Family Secrets Update Saturday 10 July 2021

Family Secrets 10 July 2021: The Episode starts with Satrupa seeing Laddoo and worrying. Sudha thinks where did my anklet go. Satrupa says don’t know, how many relations will get hurt by this fire. Anami comes and says I have pacified Laddoo, he was afraid of darkness, I will make him sleep after puja, I will call you if Laddoo doesn’t sleep, you can read a bed time story, I didn’t learn your talent.

Sudha collides with Baldev. He asks where are you going in hurry. She says I m going to check short circuit. He asks her to talk good. She says the joy and peace of this house is the motive of my life, your happiness matters to me. He says I will be glad if you become part of this puja, come. Adhiraj checks the wires. He gets the anklet. Narottam asks how did this happen on puja time. Adhiraj says yes, anyone can come here and take advantage of the crowd.Anami and Laddoo pray. Pandit ji ties the mauli to their wrist. Anami says strength is in devotion, will this thread really protect us. Pandit says no enemy can reach close. Anami asks if enemy is someone from family. Dadi asks what is she saying. Anami taunts Satrupa. Satrupa says I m having a head ache, I m going upstairs. Sudha says I won’t let Laddoo see tomorrow’s sunrise, its my promise. Everyone dance. Adhiraj asks Sudha did she do anything, short circuit has happened, do you remember this anklet, I got this from meter room, its yours right.

Sudha quickly removes her anklet and says its not mine, I stopped wearing anklets years ago. She shows her feet. He says you are very clever, I don’t like guessing things, I know you are involved in Laddoo’s kidnapping. She asks him to talk when there is proof. He says we shall meet soon. He goes. Naina says this cop is chasing you. Sudha doesn’t care.Anami prays to Lord and asks for answers. Adhiraj says you will get answers, Lord can’t leave us midway, truth comes out some day or the other. She says Madhu also says this, evil has to bow down in front of goodness. He says we won’t lose. He holds her hand and says I m with you, its not normal that short circuit happens today, I found an anklet there, Sudha is hiding something from me. She says Satrupa is also hiding something, Laddoo didn’t tell me anything, I have a doubt on Satrupa, if its true, I will not leave them. Anami comes to Satrupa. She asks what’s the matter, I heard you are not fine, do you have headache. Satrupa says yes. Anami starts taunting her. Everyone stays busy in Jagran. She asks Satrupa to let her massage her neck, as she is his stubborn daughter. She says you are my mum, I want to take care of you. She massages Satrupa’s neck and says Laddoo is relieved of his stress now, he has told me everything that happened in guest house.

Satrupa gets worried. Anami says Laddoo didn’t know someone is using him, he thinks if he is honest, everyone is honest, it won’t matter now, I have explained him who is right and who’s wrong, he told me everything, I didn’t expect this from you, what forced you that you decided to sacrifice my brother. Satrupa asks what, I didn’t kidnap Laddoo, Purushottam kidnapped him, but it was my decision to keep him in guest house. Anami gets shocked.Satrupa saying I did a mistake, you called me Maa for the first time, I wanted to spend few days with you, so I kept Laddoo in guest house, he was happy there, I was getting him to you, and Purushottam came there, I was helpless by my love. Anami starts scolding her.

She says I cried and begged you to get my Laddoo, didn’t you pity me, do you know the meaning of love, mum can do anything for children, Lord will never forgive you for this, don’t call yourself a mother again, this word is not made for you.Satrupa shouts shut up, it is very easy to blame, I did this just for you, you have always rejected me, what can I do, I was so happy, I thought you will take Vatsalya’s place, I will repent for my mistakes, you never let me get close to you, I accept that I made the biggest mistake of my life by making you away, I can’t give you those 17 years back, I m asking you for a chance to rectify all my mistakes, whatever I did was to get my daughter, fine I m selfish, you will not understand this, even I feel hurt. Anami says I will ask you the same question again, if Vatsalya was alive today, would you have come to take me, you weren’t looking for a daughter, you were finding a support to protect this Lal Mahal, I will not do the same mistake to trust you, I was very happy in Banaras, why did you get me in your hell.

She cries and leaves. Satrupa throws the things in her room. Anami runs out of the house. Jagran goes on.Guards stop Anami. Anami goes to hit the gate. Guards apologize to her. Satrupa sees a box and stops. Satrupa and Anami cry. Anami calls Adhiraj and cries. Satrupa sees the baby clothes and cries. Dadi sees her and cries. Adhiraj comes running and says Anami…. she hugs him and cries. He asks her what happened, why is she crying. He makes her wear his coat.He says I know no one can hurt you until you wish. She says I gave them the right to hurt my her, I made a mistake by trusting them. He asks did Satrupa say anything, you can tell me, you trust me right. She nods. He says its tough to keep relations, when someone breaks trust, it hurts, I understand, if our loved one breaks trust…. She says person breaks down by circumstances, person doesn’t understand whom to believe, my mum did this to get my love, Satrupa has done this with Laddoo. He asks what did she do. She tells everything. He says I didn’t expect this from her, if anything happened to Laddoo. She says they are selfish people, enough is enough, I m done with everything, I will not stay in Lal Mahal now.

He asks what are you doing to do, don’t take any decision, calm down, we will discuss the matter. She says there is nothing left, its time for me to leave this place. Its morning, Satrupa prepares breakfast for Anami and takes it. She goes to Anami’s room and calls her out. She asks Anami to open the door. She finds the door locked. She recalls Anami’s words and worries. Baldev and Dadi come. Satrupa says Anami is not opening the door. Baldev says we have to break the door open. Servants break open the door. They get shocked seeing Anami missing. Satrupa sees the open window.

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