Family secrets update Thursday 3 June 2021


Family secrets 3 June 2021:  Baldev says all our scores got equal, I have done what you said. Dadi says you have really grown up, at your birth time, doctor asked me not to give you birth as its risky for my life, but I wanted to see your face, you can’t make things equal with me, I will fold hands if you say, as you have made equal favors on me.

Baldev says don’t do this, I m ready to do as you say. Dadi winks to Anami. Anami smiles. Pujan says Baldev agreed, now we can’t get saved. He jokes. Dadi makes Anami wear the chunri. Baldev sits and washes Anami’s feet. Dadi asks him to do it well. Kamini and Avdhoot talk about the injustice with Kamini. Pujan jokes.

Baldev gets up to leave. Dadi says ritual didn’t end. Pujan turns to go. Dadi asks him to come. Pujan says this can’t happen that I don’t become part of this. Anami asks Pujan not to hurry, he has to wipe feet as well. Pujan wipes her feet. Kamini and others do rituals. Satrupa comes and sits. Anami doesn’t forward legs. Satrupa holds her feet and dips in milk water. She says you are my future, whatever you say, I will not care, blood relations are born with breath shields, it doesn’t end by bitter tongue, I m sure you will learn this house customs. Anami says for me relations are like beads necklace, you get happy to break it. Dadi washes Anami’s feet. She sees Dada ji. She asks him to come. He says I m not Baldev to get convinced.

She says its fine, I will do it from your side. He says then our relation won’t be there. He goes. Dadi says he didn’t accept Anami, but I m sure he will accept her happily, we will do Maa dhyaan. They pray. Narottam looks on and talks on a call. Dadi takes Anami’s foot impressions. Kamini gets frustrated and taunts Pujan and Avdhoot. Pujan says our love is immortal, don’t get angry, calm down. She says I thought that I m marrying Lal Mahal’s owner’s son,

I didn’t know I m tied to a servant, Satrupa and Dadi will rule, we shall pack bags and leave. Pujan says you are going same mistake, so we lose always. She says I did mistake to marry you. He says this time, I will make way from royal steels to Lal mahal. Avdhoot asks her to hear dad’s solid plan. Kamini says you are getting and I m getting old hearing his plans. Pujan says give me ten days time, I swear on you, even Lord can’t save Lal mahal this time.

Narottam says I m very happy that you are proved to be this house’s daughter. He gifts bangle and says its my mum’s bangle, its my right to gift you, I m your brother, I wanted to give you in front of everyone but I have no permission, don’t wear it. She asks where s your mum. He says she is away, just keep this. She takes bangles and says I feel like suffocated here. He says I found a corner in this palace, where you will feel free. They go. She says it was strange to meet him, we had some strange deep connection, when Vatsalya gave me that rakshasutra, I didn’t know we are twins, like we know each other since many births, I was shocked seeing his pic, heart string is not seen, but it was like pulling towards, he was attacked in front of me, I m sure it was not an accident, someone did that, truth is something else. He looks on.

She says I feel I have come here to solve some puzzle, I have one motive to stay here, whoever did wrong with Vatsalya, I will get him punished, just one person can help me, Adhiraj, can you take me to him. He says its not easy to trick security guards. She asks is there no other way. He says one secret way is there.

Narottam taking Anami with her. They see Adhiraj’s jeep and stop. Anami meets Adhiraj and says I was finding you, I have imp clues about Vatsalya’s case, he was attacked in front of me. Adhiraj tries to start the car and asks her to stop her family mahabharat. He taunts her. She asks him why is he in his ego, who made him sit on this post.

He says you should ask the other person if he is interested in your talk or not, its your new game plan, you like to fool people, I can’t trust you now. He gets down the jeep and says you are a liar and cheat. He walks to her in drunken state. Narottam comes in between and holds him back. Anami looks at Narottam and asks him to let Adhiraj go, he is not able to handle himself, what will he help them.

She says I wish you could feel what I m feeling today, someone’s justice is incomplete and none is listening. Adhiraj asks her to leave, her palace is waiting. She says you will regret later. She leaves. He says regret……

Dadi argues with Dada ji about Anami. He doesn’t want to accept Anami as his heir. He says I m tolerating Anami, so that family and business can run. She gets sad. Anami finds her bedding gone and asks Poonam about it. Poonam says Satrupa asked you to sleep in room. Anami says I have to settle scores. She goes and rings the bell. Everyone wakes up and comes down. Avdhoot and Pujan get irritated by disturbing.

Anami asks who has removed my bedding, I want to know. Satrupa says you are this house’s daughter, you should sleep inside with respect. Anami says you want to tie a belt in my neck. Satrupa says you are my blood, I will arrange your comforts. Anami argues with her. Satrupa says you will sleep inside. Pujan says this is Lal mahal. Satrupa says rules will not change for you. Anami says fine, I have a condition. Satrupa asks what. Anami says I want keys of Vatsalya’s room. They all get shocked. Satrupa refuses. Anami says then forget your dream, I don’t care.

Satrupa says you won’t get his room keys. Anami says then I won’t sleep here. Dadi stops Anami and asks Satrupa to give keys to her, its her right. Satrupa says she is being adamant. Dadi says give her keys in morning, Anami go and sleep now. Anami doesn’t get sleep. Its morning, Anami goes to Satrupa and asks for keys. Satrupa gives keys and says just you can go there. Anami reminds Dadi’s words. Satrupa asks servant to take Anami’s breakfast to her room. Anami says I m not your puppet, I will dine with entire family. She goes. Satrupa says she will do opposite of what I say. Daamo says I don’t think she is learning anything, I can see her winning. Satrupa says I m letting her win, game should go on and she should keep playing.

Dadi asks everyone why can’t they accept Anami, she will become heir for society if they accept her. Dada ji says we have no heir, people will say we got her to make her our next heir. Anami comes there. She sees food and says I was thinking why do you stay like this, its because of food. Pujan taunts. Dadi says I got dahi kachori made for you. Servant gets her food. Dadi asks her to have it. Anami says I m waiting for entire family to come. Pujan says everyone is here. Anami asks Narottam to come and sit. They all look on. Dada ji asks Anami to stay in his limit. Anami says he is part of this family. Dada ji says nothing will change here. She asks why, what’s his mistake, how can their mentality be so small. Pujan says he can’t sit here. Dada ji says either sit with him and dine here, we will go, else we will dine here and you go with him.



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