Evil Affairs starlife update Monday 24 June 2024

The Episode starts with Piyush asking Nikki if she is fine. Nikki tells him that Baal devi has kept a protective shield on her back. Piyush looks at her back and says there is nothing. Nikki says it was there. Piyush asks if she is just teasing him. Nikki thinks how to tell Piyush to believe her. She tells her that she had learnt some tricks from Daakini which she executed on Daayan. Piyush asks what about the shield.

He says it is a big thing to learn Daakini’s tricks and tells that Daayan will be afraid of her. Daayan is waiting for someone from Pataal lok. Nikki comes infront of her. Daayan thinks she can’t face Nikki now. She goes seeing Nikki. Nikki says sorry Chaaya ji. Daayan goes. She asks Saudamini to massage her. Nikki, Sumitra and others come there. Nikki apologizes and offers to massage Daayan. Daayan refuses and asks her not to touch her. She says when the right time comes, she will call her. She goes. Nikki, Sumitra and Aarohi laugh. Vikram asks Nikki not to do anything.

Chaaya is being scolded by her sahelis for being weak infront of Nikki. She was the mud from near the river, for Malik’s work. Nikki refuses to bring it. Daayan promises that she will not harm to all the family members and will treat them nicely. Nikki says she will go with Piyush. Daayan agrees to let him go. Nikki says lets go. Piyush says surely. They leave. Daayan thinks now it will be found out which divine power is on your back.

Piyush and Nikki are on the way. Piyush says I can’t believe that Chaaya Daayan was afraid of you, and says he stopped his laugh with much difficulty. Nikki tells that she wants to feel this freedom and want to shout. He asks her to shout and says nobody is here to stop you. Nikki shouts. Daayan is watching them in the mirror. She does the black magic on the lemon and put it inside the mirror. The lemon falls on the road and hypnotizes the truck driver, who hits Piyush and Nikki. They meet with an accident and find themselves safe in the shield. They land on the ground. Daayan finds about the yantra on Nikki’s back. Piyush sees the shield on her back and gets shocked. Nikki sees the bike damaged.

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