Family Secrets Update Monday 26 July 2021

Family Secrets 26 July 2021: The Episode starts with Adhiraj coming to talk to Dheeru. He says Anami’s birthday is coming. Dheeru says I know that, Dada ji came to invite me. Adhiraj says Anami invited me. Dheeru says Dada ji asked me to get you two along, but I refused. Adhiraj says I promised her. Dheeru says don’t make such promises which you can’t keep. Tania says Anami will feel bad. Dheeru says if Adhiraj goes there, Lal Mahal members will feel bad, situation has changed now, its better if he stays away from Anami. Adhiraj says what’s Anami’s fault in this. Dheeru says her fault is she is part of Lal Mahal, I will never accept anyone from Lal Mahal, you will not go there, this is my last decision, I said no, we are not going to argue now. He goes. Adhiraj says I will surely go.

Avdhoot pays the DJ. DJ asks so much money, why. Avdhoot says this is just advance, just play this song instead birthday song. DJ says just this work…. Avdhoot says I like to splurge, I will give this pendrive on right time. DJ asks his name. Avdhoot says your job is done, go. Beautician makes Anami ready. Satrupa says I called a beautician, Anami is getting ready, did I put pressure on her, she is not habitual to this. Baldev asks her not to worry.Anami gets a makeover. Sawaar loon…plays…. Poonam gets her high heels. She says everyone is waiting for you. Baldev says my daughter Anami is going to join us now. Anami walks downstairs. Kamini says Anami likes to show attitude, she will fall down on my feet, then she will know her real place. She recalls taking the high heels from cupboard and cutting it.

She says your 18th birthday will get many memories for you. Kamini sees Anami stumbling on stairs. She starts laughing aloud and claps. Everyone stares at her. Kamini sees Anami coming downstairs. Dadi and Satrupa get glad that Anami is balancing on high heels. Anami says I didn’t try, I have worn shoes instead heels, who would know this in lahenga, see this, I tried my best, but I couldn’t.Dadi says its my mistake to force my wishes on you. Satrupa says we like you the way you are. Anami asks am I looking like a princess. Satrupa says you look a beautiful fairy, your way of living life differently is beautiful, you have to give a speech, you remember.

Anami nods. Avdhoot says don’t give up so quickly, I have to play my card, Anami will always remember my gift. He recalls meeting someone. The man says I got the invitation. Avdhoot says reporters should be present there. The man says don’t worry, we can keep a press conference too. Avdhoot says fine, but I will give the questions that will shake up Anami’s soul, I will ruin her respect, she will lose Dada ji’s love too, this will be memorable. FB ends. The man tells Avdhoot that his questions will ruin Anami’s respect. Avdhoot smiles.

Dada ji says I m very proud to call you my granddaughter, come I will introduce you. Anami meets guests. She looks for Poonam. She asks about Adhiraj. Poonam says don’t know why he didn’t come. Anami asks her to call Adhiraj. Poonam calls Adhiraj. He doesn’t answer. Dada ji asks Anami to come. He says Anami wants to say a few words. Anami takes the mic. She sees everyone. Kamini says her face has turned pale, she won’t be able to speak, she will stammer, she will sound more like a pauper than princess. Avdhoot smiles.

Anami says to be a part of this family is good luck for me, Dada ji has done a lot for my happiness, its his earned dignity because of which I can speak something in front of you all, today on my birthday, I don’t want to ask anything for me, instead I want you all to bless my family with all the happiness and respect they deserve, I will never let you down Dada ji, thanks. They all clap. Kamini says maybe fate is favoring her. Avdhoot says the trump card is yet to come, I will show her the mirror today. Anami smiles…Dada ji says I have to express my love for Anami. He says Anami, you are an example of this saying that if words are said by heart, it reaches hearts, it work is done by heart, it gives peace, Anika had to stay away from Lal Mahal, we will always regret for that, but today on Anami’s birthday, I announce that Anami is the heir of Lal mahal and Royal steel company. They all smile.

Dada ji says Anami will take our business to great heights, the dream which Vatsalya has seen. Today I handover the future of my family and Royal steels to her. Everyone claps. Reporters come and say we have to ask some questions. Dada ji asks Anami to answer. Satrupa says journalists ask wrong questions. Reporter asks Anami where was she till now. Dada ji says this is not relevant, Anami had to stay away from Lala Mahal for some reason, what’s imp is, she is with us. Reporter says we want to know where was she, who raised her, why was she concealed till now, were you ashamed of her, were you compelled after losing a heir, did you bring her by helplessness, please tell us, what secret are you hiding. Satrupa scolds them. Avdhoot says don’t spoil our happiness by such questions, ask Anami how is she feeling.

Reporter asks are you okay with this heir-ship got in charity, else who does this, please tell us. Adhiraj comes there. Anami sees him. He reminds her words. He says don’t fight back if you are wrong, don’t give up if you are right, your dad says this right. Baldev calls guards. Anami says wait a min, I m not quiet, I was waiting for you all to get quiet, you want to know where I was since all these years, I will talk now, I will answer every question. She sees Vatsalya behind the crowd. Vatsalya signs to compliment. He says when you have chosen the right path, then make sure you follow it, you don’t change yourself for any reason, don’t change your dreams, your mindset, your answers, just stay the same, do only what your heart says. He smiles. Anami looks at him. She sees him gone. Reporter asks her to answer.

She says I was away from Lal Mahal, not from family. She recalls Madhu and Murari. Their moments are seen. She says I was always with my mum. Reporter asks did your mum not abandon you. She says my mum has always been with me, she fulfilled every duty, I m only because of her, I love her a lot. Satrupa cries. Anami says you want to know about my childhood, right, I was barefoot on a hot day, there was ground beneath my ground, there was a tree’s shade over head, I used to get tired, I used to play with butterflies, I have seen saw a roof over my head, because I didn’t sleep outside my mum’s arms, how can I talk about grief, I don’t remember when I cried, these tears are for happiness, else why shall I cry thinking of my mum, when the moon was in front, why would I talk about its shadow, when mum was in front, why would I miss her. Everyone gets emotional.

Narottam comes and says you will get many chances to ask this, enjoy the day and let others enjoy. He smiles seeing Anami. Satrupa asks how can I thank you, the way you managed the situation, there couldn’t be anything better. Anami says I told about Madhu, Murari didn’t teach me to give up, he taught me if I fight with our own kin, we are just 5 pandavas against 100 kauravas, if we fight against enemy, then we are 105, these reporters tried mocking the dignity of family, it was my duty to answer them. Satrupa says you have upheld the family’s dignity, few things were not true. Anami says everything was true, Madhu loved me as her own daughter. Satrupa says you think I don’t love you. Anami says I didn’t feel it, I can’t give you Madhu’s place. She smiles seeing Adhiraj. Dheeru comes and greets Dada ji. Dada ji says I m truly glad. Dheeru says I came because I respect you a lot, I didn’t forget anything, my best wishes to Anami.

Adhiraj wishes Anami. He sees her and says you are looking very beautiful today. She says its because of you. He asks how. She says you said special dress, special day, it was your idea, this is Dadi’s lahenga, credit goes to Dadi, you were here at right time, else… He says nothing would happen, I would not let anything happen to you. Dil diyan gallan….plays…. She hugs him. She says I want to say thanks. He stops her and don’t thank me, friends don’t say thanks, and today, I don’t want you to be upset for a moment. She says I m happy because you are here, I want to spend some time with you alone. He says me too. They sit. She says you came as an angel in my life, I wonder what would have happened if you were not here. He says don’t know what would have happened of me, I would have been the same stern CBI officer. She says I would have been the same stubborn girl of Banaras, thanks. She holds his hand. Dheeru comes there and sees them.

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