Evil Affairs starlife update Monday 13 May 2024

The Episode starts with Nikki seeing Malik’s dangerous face while Ashudhi rasam is happening with her. She wonders whose dangerous face it was. She thinks she can’t wait for the shaitaani rasmein to end, and has to reach Kapalika anyhow. Saudamini apologizes to Kapalika.

Kapalika says your eyes were on Malik’s treasure, how dare you to come to Malik with the greed to take his treasure. Saudamini apologizes. Kapalika says there is nothing like forgiveness in Kapalika’s dictionary. Saudamini says Kapalika and recalls reading her name in the book. She tells her that she is Malik’s truthful devotee and has come to be under his shelter. She didn’t come for greed. Kapalika leaves her and says Malik will take you in his shelter. She gives her gold coins as Malik’s prasad. She says this is the small thing, I can make you rich. She says I can make you meet Malik also. Saudamini tells that she will do anything to do Malik’s darshan and will stay as his slave. Kapalika asks her to work for her, and get Nikki’s hair, skin and nails by evening else by morning she will kill her and will feed her dead body to Malik. Saudamini is shocked.

Later Saudamini comes to Rachna and tells her about Kapalika’s demand. She asks her to do her work and offers her gold coin which she will give after the work ends. Rachna goes to Nikki and asks her to eat Shahi gulab sherbet. Nikki refuses to eat it now itself. Rachna emotionally blackmails her and makes her drink. Nikki thanks her. Rachna goes from there. Nikki feels headache in her head and gets unconscious. Saudamini comes to the room and is about to cut Nikki’s nail, when Piyush comes there calling her. He thinks what has happened to her and makes her sleep properly. Saudamini goes from there silently.

Rachna comes to Saudamini and asks if your work is done. Saudamini says just as Nikki fainted, Piyush came there. She sees Nikki standing in the balcony and scratching the railing subconsciously. She shares her plan with Rachna and goes down. She asks Nikki what she is doing? Nikki says nothing. Saudamini makes cross symbol with her nail and then acts as if Nikki has done it. Sumitra and Suguna come there. Suguna says Nikki is like a child. Saudamini says she has made a cross, jesus Christ symbol. She tells that Nikki follows God in sub conscious state. Sumitra gets angry on Nikki. Nikki apologizes. Suguna explains to her that they don’t have any temple or such signs. Nikki apologizes to Sumitra.

Sumitra scolds her for lack of concentrate. Rachna asks Sumitra to get her nail cut. Sumitra orders Nikki. Nikki goes to her room and searches for the nail cutter. Saudamini comes there holding the nail cutter and insists to cut her nail. Nikki says I will do. Saudamini insists. She finds her lost in thoughts and cut her nail and skin intentionally. Nikki feels the pain. Saudamini asks if she got hurt. Nikki says no. Saudamini offers her head massage and plucks her hair, saying it was white hair. She asks her to rest and goes. Nikki gets an idea to call Kapalika.

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