Faltu Starlife update Saturday 20 April 2024

Faltu 20 April 2024: The Episode starts with Dada ji asking about Neil’s condition. Faltu says Neil isn’t fine, doctors are treating him. He says I m coming in some time. Servant says new driver is sick, he can’t take you to Nasik, Garima asked you not to drive.

Dada ji asks Faltu to stay with Neil for some more time. He says I trust you, I m ready to give you anything you say. She says I don’t want anything. He says note down my number, you call me to update. Faltu notes down the number. Faltu says I got another duty. Ayaan is sleeping. He holds Tanu’s hand and says I was waiting for you, Faltu. She gets angry. She kisses his hand.

Savita says I will see Ayaan once. She comes to Ayaan’s room. Neil wakes up and asks where am I. He sees the doctor and nurses. He says hospital, did Faltu sold my kidney. Faltu comes and says I wanted to sell your brain, doctor said your head is empty, your liver and kidney are damaged because of alcohol, be so thankful, you are safe. He laughs and calls her funny. He asks for his phone. She says its here, I told everything to your Dada ji, he is coming. He asks what, kill me, doctor.

He asks are you brainless, you told everything to Dada ji, what will I do now, I have to go before Dada ji comes. Doctor says you need rest. Faltu says listen to the doctor. Neil says I don’t want him to come here, what will I do. He takes his phone and runs. Doctor says he isn’t our responsibility now, inform his Dada ji. Faltu calls Dada ji and says Neil has run outside in a weak condition. He worries. She says you call him once. He says he will switch off the phone. She asks how will you stop him. Savita sees Tanu and asks what are you doing here. Tanu says Ayaan was sitting and sleeping, I covered him with the blanket, he is my friend, I can do this for a friend.

Savita says I will be with him, you can go. Tanu leaves. Savita says his fever is down. She cries and prays for his happiness. Neil books a cab. Faltu stops him. Neil argues with him. She aks him to think of his Dada ji. They leave in the cab. She says stop the car, I won’t come. He says you have to take care of me, you took my responsibility right, come with me.

Sumitra says everything is giving divorce in this house, don’t think to divorce Sid. Tanu says I won’t. Savita gets Ayaan there. Tanu asks him to sign the divorce papers.

Neil says Faltu is after my richness, so she is coming along. She taunts him back. They start arguing. He says enough, whatever is your name. She says Faltu. He starts laughing and says your name is Faltu, your parents should get an award, girls are really useless. She says you were dancing with girls and giving them gifts, what happened now, did your love end in a day. Ayaan sees the divorce papers. Savita asks him to sign and end all this. Ayaan says I can’t do this. She says stop hurting yourself. Tanu says she is right, we want to see you happy. Ayaan recalls Faltu.

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