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Barkha tells Malti Devi that Toshu is like this, but Kinjal is very caring and says she didn’t expect her to leave Baa in this condition. Malti Devi says Anupama is there to take care of them. Barkha tells that Anupama gets a call just as anything happens and tells that Shah house is like Rahu Ketu for her.

She says Shah house is permanently sitting in her house. Anuj says it is her family and it can’t be Rahu Ketu. Barkha says it is her ex sasural and can’t be mayka. Anuj says even you had mayka, but you don’t go there and says may be you don’t get that feeling and Anupama feels that for Shahs. Barkha says they have done so wrong with her. Anuj says yes, and says even you have done wrong but I didn’t throw you out. Anuj asks them not to badmouth about Anupama. Malti Devi says we were talking that Shahs don’t understand Anupama’s helplessness. Anuj says but you understands, right and asks her to understand. Malti Devi says Toshu and Kinjal kept their responsibility on Anupama and left and she is there. Choti comes there and says she is unwell. Anuj checks and says she is having fever. Malti Devi says mother is needed when unwell. Choti says she wants Mummy and asks him to call her. Anuj says ok.

Anupama makes food for everyone and thinks to make paratha for Dimpy. She talks to someone and asks to send the file so that she can read. She calls someone and asks him to send ration. She then asks the vegetable vendor to give her some vegetables. She then orders notebook and crayons for Choti. She gets Anuj’s call and says I love you. Anuj tells her that Choti is unwell and asks her come home. Anupama asks how is the fever? Anuj says 103 degrees. Anupama asks him to call the doctor and says she will come. She thinks how to go, as work is remaining. Babu ji comes and asks her to go, and says he will manage. Anupama thanks him and goes.

Choti says call my mamma. Anupama reaches there and takes Choti in her lap. She says it is not ordinary fever. Anuj says Doctor asked to get the blood test done, but Choti refuses. Anupama says she will also get her test done. Anuj says even he will get it done. Anupama makes her have medicine.

Kavya comes to the kitchen and asks Babu ji what is he doing? Babu ji says Anupama has to go and that’s why he is making food. Kavya says sorry to him and says you are making food in this age, when I am here. Babu ji says you couldn’t bear onion smell and asks her to go. Kavya says you are supercute and rockstar too. Babu ji asks her to go. Anupama sings lohri for Choti.

Choti sleeps. Anuj asks how is Baa”s condition, if her BP is fine. Anupama says her BP shoots up thinking about Toshu and Kinjal. She says Babu ji can’t do the work and can’t take of Babu ji. She says Kavya is pregnant and can’t work much. Malti Devi asks her to ask Dimpy to do the work. Anupama says she is also pregnant and I can’t ask her to handle the work. Adhik says Pakhi will go there. Anupama asks Pakhi to go and says she will send food for them, and asks her to take care of Baa and Babu ji and make tea for them. Anuj says once Choti gets fine, I will send Anupama and Choti there. Pakhi says if I am that house bahu or Dimpy, and asks if she can’t make tea and coffee.

Anupama says I did a mistake by expecting you. Adhik asks Pakhi if daughters don’t help their mayka. Pakhi says if Dimpy is pregnant then I shall do her house work. He says Dimpy works, but you do online shopping. Pakhi says Mummy has taken Buddy’s card and you don’t give yours. Adhik gives the card and asks her to do shopping but after going there. Pakhi says she don’t want to take order as she is pregnant. Anupama asks her to go inside and says my daughter is sleeping. Pakhi says I will go there, but will not be there as Maid like Mummy. Anuj says so you want to say whatever Anupama has done all life, is done by Maid. Pakhi says yes and goes. Anuj asks Anupama to go and says he will handle her. Anupama says I can’t go until she gets fine.

Kavya gets vomiting sensation and thinks to call Pakhi to see the milk. She calls Pakhi, but the latter is hearing music. She comes out to call her, but just then Baa calls her and Kavya goes. Dimpy switches off the gas and scolds Pakhi asking her if she can’t do the work. They have an argument. Dimpy says everyone heard Kavya, but not you. Pakhi says she was wearing ear phones so didn’t hear and asks so what? Dimpy says Mummy sent you to take care of them. Pakhi asks if she remembers that she is pregnant to skip the work, and asks why she is staying in Kapadia house.

She asks her to sit at home. Dimpy says it seems that God is punishing you, and that’s why you are not becoming mother, you deserve it. Pakhi says like wise, you don’t deserve and that’s why such thing happened with you. Babu ji shouts and asks Dimpy why she is telling anything to her, who can’t help. He says they have so much problems at home and says he wants peace, if they can’t maintain it then shall leave,

Kavya checks Baa’s BP and messages Anupama that it is high even now. babu ji comes there and asks Baa how is she? Baa tells that she is feeling restlessness. Babu ji asks Kavya to go and rest, and says he will be with her. Kavya goes out. Pakhi says Buddy and Mummy sent me here, and Babu ji asked me to go. She says she will leave and goes.

Kavya tells Dimpy that she shall go and bring fruits to make juice for Baa. They leave. Baa tells Babu ji that she wants to go to bathroom, and asks him to call someone. He says he can’t call anyone, and says he will take her there. They fall down and writhes in pain. They call Pakhi, Kavya and Dimpy, but nobody is at home. Babu ji’s phone rings there. Anupama thinks why he is not picking the call. Pakhi comes there. Anupama asks what she is doing here? Pakhi tells that due to Dimpy, Babu ji asks her to leave. Anupama says I don’t know what has happened, and tells that she should have been with them. Pakhi says Babu ji asked her to leave. Anupama says you might have apologized to him, and stayed there.

Pakhi goes. Kavya and Dimpy are coming home and don’t hear the call as they stop to see the neighbors fighting. Her phone rings as Anupama calls her. Kavya asks the ladies not to fight. Anupama gets Babu ji’s call, and he asks her to come there. Anupama says Babu ji. Choti comes there and hugs Anupama. Baa and Babu ji faint.

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