Faltu Starlife update Thursday 18 April 2024

Faltu 18 April 2024: The Episode starts with Faltu going to the house to scold the people. The girl taunts her. Faltu argues and says lights got off, now have a party. The girl says Neil’s entry will happen now, the party just begun.

Faltu sees Neil dancing. Sirk ek baar kiya to…plays… Faltu stops the music. Neil sees Faltu. Tanu dances in her room. Sid looks on. She says I m happy that we got Ayaan back, Ayaan got to know Faltu’s truth, handle business and give Ayaan a break, I will help him come out of this trauma. Sid says I trust you, I will get busy in work.

She says I will handle the work at home, freshen up and come, I will speak to Charan and come. She goes. He thinks.She says I will send Charan to village. Neil meets Faltu and laughs hearing her name. He says you mean useless, no, you can’t be useless,

you are cute, your clothes are different, good tactic to get my attention, I will get good branded clothes for you. He gives her a dress. She throws the clothes. She says I m from a good house. Neil jokes. The girls laugh. Neil says tell me, what are you doing in my party. She throws the trash at him.

He gets shocked. Charan talks to Jamuna on call. Tanu comes. She fills his ears against Ayaan. She says you can take the divorce papers and get it signed by Faltu, you can go back to your village. Charan says you don’t need to interfere in their lives, you stay calm until Faltu comes back. Tanu says there is no meaning to drag this matter, Ayaan and Faltu have taken their decisions, better end this. He asks why are you interested in their divorce.

Faltu says I was taking rest outside, you have put the trash on me and invited me, so I have come here, how did you like it. He says I liked it, I loved it, I like wild cats. She says say sorry and end the matter. He asks what, will I say sorry to a girl, I know you had come to enjoy the party, this trash was an excuse, its okay, enjoy the party, till then music. She says your party won’t start until you say sorry. He plugs the music system. She gets a rod and breaks the music system. They argue.

The police siren is heard. The girls run. Neil asks Faltu to run. She asks what’s happening here. Tanu says I want to end my work, I m happy with Sid, I was trying to end their misunderstandings, do whatever you want. She goes. Charan says Faltu, just come back and tell the truth to everyone. Faltu says I wasn’t doing any wrong work. Neil says who will explain the police, come with me. She scolds him.

He says Dada ji has a problem with my parties. She says you are spoilt. He says I also belong to a nice family. She says we can see that. He faints. Ayaan thinks of Faltu. He hurts his hand. Tanu comes and worries for him. He asks her to go out. Faltu asks Neil not to joke and get up. She checks him. She tries to get help for Neil. She says we have to take him to the hospital. The man sees Neil and says I don’t want to get into this matter, thieves are smart these days, you can loot me on the way. He goes.

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