Evil Affairs starlife update Tuesday 18 June 2024

The Episode starts with Nikki thanking the Haakini helping her. Haakini thanks her for coming to Daak Taal and helping a Haakini escape for the first time. Nikki hugs her and asks her not to come next jungle, but face the evil in her own world and defeat it. Haakini leaves. Nikki asks Piyush why he came late.

He says he couldn’t come and got late. Nikki says we are together now and hugs him. Piyush says we have more bigger fight than this. Nikki says lets fight. They leave. He starts riding the bike, but the petrol gets over. He says he will call Prateik, but there is no network. Nikki says they have to go anyhow and says she will get angry if they couldn’t do anything after she took the heart from the daak taal. Piyush sets the bonfire and asks Nikki why she is looking at him. She says he is hers and talks about filmy moment. He says we are alone I the jungle and kisses on her neck. It turns out to be her imagination. Piyush and Nikki find their legs tied. Piyush says it seems Daak Taal’s evil power is behind them.

Daayan comes there and asks if they have forgotten her. She tells Piyush that he was in the Rajmahal. She tells that she was aware that he went behind Nikki to help her for Malik’s rasam. She then praises Nikki for stealing the heart and then hypnotizes her to slap Piyush. Nikki slaps Piyush repeatedly. Daayan then injures Piyush’s heart and he writhes in pain. Daayan makes Nikki fly in air as she is walking.

Vikram gets worried that Prateik haven’t come till now. Sumitra asks him not to say. Aarohi says I hope Nikki does the rasam, else Chaaya will not leave Piyush. Piyush comes home and falls down unconscious. She checks his heart beat and tells that she couldn’t hear his heart beat. She asks him to open his eyes. Sumitra says Nikki couldn’t save our son, that Daayan took his heart and he left us. Vikram asks Sumitra to calm down for now, and asks Bhavani Singh to call Suguna. Sumitra gets angry on Nikki and says what you did, you have promised me that you will not let my womb and your forehead empty, I will not forgive you. Vikram asks Sumitra not to say all that and says Piyush is not dead yet, let Suguna come.

Chaaya brings hypnotized Nikki to Malik and asks him to wake up. He is standing under the water fall and roars. Daayan says your sister has brought your lovely Nikki, who has the Daakin’s heart. She says I am very happy as you will get your many powers back today. Malik comes infront of Nikki and Daayan, and asks the latter to start the rasam.

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