Faltu Starlife update Sunday 21 April 2024

Faltu 21 April 2024: The Episode starts with Ayaan saying I will give these papers to Charan. Govind says we will find Faltu, don’t worry. Charan sees Ayaan. Ayaan gives the divorce papers and says I have signed it, I got Faltu here, I tried my best, but she left, our story is over.

Neil speaks to his Dada ji. Dada ji praises Faltu. He asks Faltu not to feel bad of Neil’s words. He says I will rectify my mistake now. Dada ji says thank her for saving your life, Neil. Faltu says I know the pain of getting away from family, so I have helped you. Dada ji scolds Neil. Neil disconnects the call. Janardhan stops Ayaan. He argues with everyone. He asks Ayaan to give himself some time, the misunderstanding will end. He says there is u turn after divorce. Kinshuk says its okay, why to take u turn when the relation has no love and respect.

Janardhan says no divorce will happen in this house.He says Ruhaan did this, he is creating this misunderstanding. Faltu brings Neil home. Neil says you have come here for money, you know I m rich. She says fine, get me the money then I will leave. He says I m not your servant to follow your orders. Cab driver asks for money. Neil asks him to wait. Dada ji comes out and hugs Neil. Neil says you trouble me a lot. Dada ji says you are getting spoilt. He meets Faltu. He says you are Neil’s savior, right. She nods. Neil takes the wallet from Dada ji’s pocket.

He pays the cab driver. He gives money to Faltu also. Dada ji says I m sorry on his behalf, he got hurt on his head. Faltu says its okay. She wards off Neil’s bad sight and asks him to keep the money. She says if I get you on the road next time, I will not leave you. Neil and Faltu argue. She calls him a batman. Charan says once I get Faltu, I won’t let her go away, I decided it, the family was always against Faltu, nobody cares for her.

He says I m there to look after my daughter. He leaves. Janardhan gets upset. Ayaan cries and goes to his room. Savita asks Tanu to go and see Ayaan. Govind says I spoke to Ayesha’s parents, matter is okay now, Ayesha is ready to come back home. Janardhan says we have dealt with many problems, what’s happening now. Sumitra says Ayaan needs time to recover, you are making this an issue, divorce is a little matter now. He taunts her. He coughs. Savita asks him to calm down.

Neil and Faltu argue. Dada ji asks what, your name is Faltu. Faltu scolds Neil. She says I have kept my promise and dropped Neil home, I will go now. A man comes and says Harsh called me to know about the three waitresses. Kinshuk asks didn’t you get them here. The man says no, they don’t work in my company. Ayaan looks on. Savita says sorry, we don’t need your help, you can go. Ayaan says stop. Tanu worries. The man says those waitresses weren’t of my company, our staff has these ID cards, they don’t get an entry in any venue. Kinshuk says Suhana said that the waitresses were focussing on Faltu.

Ayaan scolds the man for not reporting before. He says I want to know how Faltu got drunk that day. Kinshuk says now police will find out the matter. Tanu thinks Ayaan can’t know Ruhaan had sent those girls to kidnap Faltu. Ayaan says give me all the info. She asks him not to take stress for Faltu. She says Faltu would have shouted if the girls did anything wrong with her. Savita says she is right. Kumkum says Faltu tried to tell us that someone spiked her drink, we should try to know the truth, who knows Ruhaan had sent those girls.

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