Evil Affairs starlife update Tuesday 25 June 2024

The Episode starts with Nikki seeing Piyush’s bike damaging in an accident. Piyush sees the yantra glowing on her back, and tells Nikki. He tells that they got saved and bubble was made around us to protect us. Nikki tells him that it is all because of Baaldevi and tells that she has kept yantra on her back for her protection.

She says she had told him about this. She says it activates when any negative force attack me. He says you had said that you learnt from Daakini. Nikki says she had lied and didn’t tell him about the protective shield. He asks her not to lie again. He calls her leader and himself as her follower. Nikki laughs. She doubts that the accident was done deliberately.

She doubts Daayan. Piyush says why she will do this, as she felt the jerk two times, so she will not mess with you again. Daayan enquires about the sign which she saw and finds that it is a protective shield which can be used by divine power. She thinks until it is protecting Nikki, I can’t drink Nikki’s blood and thinks why Bhakshak didn’t come till now.

Sumitra says how can their accident happen suddenly. Vikram says accidents do happen suddenly and Piyush told that nothing has happened to them. They come home. Sumitra asks how are they? Piyush says we are fine. Sumitra takes off her jewellery and takes out their bad sight from them. She asks how did the accident happened? Nikki tells that it was done by Chaaya Daayan. Vikram says why she will get your accident done. Piyush says Nikki is right and tells that Daayan has attacked them. Vikram says Chaaya knows that Nikki’s life is very important for the rasam. Piyush says Chaaya is playing some game which even Malik is unaware of, and tells that she is more dangerous than Malik himself. Nikki tells that she will be punished for this. Vikram asks what you are saying? Nikki goes.

Piyush tells that his wife is doing right. Bhakshak comes to Daayan. Daayan asks him about the yantra. Bhakshak tells that it is Maha Suraksha Yantra and tells that the evil powers also can’t break it, and the person having it shall do jeev hatya (animal killing) so that the shield effect is over. Daayan thinks to make Nikki kill the animal today itself. The Bhakshak/snake vanishes. Nikki, Piyush and others are standing outside her room. Nikki opens the door. Daayan asks who is there. Nikki says nobody is inside. They see Daayan in the hall and laughing. Nikki asks Daayan if she tried to kill them. Chaaya says but you both are saved. She says she thought of Daawat and tells that Nikki shall kill an animal and make food for her. Nikki refuses. Chaaya hypnotizes Vikram. Piyush says she is hypnotizing us to make you agree. Nikki says she will not agree.

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