where were you. Narottam sees Satrupa. Adhiraj says I have to take your statement. Satrupa says no need, I have sent them to find Laddoo, let me go to Laddoo and Anami now. Daamo asks did Laddoo accuse Satrupa, no, then what’s the use of this useless blames. Adhiraj says yes, Laddoo will tell everything now, I will go and talk to him. Dadi says Anami was so upset without Laddoo, thank God he came back, I will keep shanti puja tomorrow. Sudha recalls shooting at Purushottam and cries.

She washes her hands. Adhiraj asks Laddoo who kidnapped and took him to factory. Narottam looks on.
Adhiraj asking Laddoo if he remembers anything. Laddoo gets scared. Anami consoles him. Sudha washes her hand. Narottam comes and asks why did she shoot Purushottam. She says I had to shoot him, his life would have killed my dreams, he would have got caught, I had to kill him for your future. He says you paid a big price. She says I m much hurt than you, I will also keep this secret inside me, I will make this pain a shield and go ahead. She hits her head on the wall. He stops her. She cries and hugs him. She says I can’t let my hardwork go waste, Purushottam lost his life, don’t let his sacrifice go waste, we have to fight, we will fight, but first we have to think what to do of that Laddoo, he shouldn’t open his mouth.

Anami worries for Laddoo. He stays sad. Anami gets an idea. She gets superman’s costume. Anami and Poonam make him wear the superman costume. He gets scared and cries. She asks him to say what happened. He is not able to speak. Anami calls out Dadi. Satrupa and Dadi come and see Laddoo. Anami says he is not saying anything. Dadi asks Poonam to call doctor.Sudha asks what, Laddoo lost his voice, it means its a good news, Laddoo won’t say anything now. She holds Naina’s neck in anger and scolds her. Doctor checks Laddoo. He says Laddoo is in trauma, he is not able to talk. Anami asks will he get fine. He says yes, but its tough to say when will he speak. Anami says do something, make him fine. She asks Laddoo not to worry, she won’t let anything happen to him, say something. She hugs Laddoo. Doctor asks Dadi to handle Anami. Dadi calms down Anami. She says Laddoo is in anger, we should keep him happy.

Satrupa gets sad. Anami goes to temple and asks Lord why did she do this with Laddoo, make him fine, take my life instead. Satrupa says Laddoo will get fine. Sudha asks will he get fine. Naina says yes, doctor said Laddoo will talk in few days. Satrupa says Laddoo’s voice will come back.Anami hugs her. Sudha says I will not let Laddoo recover, I will throw away this danger. Satrupa sees Narottam. She thanks him. He asks why. She says you could have told truth to Adhiraj. He says sorry, I did this for Anami and Laddoo, I could have runaway if I wanted. She says Laddoo has come back, even then you didn’t say truth. He says maybe I did this for Anami, she did a lot for me, this is nothing in front of her, she made me unite with my mum, how would I make her away from her mum, I know what a mum feels when her child leaves her. She cries.Sudha pours water on herself and does rituals.

Daamo asks Satrupa to think, Laddoo can get his voice anytime, once Anami knows truth, she will leave, we have to stop him from recovering. Satrupa scolds her. She says I did mistake to use a kid once, if I do the mistake again, it will be my habit, then I can’t meet my eyes again, I want Anami, but not at the cost of Laddoo’s voice, I promised Anami that I will get his voice back. Daamo asks her did she think what will happen when his voice comes back.

Satrupa says I will bear it, I can’t see Anami hurt, you stay away from Laddoo now, we will end this chapter here, I will do anything to get Laddoos’ voice back. She leaves. Daamo says like Anami is precious for you, you are precious for me, you have always regarded me as family. Poonam and Anami decorate the food table and talk to Laddoo. Sudha looks on. Anami says I will get your fav breakfast. She goes. Poonam talks to Laddoo. She goes to get orange juice. Laddoo sees some balloons and goes to see. Sudha scares him and smiles.

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