Family Secrets Update Sunday 11 July 2021

Family Secrets 11 July 2021: The Episode starts with everyone seeing Anami and Laddoo hearing music. Dadi asks her what’s this way to listen music, we were so worried, come downstairs, pandit is waiting. They go. Satrupa says every day comes with a new start, every person gets a change to mend ways, I came to apologize. She sees Anami listening music and goes. Anami removes the headphones. She says your move won’t work on me, I will run away from you, no one will be able to stop me, you will never find me. She sees the van and thinks Haridwar bhajan mandli, this will help me in reaching Banaras. Dadi serves the singing troupe and gets blessing. Anami looks on.

Adhiraj comes and asks why did you call me. Dadi asks him to manage Anami’s security. Dada ji says its risky for her to go out, make her understand that no other place is safe for her than Lal Mahal. Dadi says I lost my grandson, if anything happens to Anami, I can’t bear it.Sudha says I have to find out the matter, did Laddoo tell everything to Anami, maybe Satrupa and Anami are pretending, I will not leave Laddoo. Narottam asks why are you after Laddoo, he doesn’t remember anything. She says just pray that this is true. Poonam and Laddoo pray. Sudha comes and asks him how is he, did he take blessings, Mata will protect him and Anami.

Poonam takes him along. Anami gets some things. She asks Poonam to pack her stuff. Poonam asks are you going somewhere. Anami says yes, I m leaving Lal Mahal, forever. Poonam asks why, this is your house. Anami says no, I have come here to end my vanvaas, my home is just in Banaras. Poonam asks her to talk to Dadi once.Dadi asks Satrupa is it true what Anami said, why did she take such a big step. Dada ji asks how can she do this. Baldev says you have done this for your greed and motives, you were afraid to lose Anami. Pujan says you have made such a big plan, you and Purushottam are same, he kidnapped Laddoo for money, you have kept Laddoo for your motive, sin is a sin. Dadi asks Satrupa to stop it, she has done a crime, she will get punished. Dada ji asks her to go away. Satrupa wakes up and realizes it was a dream. She thinks if Anami tells everyone, no, she wouldn’t tell.

Anami says if I tell everyone, there will be a big mess, I will get stuck here, I don’t want to stay here. Poonam asks what about Satrupa. Anami says Lord will punish me, just tell me if you are with me. Poonam says you are my only friend, I will support you, did you tell Adhiraj. Anami says yes, he will support me. Poonam teases her. Anami asks her to focus on plan.Adhiraj practices and thinks of Anami. Tania comes and asks him to share feelings with her. She gives him cold coffee. She asks him to cool his mind. He says sorry, I m confused, duty tells me to stop Anami, but she wants to run away. She says you are confused to support duty or beauty, I mean Anami, interesting.

Anami and Poonam see Dadi and Dada ji talking to the singers. Anami talks to a lady and learns about the room which has her luggage. She sends Poonam. Poonam runs and tries to get some clothes from the bag. The lady goes. Sudha comes and asks Anami did she never go to Haridwar. Anami asks why do you ask. Sudha says Laddoo won’t get peace by shanti puja, send him to Banaras soon, it will be good for his health your mum can’t give him love as his real mum, I think you are also finding a way. Anami says thanks, don’t worry much. Sudha says I don’t want to suffer. The lady goes to her room. Anami worries. Poonam shows the clothes. Anami hugs her and thinks banaras is not far now.

Adhiraj saying I want to support Anami and do my duty as well. Tania asks him to take this test and find the solution. She makes him close eyes and keep hand on his heart. She asks him does he want to stay with Anami forever, and do his duty. He says yes. She asks do you like Anami, you love her. He thinks of Anami. Hawayein….plays…. She says you can’t open your eyes. He says yes, its the same answer, I love Anami a lot. She says you love her, her safety and happiness should be most imp. Anami calls him. He answers.They meet. Adhiraj cries and wipes his tear. He says no, I don’t think this plan will work.

She asks why not, till you are with me, any worst plan will work, I mean when there is a friend’s support, things get easier, are you with me, I understand you are in a dilemma, you just do your duty, I won’t feel bad, I m here and maybe at some other place tomorrow, where will you wander with me, don’t stop me, I have nothing to do with Lal Mahal now. She asks do you remember the snacks you got for me, I used to scold you that its not good, to be honest, I didn’t had such good snacks even in Banaras, I will miss them and you too. She cries and goes.

Anami wears the singer’s clothes and leaves. Poonam helps her. Anami says I m helpless, I have to go. Poonam hugs her and cries. She says I will miss you a lot. Anami says even I will miss you. Laddoo says I will protect Anami. Poonam says you won’t face any trouble, have this food on the way. She gives some stuff. Anami and Laddoo get down the ladder. They cry and hide from guards. She takes a sack to use. They get inside the van. She makes him get inside a sack. A man comes and asks her to come, gifts are distributed to everyone. She says I don’t want. He says you can’t go without taking the gift, come. She goes.

Dadi asks everyone not to refuse and take the gifts. Anami dons the ghunghat. Poonam sees her and gets shocked. Anami goes to collect the gift. She calls out Didi and then makes an excuse. Anami takes the gift. Dada ji says our customs are still being followed. Anami takes their blessings and goes. A man steps on her chunri. Anami holds the chunri. She turns away when the chunri falls. Poonam diverts Dadi and Dada. Narottam covers up Anami with the chunri and takes her out.

Anami sees him and says you… He says leave before anyone sees you, don’t ever return, no one is family here, take care. She asks him to take care and hugs. She leaves. Sudha sees her slippers and says Anami… Narottam stops Sudha.She says look at her, her slippers is similar to Anami’s. He says there are many similar slippers, it can’t be Anami, try to understand, they are guests of Lal Mahal, it will be an issue, lets go, that’s not Anami. The van leaves. Anami prays that Lal Mahal doesn’t return in her life again.

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