Family Secrets Update Sunday 25 July 2021

Family Secrets 25 July 2021: The Episode starts with Anami checking out the designer dresses. She sees Adhiraj in the mirror and signs to ask him. She takes the dress chosen by him. Hulchul hui…..plays…… Anami says this one is good. Satrupa says finally…. thank God. Anami turns and doesn’t see Adhiraj. She smiles and goes to try. Dadi says very classy. Satrupa says she will look beautiful. Anami screams. They ask what happened. Anami comes and says this dress is worth 5 lakhs, I can’t wear it, if you wish to waste money, give it to me, I will give it to someone needy. Dadi says I will give you money, you can decide what to do, just select a dress for my happiness. Anami says no.

Avdhoot is on call and says Anami’s birthday preparations are going on, remember media should come, just be on time. A servant takes the sack. Avdhoot says Anami you got a chance to become princess for one day, tomorrow the whole empire will be destroyed. The phone falls down the sack. Avdhoot sees and picks it. He says who has thrown this phone in sack and why. Anami comes to meet Adhiraj at cafe. She shows the cheque and asks about any good NGO. She says we can donate this money to worker’s children for studies, nice idea right. Adhiraj asks her to sit. She says you told me that my birthday is the most special day of my life, I agreed to Dadi that I should deck up on my birthday. He says so what.

She says I agreed but you know what was the price of the clothes they got, each dress costs 4-5 lakhs, I told her that its better to donate money to poor, did I do right. He says yes, you are just like my mum, she always used to explain me, not to waste money. He shows his mum’s pic. She says she is so beautiful, her lahenga is pretty. He says its Dadi’s lahenga, she gifted it to mom, saying its a symbol of blessing, mom used to wear this on every special occasion, what are you thinking. She says I just got some work, I have to give gifts to kids and take Dadi’s blessing. She goes.

Avdhoot cleans the phone. He hears Satrupa’s recording and laughs. He says its Anami’s birthday and I got the gift, I will reveal this in press conference, one side will be Anami’s secret and other side will be Satrupa’s truth. Anami happy birthday, your game is finished. Anami tells Dadi that she has called the kids, she wants to nurture their future by good educated. She says I will to donate the money to them. She asks Kaka to take the cheque and not refuse. She says I will be happy when they study and make a name. Dadi and Satrupa smile. Dadi says you have done a noble deed, don’t forget, you have to wear a remarkable dress. Anami says just see, the dress won’t cost anything, everyone will praise it.

Anami packs Laddoo’s bag and asks him to get a trophy from sports camp. She says my birthday will come again, don’t get sad. He wishes her in advance and hugs. They get emotional. She says when you will come back with trophy, I will be the most happy one. Anami cleans the temple and recalls the old time. She says my wounds become fresh again, how a mum left her new born baby, I have spent these years fighting with fate, I won’t try to change anything now, I will make this fate a weapon for me, Murari said right, we write our own destiny, I have understood today, this is a beginning of my new journey, bless me that I succeed.

Anami comes to Adhiraj. She wakes him up. He gets shocked seeing her and says you here. She says you didn’t wish me, so I had to come here, I waited for your call all night, you didn’t even message. He says I tried to call. She says you maybe big officer, but you will always be Daroga babu for me, what can be more imp for you than my birthday, you go back to sleep, I m going. He asks where are you going, why are you so angry. He holds her hand. She says you can pacify me when you come to Lal Mahal to wish me on my birthday. He says wait, please….. Adhiraj wakes up from sleep and looks around.

Poonam teases Anami. Anami says I felt as if someone wished me on my birthday. Poonam asks did Adhiraj’s wish reach you. Anami says maybe he doesn’t remember my birthday, I felt he will wish me first. Poonam says maybe he is planning a surprise. Adhiraj gets Madhu’s call. Madhu says I have reached Lal Mahal to meet Anami, you also come here, I will meet you both and leave soon.Dadi wishing happy birthday to Anami. Anami misses Madhu. Dadi says I m with you to fill her place. She applies her uptan so that her face glows and enlightens Lal Mahal. She goes. Adhiraj calls Anami. She smiles. Poonam answers and says sorry, you have to wait, Anami can’t answer the call. He says its imp, make me talk to her. He wishes happy birthday to Anami. He says Madhu has come to meet you, its imp, I know you are surrounded by many people. Anami says I have to go, I will simple sneak out. Poonam says if anyone sees you… they see Satrupa and hide. Anami gets a call. Satrupa sees them. She says happy birthday to you and hugs Anami. She blesses Anami. Anami says we were going for shopping.

Satrupa asks what’s left now, you can’t go anywhere. Servant calls Satrupa. Satrupa says Anami, puja is for you, go after the puja completes. Anami says this time I m badly stuck, I have to be in puja, if mum and dad leave, I won’t be able to meet them.DJ comes. Avdhoot says you are the DJ right, just talk to me, it will be beneficial for you. Pandit says puja arrangements are done, call Anami. Anami comes. Dadi compliments her. She says I made this dress specially for you, don’t forget the promise, wear something that you look a princess, its about our respect, what’s the matter. Dadi asks her to come for puja. Anami sits in puja. She does the aarti with Dadi and Satrupa. She prays that she wants just one gift, that’s meeting Madhu.

Poonam gets Madhu there. Satrupa prays that Anami forgets everything and accepts her. Poonam asks Madhu to wait, she will get Anami. She goes to Anami and says Madhu is here to meet you. Dadi asks Anami where is she going. Anami says the ritual is not complete till I greet Suryadev. Kamini collides with Madhu. Madhu asks are you blind. Kamini asks what did you say. Poonam says Dadi called you for aarti. Anami looks for Madhu.Madhu to do aarti, she can remove ghunghat, its just women here. Anami says pandit is calling you, he wants to ask you about bhog, give this to me, I will give her aarti. Satrupa goes. Anami meets Madhu and asks where is my gift, did you get kheer. Madhu says yes, I got it. Anami asks her to come. Dadi asks where are you going Anami, you have to serve everyone, who is she. Poonam makes a story. Dadi asks her to shut up. Anami says she is from our colony, she came to wish me, we have to give bhog first. Poonam takes Madhu to Anami’s room. Madhu says I m safe now, I was so scared, is this Anami’s room, does she stay here, the palace is decorated as if its Diwali. Poonam says Anami’s birthday is not less than any festival. Anami refused the costly dress and donated money, you have taught her good values. Madhu smiles. Maid gets jewelry boxes. Poonam sends the maid. She says I will take you to safe place, come.

Anami acts to faint. Satrupa shouts Anami…. Madhu goes to her. Satrupa asks Poonam to take Anami to room. Madhu cries for Anami and prays. Anami laughs. She says I had to do this drama to eat the kheer prepared by you. Madhu feeds her the kheer and says happy birthday to you. They cry. Anami says smile, I will be glad. They hug. Poonam says I think someone is coming. Satrupa comes. Anami acts to faint. Poonam and Madhu leave. Satrupa sprinkles water on Anami. She says I have called the doctor. Anami says no, I m fine, I was observing a fast, so I felt a bit weak. Satrupa gets relieved. Anami takes the kheer box. Poonam takes the high heels for Anami. She asks Kamini did she get the veiled woman. Kamini says no. Poonam asks her to find. Anami says I can’t do this. Satrupa says your attire and behavior should be good, else Dada ji will get mocked, you are smart, you will understand. Anami says I fail to understand it.

Satrupa says we will take a break, there is still time for the party. They leave. Adhiraj calls her. He asks is everything fine. She says I m in trouble, don’t know what to wear. He says you have made it a big issue, you will find a solution, close your eyes and imagine what I say to you, picture yourself standing to a big lake, the breeze carries the scent of roses. She says I can only see you holding my hands. He says the water of that lake is pure like your heart, can you see yourself. She says yes. He asks what are you wearing. She says I m wearing a pretty dress, and you are wearing a nice white jacket, you look dashing. He says thanks, you have helped me select my attire, you would have got your dress selected too. She says yes, I did. Janiya….plays…. She says we shall meet in the evening.

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