Bitter sweet love starlife update Monday 24 June 2025

The Episode starts with Kunal and his family doing the puja. Tara asks can I go and meet Vandu. He says no, you already went in the morning. Tara gets an idea. She compliments Pammi. Pammi smiles. Tara says I have to tell everyone that you look so wow. Pammi asks her to go. She says Kunal, let the kid go out.

Tara says you all come, Vandu said, everyone meets on festivals. Pammi says wait, I will apply black dot first, come. Vedika asks Kunal to come. Sonia gets ready. Inder comes and smiles seeing her. He says I got recharged seeing you, we will go in Diwali party. She says yes, but I have some work. He says I know, you want to meet Kunal. She says I have to meet Tara. He asks why again. She asks why, we can go and meet Tara. Inder says Kunal always comes in our way. Tara runs and hugs Vandu. Pammi and everyone come and wish happy Diwali.

Pammi says I look so beautiful, so elegant, I look like a wow, unlike others. Vijay says if you say so. Pammi argues with Mrunal. Vedika says compound looks good, lighting is good. Pammi says when they see our costly gifts, they will get shine, just pray that Kunal and Vandu get double till next Diwali. Inder and Sonia come and hear them. Kunal sees Sonia wearing the saree he gifted to her. He recalls their old moment. He asks why did you come here. She says to see this look on your face.

Pammi and Vedika say why did Sonia come. Sonia says I knew it, you won’t forget this saree, just I will be there in your heart. Hemant says their drama is happening in our house also. Tara runs and hugs Sonia. She says you have given me a surprise, happy Diwali. Sonia wishes her too. Tara says I look good, right, Vandu got this lehenga to me. Kunal asks why did you come, don’t do a drama here. Sonia says we came to meet Tara, guard said everyone is here, so we came here. Kunal says go now. Pammi says you can leave now. Inder says I think we should leave.

Tara says not so soon, please stay. Sonia says Tara is asking me to stay, so I will stay. Inder says fine, we will celebrate Diwali with them. Pammi says we will celebrate. Vijay says Vandu is our pride. Pammi asks Vandu to dance. She says I will also do some steps with you. Vandu says no. Aaji says your heart is sad, but festivals come so that person lives happy. Tara asks Vandu to dance.

Everyone asks her to dance. Vandu recalls Kunal’s words. She says I can’t refuse to Tara. Bobby says begin the Diwali Dhamaka. Vandu decks up and comes. She dances on Mahi ve…. Everyone claps for her. Vijay hugs Vandu. Pammi says teach me some steps, then see what I do. Vedika says Vandu, it was very good, its our turn. Bobby says Kunal is coming. Kunal says no way. Tara says please dance. Kunal says you do. Vedika insists him and says its Karmarkars versus Malhotras.

They all insist. Kunal and Vandu agree. Kunal and Vandu dance on Dum dum mast hai….plays… Mrunal makes their video. Sonia gets angry seeing them dance.

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