Evil Affairs starlife update Tuesday 23 April 2024

Vikram telling Sumitra that he hopes that Piyush executes her plan well, and says we can’t afford any hurdles in Veronica’s sacrifice. Bhavani comes there and tells that Nikki is going to Veronica’s room angrily, and she has taken Chandi’s avatar. Aarohi says it is natural reaction of Nikki.

Vikram says we have to stop her, if narbali doesn’t happen then nobody can stop our destruction. Nikki comes to the haveli and thinks she shall trap Piyush with her beauty then Piyush and Bhurangarh will be hers. Rachna comes there and says you are looking good in this dress. Rachna says Piyush is waiting for you eagerly. Veronica thinks she will use her body as a weapon and Piyush will be her prey. Nikki sees Veronica going with Rachna to old haveli, and wonders why did Piyush call her there. She thinks not even one week past and he is doing this. She thinks to see Piyush’s truth with her own eyes.

Rachna takes Veronica inside and tells that she will leave now. She says so much will change today. Sumitra, Vikram and others see Nikki going to Purani haveli. Vikram asks Bhavani to stop Nikki. Bhavani goes. Veronica hugs Piyush. Piyush reciprocates the hug. Kapalika says enjoy till your sacrifice is done. Vikram, Sumitra and Prateik is coming there. Vikram asks Sumitra to control Nikki. Sumitra says she couldn’t control Nikki as she is brought up in free environment like Goa. Nikki comes there and asks Rachna where is Piyush and Veronica. Rachna says she doesn’t know. Nikki says I have seen her with you. Rachna says she has brought her here, as she wants to see the haveli. She says she herself is scared and is going. Nikki orders her to come.

Veronica asks Piyush, why did he chose to marry Nikki ignoring her? He says this is how they were destined to meet and acts as regret to marry her. Veronica says that she is sure that he will divorce Nikki and will marry me. Kapalika starts the countdown, as the mahurat time starts. Nikki comes there and confronts Piyush and Veronica. Vikram and Sumitra come there and gets worried. She asks Veronica why she lied. Veronica says Piyush is my lover and will marry me. Nikki asks Piyush to say something. Piyush is silent.

He thinks he loves Nikki. Nikki feels cheated and is about to go. Vikram thinks Kapalika can trouble us at anytime, as narbali time is ending. Just then Kapalika goes in Veronica and calls Nikki, and asks if she will go without seeing the result of leaving Malik’s rasams. Nikki sees Veronica’s body flying in air. Kapalika in Veronica’s body tells Nikki that human sacrifice will be done of Veronica, as she didn’t do the stamp rasam.

Nikki is shocked. Everyone looks on. Kapalika tells Piyush, well done, you have proved that you deserve to be the King of Bhurangarh, the way you brought Veronica here, and says Malik will be very happy with you. They see the blast and Veronica burns to ashes in seconds. Nikki is shell shocked and faints. Piyush holds Nikki. Vikram asks Piyush to take Nikki. Vikram asks Bhavani to pick Veronica’s ashes to gift Malik. Bhavani singh picks the ashes.

Nikki is sleeping in her room, when someone pulls her down the bed. She sits on the bed and feels someone is under the bed. She throws the blanket. Veronica’s ghost holds her neck and says I died a dangerous death because of you. She says now I will take you with me.

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