Bitter sweet love starlife update Sunday 12 May 2024

The Episode starts with Vandu getting ready for her marriage. Vedika, Parisa and Shivam help Vandu deck up. They smile seeing Vandu. Shivam gets Vijay there. Vijay sees Vandu and gets emotional. He asks her to smile and hugs her. Mrunal leaves and talks to Vaibhav on call. Kunal looks on. Vijay says pandit will be coming.

He thanks Vedika. They all go. Kunal comes to meet Vandu. She says you here… He says you have to come with me, I have to show you something, its about your life, come with me. She says its time for my marriage. He says its imp than marriage, you have to come with me. Shivam asks Vandu to come with him. He asks Kunal to come. He takes Vandu with him. Kunal says what is she doing. Vaibhav asks Savita to hurry up. Savita says I don’t want to ruin everything, you will marry Vandana, not Mrunal, I heard Mrunal and your talks, I just know that it was your past, your marriage is happening with Vandu. He says you don’t like Vandu. She says Mrunal is worse than Vandu.

He says I love Mrunal. She says do anything but outside the house, keep the one in the house who fulfills the house needs, keep relation with Mrunal who fulfills your needs, I know Vandu will become a good bahu, she will take care of you more than herself, she will make food for you, she will take care of family, Mrunal isn’t good for the family. She does the tilak and says you decide where you have to go, Vandana Nivaas or the temple, if you marry Mrunal, then you have to end ties with us.

She goes. He gets Mrunal’s call. He says I m reaching the temple. Mrunal gets ready. She says whatever is happening with Vandu is her fate. Vandu does the aarti. Kunal looks on. Vijay prays that everything happens well. Kunal signs Vandu. Anagha covers up for Mrunal. Bobby asks Kunal to do something. Kunal says yes, we have less time. Vaibhav says Mrunal is waiting for me. Mrunal dances happily. She says my life will be set once I marry Vandu.

Shivam says I won’t hear Vandu’s song and see her dance once she gets married. Vijay says she will never leave music. Bobby asks did you tell her anything. Kunal says no. Vandu sings Yeh galiyaan… and dances. Anagha dances with Vandu. Vandu cries. She hugs Shivam and everyone. Bobby says she won’t listen, leave it now. Kunal says I like sports, until we lose, we have a hope to win, I will do what I decided. He holds Vandu’s hand and takes her. She says its my marriage. He says its imp, you have to come with me. She asks him to say. He says you have to come and see it, Vaibhav is going to cheat you.

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