Family Secrets Update Friday 4 June 2021

Family Secrets 5 June 2021:The Episode starts with Anami asking everyone to dine. She goes with Narottam. Dada asks Dadi why does she want to announce Anami as heir. Pujan says you can’t tell everyone that Lal mahal will run on her name. Dadi says Anami will support the one who is with her. Sudha feeds food to Narottam. He tells her about Baldev and Dada ji’s heart not melting for Anami, she is very different, if their hearts melt, it will be a problem. She says face is a book, it shows something much happened and you are saying less. He says I get insulted there always, but Anami fought for me, she left food for me. She asks how did you feel seeing this. He says I felt good. She feeds him chilli.

He looks at her and swallows it. She says you know why you liked this, what’s love. He says love is what gives peace. She says love kills people and hatred keeps people alive, Anami is making your hatred weak. He cries. He says I have no attachment with Anami. She says its not your mistake, maybe you have more blood of your father, so you are getting emotional for your step sister. He says I just have your blood. He goes to cut his hand and show her blood. She stops him. He says its just you for me, no one else. She says how will you want your right. He says Anami won’t get my rights, I will snatch it. Sudha asks what relation will you have. He says same as you have with Lal mahal. She smiles and says you have grown up son, what’s her weakness.

He says she connects with other’s sorrow. Anami comes to Vatsalya’s room and sees Satrupa.Satrupa says you don’t know anything, you would have met some good and bad people, some people look good but they are dangerous, think and make friends, as we all will bear the consequences, Narottam is one of such people, much happened in this family, there is history, you don’t know about him, stay away from him. Anami says no need to teach me, you gave me birth and went, you came back with a motive, don’t tell me who is good and who is bad, go, I want to be alone. Satrupa goes. Anami checks the room. She goes to his secret room and cries seeing his best memories. She thinks I will never run now, you can trust me. She sees Vatsalya’s pics. She hears Narottam crying and goes there. She asks the matter. Narottam says I can’t meet my mum. She asks why. He says I will be kicked out from here, I can’t even fight with anyone. She encourages him. He says my mum is unwell, even then I can’t meet her. She asks where does she stay. He says don’t tell anyone, she stays nearby.

Adhiraj tells senior about no progress in case. He tells about Anami, its strange, the case is getting complicated after Anami is declared heirship, the culprit can try to kill Anami too, we have to wait and watch. Senior says you are presenting as bait, same thing can happen with Anami, you have to be careful. He says definitely, Vatsalyas’s murder case is proved to be accident, when Anami comes out, she will have threat, we can solve case just by her, then we can solve this mystery. Senior says you have to protect her. Adhiraj assures that.

Anami teaches martial arts to kids and says its for self defence. Dadi smiles. Pujan comes there and argues with Anami. Anami jokes on him. He says she has ruined our peace. He asks her to show talent on road and get money, why is she wasting time here. She asks him to have shame, it will be good if he gets habitual. Anami arguing with Pujan. She asks Narottam and learn fighting for his self defence. She asks him to stand straight. Satrupa gets angry. Baldev comes and says now we just have to see this. Anami attacks Narottam. He gets back and angrily holds her away to resist her attacks. Anami gets surprised. Dadi comes to Satrupa. She asks her to control Anami, Narottam is bonding with her, she will get away from us.

Sudha removes bangles. She talks to maid. She asks the maid to make jewelry away from her. She says I have become Saudagar now, I will buy peace by selling peace, Anami is coming.Anami asks Narottam not to get worried, she will make him leave. She turns and sees Satrupa. She says you are this house’s daughter and have some responsibilities, this is Lal mahal and there are some rules, you shouldn’t go, none will come in and none will go out, I hope everyone understood this, I know more ways to explain this. Adhiraj meets the pan vendor and asks what’s special in the paan. The man tells her about Anami. Adhiraj asks him why did he not say about Satrupa’s changing DNA result and if Dada ji got real heart attack or not. The man says to get such news, you have to make an insider the informer.

Adhiraj writes the note and gives him. The man gets tensed and goes to Anami. He throws the chit. She gets angry and asks who are you. He says Adhiraj has sent the message. She checks the message and asks where is he. He says I got saved, I didn’t get slap, he is there. She sees Adhiraj.She asks is he still drunk. He asks why did you come that day, I want to hear, you were trying to say about Vatsalya. She says I have one reason to stay here, that’s Vatsalya, I met him in Banaras, he was attacked in front of me, I m sure it was not an accident, someone planned it, I want you to help me. He says fine, but I have a condition, you have to stay here as my informer. She says I told you this when I came to meet you, I have no problem to help you, its about my brother. He says wait, I need to talk something imp. He plucks her hair and says it was an insect, fine we will talk later. She goes. He sees the hair strand.

Poonam tells Anami that she can’t go out tonight. Anami says I want to go out with Narottam, you have to lie. Poonam gets worried. Anami asks her to show her some way out. She tickles Poonam. Poonam tells her the secret way. Anam says none will know, I will go fast and come soon, I will leave now. Poonam asks do you help Narottam to hurt Satrupa right. Anami says answer is no, I help Narottam to make his pain less, we all think about our happiness, sorrow, not others, especially those who are opposed by powerful people, if a little baby is separated from parents, none wants to think about his mum, what would be his mum going through, can anyone understand his pain, I m thinking as I know the pain to stay away from parents. Poonam says I didn’t think so. Anami says I can’t think of doing wrong like Satrupa, I m not like her. Anami winks to Poonam. Poonam shouts snake and calls guards. Anami goes with Narottam.

Adhiraj puts hair sample and calls doctor. He says I m sending Anami’s hair sample, match with Satrupa and Baldev’s DNA samples. He says now truth will come out. Narottam comes to Sudha and asks her to see who came to meet her, Anami came from Lal mahal. Anami gets shocked seeing Sudha in a white simple saree

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