Evil Affairs starlife update Saturday 25 May 2024

The Episode starts with Nikki reaching the Banyan tree and touches the skull, she recalls Suguna’s words that when she reaches the skull banyan tree, she shall take out the thread from the kalash and tie it on the branch and take the 7 reverse rounds inviting the Dayan. Nikki ties the blood soaked thread on to the tree and takes 7 reverse rounds and invite the Dayan.

Nikki invites the Dayan and says she has come to invite her to her house. After completing the seven rounds, Nikki is about to leave, when she hears a voice asking her to help her, as she is hungry since 7 days. Nikki is about to open the blindfold, but stops. Dayan comes near her and asks if she will not see her, for whom she has come to give the invitation.

Nikki sees her and recalls Suguna’s words that she shall not see in her eyes, and if she sees then the Dayan will drink all her blood from her body. Nikki’s blood opens due to the heavy wind, but she keeps hand on her eyes. The dayan says she will make her look in her eyes and holds her hands with her hair. Nikki tries hard to cover her eyes and thinks what to do. Baal Devi and others are doing the meditation for Nikki. Nikki recalls Piyush giving her knife.

She takes out the knife and cuts the Dayan’s hair. Dayan shouts. Nikki runs from there. Dayan says don’t come infront of me, you have attacked my hair, I will punish you so that even hell chudails will be afraid.

Sumitra asks Vikram if Nikki will not return. He asks what happened to you, we are in danger and Nikki has pushed us, we have done her last rites, it doesn’t matter if she returns or not. Sumitra says don’t say this, she is good hearted, good intentions, but a bit childish, and her heart beats for us. Vikram says we have to die because of her. Sumitra says if Nikki doesn’t return then how we will handle Piyush.

The Dayan brings an air storm. The air storm takes Nikki and drops on the jeep. Suguna sees her and says Choti bahu rani. Piyush waits for Nikki. He sees Nikki coming and goes to her. He asks if you are fine and hugs her. He says bad thoughts were coming in his mind. Sumitra comes there and hugs Nikki, says you have returned. She kisses her hands. Vikram asks if the rasam completed, if the Dayan accepted the invitation or not. Nikki says I have completed the rasam, but I didn’t know that if Dayan was there or not. She tells that she felt someone or heard the voice also. He asks Suguna. Suguna says whatever happened today, never happened before. She says she can’t tell if the Dayan accepted the invitation or not.

Sumitra asks about Kalash. Nikki recalls and tells that it was left there after the rasam. Vikram says he don’t expect anything from Nikki, but what about you. Suguna tells everything. Sumitra says we shall wait for 7 days. Nikki says if Dayan accepts the invite then. Sumitra says then everyone will die. She says there will be death at all sides.

Nikki says nobody saw Dayan until now and might have just assumed. She says may be Dayan will not accept the invite like always and asks them not to worry. Prateik tells that we are dead other way as Malik will punish us if Dayan doesn’t come. Sumitra says stop it and asks Nikki to come with her. They see the kalash there which Nikki had left it there.

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