Destined by fate update Tuesday 15 August 2023

Destined by fate 15 August 2023: Kusum serves tea to her family. Saroj notices Sayuri missing and thinks she must have gone to meet Rashmi, looks like her plan is working. Sayuri tells Rashmi that she will sacrifice her necessities for her and will make sure she gets the best, but she wants to make sure that their self-respect is compromised. Rashmi completely brainwashed by Saroj continues to spill out venom against Sayuri and accuses her of forcing her decisions since childhood and is superegoistic and hence cannot see her happy. Indu and Bhanu asks her to stop and think with a calm mind.

Kanha waits for Sayuri. Kusum taunts him that he can’t stay away from Sayuri even for a minute. Saroj grins thinking there must be argument between sisters and her plan is working. Kanha gets worried for Sayuri.

Rashmi continues to accuse Sayuri. Sayuri, Indu, and Bhanu try to explain their point, but Rashmi is not in a state of mind to understand blinded by Saroj’s fake love. She praises Saroj saying Saroj forgot her years of enmity and accepted her, but Sayuri is still continuing her enmity and trying to satisfy her ego, etc. She finally demands Sayuri to stay out of her wedding and not interfere in any decisions. Sayuri agrees. Rashmi leaves from there. Sayuri breaks down and asks Indu if she did any mistake. Indu comforts her.

Sayuri returns home and walks straight to her room. Saroj grins sensing her plan worked. Kanha walks behind Sayuri. Sayuri shows him a pic and reminds that Kanha had clicked it from Balwant’s black and white camera during their childhood. Kanha recalls the event and says Rashmi is hugging Sayuri so tightly. Sayuri says Rashmi used to never do anything without her opinion, she never forced her opinions on Rashm, but Rashmi doesn’t want her to interfere between her and Nakul’s lives. She describes the whole incident happened and breaks down. Kanha is shocked to hear that and even he feels upset.

Nakul hears their conversation and goes to confront Rashmi. Rashmi asks if Sayuri complained him against her. Nakul says he overheard Sayuri and Kanha’s conversation and says she knows Sayuri since 20-22 years and should know her sister better. He says Sayuri never does anything wrong and always takes right decisions, so she should stop accusing her sister. Rashmi refuses to understand and continues spilling venom against Sayuri. She says Sayuri ddin’t even spare Nakul and forced her decisions even on him. Kanha comforts Sayuri. Tujhse Naraz Nahi Zindagi Hairaan Hoon Main.. song plays in the background.

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