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Devika seeks permission to call the Dadi of Radha to the witness box, the judge grants the permission however Tulsi is worried wondering why is Devika calling Dadi, Radha asks her why is she calling Dadi when she does not have any relation to all this, Mohan quickly texts Shekar asking why is Devika calling Dadi, Shekar replies he is also thinking of the same and what is in the reports, Mohan texts Shekar that he has no idea but is not getting a good feeling. Damini gets a call from Kans, she scolds him questioning why is he calling her as someone might get suspicious, she asks why is he so eager for money, she will surely give him the money but he needs to end the call. Mohan wonders who is Damini talking to, he is suspicious of Kans that he is working for Damini since he always needs money.


Dadi going to the witness box promises to speak only the truth after swearing on Bhagwat Geeta, Devika asks if Radha loved Mohan, Dadi says that she used to perform pooja of him like a Bhagt, Devika says that Radha was so much in love that she would wait for Mohan to come to Varandhwan and she was such a big Bhagt that she would request to go to the Trivedi house and had no interest in studies but learned the Bhagwat Geeta by heart that Mohan gave her, Devika asks if Dadi is also a child and does she think of all these things as Bhagt and not love. Dadi remembers when she told Radha this is all love, Devika says even then she let Radha go to the house of Mohan, so can she know the reason, Devika explains she is not only her Dadi but has fulfilled the responsibility of being a mother and raised her, but she never felt she is sending her to the house where the person whom she loves resides, she never thought something bad would happen to her. Dadi asks what is she talking of, Devika exclaims that Dadi herself desired something bad to happen.

Radha asks Devika to stop questioning what sort of questions is she asking her Dadi as there is nothing of the sort, Shekar texts Mohan saying Radha is getting irritated which is not a good thing. Devika says Dadi desired Radha should trap Mohan in her beauty so she can stay in that house. Dadi warns Devika saying it is enough, Tulsi mentions Damini has reached a new level since she is forcing such things to happen. Dadi says it was the house of her sons friend, Devika says a wealthy friend because his son owns Trivedi publication which has a turnover of tens of millions, Devika says that Radha fell in love with Mohan while Dadi was interested in the wealth of the Trivedi family, so the dream of such people who live in a one bedroom house was about to be fulfilled,

Radha once again asks Devika to stop, she pleads with the judge to stop Devika from asking her Dadi such questions, Shekar also objects saying that Devika is ringing the time of the court by asking such baseless questions. Devika says that someone else has asked these questions, like the elder Pandit jee who had even ousted Radha’s father from that position, Devika says she hopes that Dadi remembers it otherwise the elder Pandit jee can also come to the court room, and what about the photo that was printed in the newspaper of Radha and Mohan, which blamed them both for having an affair.

Devika takes the newspaper saying they both were looking really beautiful together, she shows the newspaper to the entire courtroom and even the judge, she asks if Radha reached the court by herself or Dadi sent her there, Dadi says that she did not even know anything when Devika replies even the journalist can come here to whom she gave the photo by her own hands, Devika says the journalist told her that some old lady gave him that photo, Kaveri exclaims Devika would be old for calling her an old women. Devika says she has all the proofs and not one of her argument is baseless, she asks Dadi why did she allow her Radha to go to the Trivedi house, Dadi says that she did not know when Radha went there but she only left to inquire about Mohan, Devika says however she stayed there to care for him, saying she should a nurse as she keeps very good care of everyone. Kaveri exclaims Radha takes very good care of Mohan while beats them with the help of Tulsi.

Devika asks why did Radha keep the Varth of Tej, she explains that a women keeps the Varth to get a good husband and the unmarried girl to find a good husband so she asks if they should say that this is the business blaming Dadi, Mohan gets furious and is about to interfere when Ketki stops her, Gungun also gets worried. Damini grows suspicious of his actions. Devika mentions they should say that Radha did all this to marry Mohan but she had prepared for it a long time ago, by murdering Tulsi. Tulsi herself says it is all a lie so she even requests Shekar to do something.

Dadi says it is all a lie since Radha only met Tulsi once and she even helped Tulsi at that time, Devika asks what sort of help, Dadi says that Tulsi in the hospital, but stops so Devika insists that Dadi should say it. Mohan asks Kadambari when did Radha meet Tulsi in the hospital, kadambari also replies she does not know anything so pleads with Dadi to not utter even single word. Dadi looks to Radha who signals her to not say anything. Devika pressurize Dadi saying this is a court and it is a sin to lie here, Dadi remembers what had happened. Tulsi thinks no one knows about that black night so how did Devika find out about it. Devika says that Dadi would not say anything so it is up to her to speak the truth, the entire people are waiting. Devika starts telling how Dadi and Radha came to the Tulsi house where Tulsi met them, and they both came to sit in the house.

Dadi told that they came for the Darshan of Ba Kai Bihari jee so brought the Parshad, but there was not anyone in the house so Tulsi informed them that everyone has gone to fix the marriage of Ketki. Tulsi said she is waiting for her blood report, but Dadi knew that she might be becoming a mother. Radha is worried when Damini thinks she was not in the right sense of mind at that time since Tulsi was about to give birth to the child of Mohan so she made a very good plan to end everything, They recall when Tulsi brought the sweets for Radha, however Damini purposefully threw the vase so Tulsi came to check it, but while climbing the stairs she slipped because of the oil that she had put there however Tulsi managed to maintain her balance, then agreed with Dadi, Tulsi kept on walking upstairs when Damini had even poured the oil on the last step so Tulsi fell after slipping and came falling to the last step, seeing which both Radha and Dadi got worried, they rushed to help Tulsi asking if she is fine, who was just crying for her child. Damini exclaimed that the child of Tulsi has died due to the fall. Mohan is really amazed.

Tulsi is worried along with the entire Trivedi family, Mohan wonders why do they not know the truth of that day. Radha thinks she still remembers the pain of Tulsi ji from that day, when Dadi signed the documents and the doctor apologized for it being able to save the child, Radha consoled her but Tulsi hugged Dadi while still crying for losing her child, Radha suggested they should tell Mohan about it but Tulsi stopped them both, requesting them to not tell him anything so Tulsi said that he does not know she was pregnant and if he finds out then would wonder it might not have happened so she does not want to worry him for something which he does not even know anything about, so she will bear everything by herself,

Dadi then sat beside Tulsi, mentioning Ba Kai Bihari jee has given a lot of strength to women so she can understand why Tulsi has taken this decision, she assured her to not be worried as they will not tell anyone and Radha also swear on her. Dadi then asked her to not be worried as her married life has just started so ba Kai Bihari jee would bless her. The entire family is shocked hearing it. Mohan thinks that Radha took care of Tulsi when no one was by her side, he cannot understand what relation they have with her, Tulsi apologizes to Radha as she is quiet with her. Radha apologizes to Mohan, explaining this is the only thing which she kept hidden from him because this is what Tulsi desired, Devika says who knows what other secrets Radha and her Dadi have kept hidden but now all of them would be revealed,Shekar says that the story has ended but he cannot understand how it proves that Radha killed Tulsi, Devika asks him to relax as he will surely find out the truth. Devika seeks permission to call the brother of Tulsi to the witness box, the judge grants the permission when Devika thanks the grandmother of Radha.

Damini turns to notice that Mohan is wearing an earphone and that too while covering it inside his hoodie, she realizes that he hugged her as she was leaving for the court. Damini quickly checks her bag in which she finds the mobile of Mohan, she gets furious with him so think he lied to her and pretended to hate Radha, but she kept thinking he has finally agreed to marry her, she thinks he would get the punishment for making a fool of her and this will be the death of Radha, she vows to get Radha hanged no matter what happens after today.

Devika asks Mohit if he knew that Tulsi lost her first child, he says yes which even shocks Tulsi, Devika asks who else knew about it other then him, Mohit says only Radha and her Dadi. Tulsi wonders how did he know about it when she did not tell anyone. Mohit says that Tulsi was alone in her house and everyone was about to leave so his mother asked him to go and take care of her but when he reached Tulsi had already gotten in the accident, hearing this everyone is shocked. Mohit says that only Radha and her Dadi were present in the house. Dadi and Radha both blame Mohit for lying, Devika says they must not yell otherwise her baby wold get scared, Tulsi thinks if her brother is supporting Damini. Mohit says that they quickly took Tulsi to the hospital but when they reached there the doctor said the baby has died, Dadi says Mohit did not accompany them and is lying, Radha also blames him for lying.

Mohit says when he met Tulsi later, she revealed the entire truth about what had happened with him and that she was pushed from the stairs, and blaming Radha for being the one to push Tulsi, hearing this everyone is shocked and not able to understand what they must believe. Radha keeps blaming Mohit for lying in the court, Dadi says they are trying to trap Radha as nothing of the sort has happened, and their Radha is innocent. Kaveri thinks that Mohit is very useful as he is telling a lie.

Shekar asks if Mohit is telling the truth but then why did he not say it before, Mohit says that Tulsi refused to listen to his suggestion as she got trapped in the fake tears of Dadi who pleaded in front of his Tulsi, otherwise the life of her Grand daughter would be ruined, and Tulsi made him swear to not say this to anyone including their own mother. Mohit says he would never have let Radha leave had he known she would take the life of his sister, Dadi says Mohit is just making stories to trap their Radha, Ramaveshwar asks her to calm down. The judge says she can say anything she desires in the witness box.

Dadi once again comes to the witness box saying Mohit is lying, Devika says that this means that Tulsi made her brother not swear and they both are telling the truth, she says who would know the actual truth, Devika says what if she is the one who planned to kill Tulsi, Dadi gets shcoked hearing it when Devika blames Dadi for supporting Radha in killing Tulsi. Dadi is not able t breathe properly and starts getting ill, Tulsi says Devika is making a very big mistake, Dadi says it is all a lie. Shekar also gets furious asking her to stop this nonsense blaming Devika for completely ruining the argument, Devika asks if Dadi is the one who killed Tulsi. Devika keeps blaming Dadi so that Radha can take the entire blame, Devika says she believes Dadi is the one who killed Tulsi, hearing this Dadi starts getting ill so Radha is really worried for her health. Devika says there is a new clause in this case since now another string has attached to it, Devika mentions it is the grandmother of Radha, who is associated with Radha in this heinous crime.

Devika requests the judge to arrest Dadi and severely punish her rather she should be punished more severely then Radha, Devika says the duty of parents is to educate their children but she made her own granddaughter into murderer, and she would become a criminals if she lives with Dadi. Devika says Dad sent Radha to the house of Mohan so she could trap him in her desire to be wealthy she got Radha to murder Tulsi. Devika says Dadi should be ashamed of herself, Radha is not able to bear seeing her Dadi crying. Tulsi keeps yelling it is a lie. Devika asks Dadi how did she kill Tulsi and where have the buried the body of Tulsi, Dadi keeps crying. Shekar tries to object to it questioning what is Devika saying, who says Dadi is the real mastermind who ruined a completely healthy family, she requests the judge to put Dadi in the court. Radha refuses to it, saying her Dadi has not done anything, Radha accepts that she is the one who killed Tulsi when Dadi says Radha is lying and they both are innocent. Tulsi asks Dadi to calm down, Devika says the accused has accepted her crime and now it is time for the judgment so she requests the court that Radha should be sentenced to be hanged, hearing this Mohan is shcoked. Damini and Kaveri both are smiling. Radha is crying.

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