Family Secrets Update Friday 9 July 2021

Family Secrets 8 July 2021: The Episode starts with Baldev asking Adhiraj how did he take risk. Adhiraj defends himself and apologizes. Baldev says if anything happens to Laddoo, you will face the consequences. Madhu talks to Laddoo. He hears her and cries. He says Maa…. and starts talking. Anami and everyone get surprised. They all happily cry. Laddoo tells Madhu that he is fine like before. Anami hugs Laddoo. Dadi goes out and tells Dada ji that Laddoo got his voice back, we will keep a shanti puja. He says you are right. Dadi asks Satrupa to start preparations.

Daamo says we are in big trouble, you are aware of it. Satrupa says get his fav clothes and toys, he loves me, I will tell him to keep this a secret, I will convince him. They see Dadi. Dadi asks her was she having an imp conversation. Satrupasays no, I was explaining her about the puja.Sudha says Laddoo got fine, before he spits poison, we should stop him. Narottam says he won’t say anything. She asks him to just think. Anami will make him speak out the entire truth. He asks what are you planning to do. She says something that I should have done before, I will get rid of Laddoo.

Anami sings Jeb pe humri……Anami, Poonam and Laddoo dance. Satrupa and Dadi smile seeing them. Dadi asks Satrupa did she talk to Jagrata troupe. Satrupa says I will talk to them, everything is fine. She recalls talking to Dadi.Dadi asks her to let Madhu know about Laddoo, she has all rights. Satrupa says yes, what will we tell Madhu, see Laddoo’s state, Madhu is his mum, once he gets fine, I will go and explain Madhu. Dadi says you did big mistake by calling Laddoo here. Satrupa says I know, I will drop him soon. Dadi says don’t let this matter get worse, if Anami faces consequences of your mistake, I will never forgive you. Sudha asks Naina not to let Laddoo go away from her sight. She gets some light wires and asks Naina not to do any mistake, it should look as an accident. Naina worries.

Anami asks Laddoo to tell which clothes are good. Satrupa gets clothes for him. He says I will wear this now. He goes and gets ready. Satrupa says he seems so happy, his voice came back. Anami taunts her. Laddoo comes. Satrupa says you are looking handsome. Anami says I will get ready and come. He goes. Poonam comes. Anami asks her to go, she will get ready and come. Dadi compliments Laddoo. Dadi says we shall just come. Poonam stops her and asks her to see Jagrata things. Dadi asks Satrupa to check the things.Sudha says they won’t understand how the house got darkness. The man asks how did lights go on, hurry up, jagran will start. Naina drops the ligth wires. She rushes. She sees a broken wire and connects power.

The wires light glow. Sudha says Laddoo will get killed. Sparks light in the wires.Adhiraj coming to meet Laddoo. He gifts him. Laddoo hugs him and thanks. He runs off. Anami looks on and smiles. She thanks Adhiraj. He asks since when this word came between us. She says you have done a lot for me. He says I was just doing my duty. She says I know this well, you have stood by me when I knew none in this city, I may have done something good in last birth that I got a friend like you. She smiles. He looks at her.Hawaiyein….plays…. She says no one can bear my attitude, but you are solid like punching bag, just keep my thanks. He says wow, you have thanks with attitude in your dictionary. She says no, thanks was much with a bit of attitude. She laughs. He says you look very beautiful when you laugh.

She says you are trying to turn sweet, are you policeman or someone in disguise. He jokes. She says you are becoming talented slowly. He says its a result of company, magic is getting on me slowly. They have an eyelock. She runs to Laddoo. He smiles. Jagrata begins. Everyone sings along. Sudha thinks of her plan. Dadi says Pujan, Kamini and Avdhoot are not here. Dada ji says Kamini has to go to her Maayka, as there is a marriage function there. Everyone dances. Laddoo plays with his friend. He gets back towards the wires. Sudha looks on. Anami and Adhiraj dance.Laddoo falls back on the wires. Short circuit happens and current goes. Sudha goes to check the fuse. Laddoo gets locked. He asks someone to open the door. Satrupa sends men. Sudha hears footsteps and leaves. Adhiraj checks the fuse box. Naina frees Laddoo. Anami asks Satrupa to come. Satrupa sends her.

Laddoo comes running and hugs Satrupa. He cries and says I want Anami, I don’t want to stay in guest house. Satrupa says you are in Lal Mahal. He asks why did you leave me alone there. Lights come. Anami says your Anami is with you, calm down, darkness got over. She takes Laddoo.Daamo says I think Anami didn’t hear anything. Satrupa says I wish. Dadi calls her. Anami asks Laddoo to tell her everything. Satrupa says if Anami knows everything, how will I meet her eyes. Laddoo cries and tells something to Anami. Sudha looks on. Satrupa worries.

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