Curse of the sands update Monday 12 July 2021


Curse of the sands 12 July 2021: Mohini slaps DK and asks what is she thinking. DK reminisces Siya’s warning of dire consequences if she reveals her truth and says nothing important. Mohini asks if she came to backbite about Kaali.

DK says Kaali is becoming Mohini’s favorite and she is jealous of Kaali. Mohini asks her to stop thinking him and to go and rest, if she is inebriated. DK says no and thinks she has to expose Sautan/Siya/Kali at any cost. On the other side, Siya hides in Ram’s room. Ram wakes up feeling uneasy and thinks if someone is inside his room. He checks under bed and thinks he is just imagining things, sips a few pegs and falls backs asleep. Siya thinks Ram should not drink and walks to her room sensing someone is following her. She gets nervous seeing Vanraj there and asks what is he doing here.

Vanraj holding flowers pleads Siya to accept his love and flowers. She asks if he has gone mad and to go from there. Rana enters and punching Vanraj repeatedly asks who is he. Vanraj falls down injured, but with his superpowers heals himself and with his burning angry eyes tries to attack Rana back, but Siya/Kali interferes and asks who is he and calling Mohini, Maya, Madira, etc., shouts thief has entered. Once they rush in, Vanraj jumps out via window. Mohini asks who was it. Kaali says a thief had entered. Mohini scolds her team and asks if chudail team is so incompetent t hat anyone can enter haveli so easily. Rana reminisces Vanraj attacking him earlier in jungle and says man was not thief and had come here for something else. Mohini asks when did he meet man. Rana says when Mohini erased girl/Siya’s memory from his brain and strangulating her alleges her that she played with his life and emotions. Everyone plead him to spare Mohini. Kaali shouts to free Mohini, else she will show him her ugly face. Rana stops. Kaali shows her ugly face and asks him to go. He walks away.

DK senses a chance to expose Siya and asks Mohini why was Rana in Kaali’s room, if they are having an affair behind Mohini. Siya tensely tries to say there is nothing of that sort, but DK continues her allegations. Rana enters and giving her a tight slap warns to dare not link him with ugly black woman. DK asks what was he doing in Kaali’s room then. Rana says he felt thirsty and did not find water in his room, so he was walking towards kitchen when he saw a thief and tried to catch him, but thief tried to counterattack when Kaali rescued him. Mohini asks if there was no alcohol in his room.

He says he left alcohol to find out girl whose memory Mohini tried to erase from his brain and orders to find out that girl and thief soon before he destroys chudails’ team. He warns Kaali to wear helmet, else he gets afraid seeing her ugly face. Mohini panics that Rana’s memory is returning and asks Kaali to serve him liquor all the time. Kaali/Siya thinks she will get Rana out of inebriation soon and get back his memory.

After sometime, Siya walks to DK’s room and twisting her hand punishes her for trying to expose her identity to Mohini and warns her of dire consequences. Once she leaves, DK sees paint on her hand and realizing Siya applies black paint on herself to make herself look black determines to expose her soon.

Siya/Kali twists DK’s hands and warns to dare not reveal her identity and be in her limits, else be ready to face dire consequences. Once she leaves, DK feels black paint on her hand and realizes Siya is using black paint to darken her color and determines to expose Siya soon. On the other side in jungle Vanraj punishes himself craving for Siya and shouts all his wounds heal instantly except the one on his heart. In palace, Siya is busy mopping floor when she feels someone is throwing pebbles on her and shouts. She sees Rana who calls her to his room and locks door.

Siya nervously asks what is he doing. Rana says she is so ugly that he hates her and orders her to just stand still wearing helmet. She stands still. He says he wants to draw sketch of a girl whom he is searching for and wants her to search the girl for him. Siya nervously stands. He draws Siya’s sketch imagining her and says this girl is very special for him and wants her to search this girl before Mohini finds her. Siya thinks how to search herself and hopes Rana does not identify her. Rana looks at Kali carefully and then sketch and says if she was a bit beautiful, she would have looked exactly like this girl. Siya nervously walks away promising to find the girl.

DK mixes hot water in floor mopping water to expose Siya. Kali/Siya drops hand in water bucket to mop floor and writhes in pain. Mohini sees her hand burning and realizes Kali is in danger. She walks out and asks Kali what happened. Kali says she dropped her hand in water to mop floor and burnt her hand as someone mixed hot water in bucket. Mohini angrily asks who mixed hot water in bucket. DK comes out and says she mixed water as she wanted to expose Kali, she hides her original skin tone via black paint. Siya/Kali nervously says she is mistaken. DK says she will prove it and rubs Siya’s hand rudely. Mohini feels pain and warns DK to leave Kali as she did not prove anything. DK says she is telling truth. Mohini cuts DK’s hands as punishment and warns her to dare not trouble kaali. Kaali thinks it was her plan to punish DK for her wrong deeds and reminisces it. DK sits crying while Kali rejoices.



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