Evil Affairs starlife update Sunday 12 May 2024

The Episode starts with Nikki telling Piyush that his ancestors took a wrong step in greed and because of him all the generations are forced to live in fear and horror. Piyush asks what did you do, and says you had promised me that you will not ask anything other than our future.

He says I am living in the fear that something might happen to you. Nikki asks if you love me so much and says sorry. She says she wants to know who is Kapalika and asks if she gives Malik’s message to others. Piyush thinks of Kapalika and tells that he doesn’t know about her. He also heard just now and says your curiosity will drown everyone. Nikki says I will not do anything. Sumitra tells that Bhavani Singh that she is worried for Nikki and Piyush and ask him to go and bring them. Kapalika thinks whom to use to get Nikki’s stuff for the kundali.

Saudamini thanks Rachna for giving palace map and gives her anklet as the gift. Rachna says it is very beautiful. Saudamini asks her to keep helping her and see how many gifts she will give her. Rachna says yes. Saudamini tells that she needs Malik’s Chamber keys. Rachna says I will give when Raja Saheb gives me key to take the bhog. Saudamini says I can’t wait till then, and tells that she will woo Prateik and will make him get key from Vikram, and then I will give the key impression to you on the soap and you shall make the key. Rachna agrees. Saudamini says she will become the queen of Bhurangarh and laughs. Kapalika hears and says so this greed brought her here. She says she needs useful idiots and will use her to get Nikki’s stuff.

Piyush asks Nikki to come. Nikki tells herself that I know that Piyush lied to me to save me and he knows about Kapalika. She thinks that day she faced Kapalika in purani haveli. She thinks she can’t wait until she completes the rasams. They are walking in the jungle. She thinks she has to take the short cut and thinks to call Kapalika to her. Piyush asks what did you say. Nikki gets tensed. They come back to the Palace. Nikki holds his hand. Agar tum na hote song plays…..They are about to kiss, when Sumitra coughs. Sumitra says half day passed away and asks if they went or bhurangarh tour. Nikki says we had gone after a lot of time. Sumitra says I am asking Piyush. She shouts asking Suguna to come and asks her to make Nikki get the nazar utaro rasam as she came from outside. Nikki goes with her. Sumitra tells Piyush that she was worried for both of them. Piyush says nothing will happen to them until they are together.

Saudamini gets ready to trap Prateik in her beauty, when Kapalika comes there and attacks her. Suguna takes Nikki somewhere, and asks the Servant to get the black cloth and crematorium ground ashes. Nikki asks if I need to wash utensil with it. Suguna looks at her angrily. Nikki says she will not ask. Kapalika continues to hurt Saudamini. Nikki is made to stand in a black cloth chamber, and asks Suguna to tell what is happening. Suguna says this is Ashuddhi rasam, don’t know from where you have come, and you might get the thought of going against Malik, and that’s why this rasam will not let her go against Malik. She asks her to remove her clothes and stand. Nikki removes her clothes and stand. Suguna throws ashes on Nikki. Nikki gets the bad smell. The bad smell reaches Malik. Malik says Nikki’s smell is mixed in crematorium ground ashes smell, and says it makes him mad and he is waiting to drink her blood. He says when that Amavasya night will come, and when you will do the 13 rasams to become mine.

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