Every Girl’s dream update Saturday 28 January 2023

Every Girl’s dream 28 January 2023: Krisha wakes up sleeping next to Devraj. she says I have to go from here. She gets up. Devraj is asleep. Krisha comes to the bathroom. The vase falls. Devraj says what is all this? She says I was trying to fix the bulb. He says let me call electrician. Krisha says Arrav can check it.Naina says to Raghav what are you doing? He says a fashion magazine shoot for me. Naina says how much are you paying them? He says don’t act smart. Naina says I saw Roma going to garage. Raghav says she won’t find any clues against me. Naina says she can’t find that car. I’ve sent it to a place they can’t find it. Rati hears and says what car are they talking about?Aarav fixes the bulb. He looks at Krisha. Aarav says it will take time.

Every Girl’s dream 27 January 2023

Devraj takes his time. Aarav says I know you can’t be wrong. I know whatever you do would be right. Krisha says I have done nothing wrong? Will you help me? From running away from this palace. Aarav is shocked. The bulb falls. Aarav says what are you saying? Krisha says I will explain on the right time. I need to go from here for me and your brother. You promised to help me. Aarav says get ready in one hour. Krisha says in heart I will never come back. Devraj sees Krisha’s hand bleeding. He puts bandaid on it. Devraj says if it’s left like this it will leave a scar. Maya had no scars.

Scene 2
Aarav puts Krisha in a trolly. He says don’t worry. We will step out. Devraj says where are you going? And what is all this? He says my extra tools. I thought I should donate them. Devraj says so much electrical stuff? Aarav says yes I have been doing it for a while. Devraj says let me check. Aarav says check it later. Devraj open its. It has electrical things and Krisha is hidden under it. Devraj says let me help you. Aarav says I will do it. Don’t worry. Devraj says go and bring a lock. Aarav says I will handle it. Devraj says everything should be professional. Aarav says I am going. Krisha is scared. She sees Devraj’s hand. Krisha says I never imagined I will go away from you like this. She tries to touch his hand. Devraj feels Krisha is around. He bows down to see.

Devraj says go and bring a lock. Aarav says I will handle it. Devraj says everything should be professional. Aarav says I am going. Krisha is scared. She sees Devraj’s hand. Krisha says I never imagined I will go away from you like this. She tries to touch his hand. Devraj feels Krisha is around. He bows down to see.Roma comes and says I couldn’t find the car but there were tire marks where Krisha said. It matched the attacker’s car’s tires. It can be a conincidence. Devraj says so I was actually tried to be killed. Roma says should we ask Krisha? She can help us identify the attacker. Devraj says I don’t want to involve her. She will get into it if she finds out it was an actual attack. It will.. Roma says risk Krisha’s life? And you can’t do that.Devraj says I can’t risk Maya. Aarav comes and locks the box. He takes it out.

Scene 3
Aarav brings Krisha out in a jungle. He gives her water. Krisha says I thought he will catch it. Aarav says thank God he didn’t see. Aarav says what’s the plan? She says give me your phone. Krisha calls Yash. She says Yash.. Yash says what’s going on? You asked us to go but then Devraj said it was a misunderstanding. Krisha says I am fine. don’t worry about me. Yash says come here, papa will see you. He will be fine. Krisha says I will come home. I need to fix something first. Aarav says what now? Krisha says we have to find he car that attacked Devraj. Krisha says in heart I can’t go until I am sure about Devraj’s security. I won’t be able to forgive myself if anything goes wrong.

Scene 4
Devraj looks for Krisha. He says Maya where are you? Jaya looks at him. She asks what happened? Devraj says idol is nowhere. Krisha keeps it in her room all the time. Jaya says I thought she’s Maya for you. Devraj says did you see her? Jaya says no.Aarav shows footage to Krisha. He says it’s the same car going towards highway. It goes towards the old jungle. All old cars are dumped there. The car is there for sure. Krisha and Aarav come there. They look around for the car. Aarav says we can find it. It’s been only two days. He gives his phone to Krisha and says it’s not safe here. They look around.

Roma, Jaya and Devraj see the footage. Roma says Krisha is nowhere seen going out. She must be in the house. Devraj says she isn’t home. Jaya says if she had gone out she would have been seen in the camera. How could she go out? He sees Aarav scared and sneaking out with that box. He says this box. I didn’t check it properly. He recalls Krisha and Aarav talking and Aarav not letting him check the box.Krisha anad Aarav look around. Devraj calls Aarav. Krisha sees his phone. She says has he found out? Jaya says to Devraj why do you think it’s Aarav? Devraj says he is always taking her side, he respects her. Jaya says he’s an idiot. Devraj says don’t blame him he doesn’t know what’s happening. Jaya says does Krisha know? Krisha looks for the car.

She falls. Krisha sees the car. She gets to it. Krisha removes all branches and trees on it. Krisha says it’s the same car Raghav attacked Devraj from. She looks for the gun. Krisha finds the gun and says no one can save you Raghav. Raghav comes there. He looks Krisha inside. He says was missing me? Krisha says you here. He says our paths cross. I knew you would come here looking for this car.You are a spy. I have to do something. Krisha is scared. Raghav says you here and me.. and no one else. So let’s end this matter here forever.

Scene 2
Roma and Devraj are on their way tracing Aarav’s phone. Devraj calls. Krisha picks and says Devraj sirr.. Devraj says what’s happening? Where are you Krisha? Aarav tries to shove the car towards the cliff. Krisha screams for help. Devraj says Krisha are you okay? Krisha says please save me. Raghav pushes the car towards the cliff. Krisha falls in the dencg. She screams for help. Sand starts fall on the car. Krisha screams for help. Raghav gets in a crane and burries her. He says good bye Krisha.Krisha is burried in the car. She can’t breathe. Krisha screams. Devraj and Roma come there. THey look for Krisha. Aarav sees Raghav leaving. She says this means Krisha was right about Raghav.

Devraj looks for Krisha. Roma looks around too. Aarav comes. Devraj says where is Krisha? He says I am also looking for her. Roma says there’s some problem. She must be around. Raghav calls Ugra and tells her. she says are you crazy? Naina says what did you do? If anyone finds out we will be in trouble. He says no one will ever know. No one can find her. Devraj lost Maya again. Devraj sees Krisha’s idol. He says she’s here. He looks for her.

Scene 3
Rati says I hope everything is okay. She sees Raghav coming in with mud on his feet. Ugra says do you have no brain? This mud shows where are you from? He says it can be anywhere. Ugra says your countdown has started. You are an idiot. Clean it. Naina says I will get it cleaned. Ugra says no we have to clean it. Rati hears it. Rati says something is wrong.Devraj screams Krisha’s name. He says Krisha where are you? Roma says we heard a gunshot. I hope she’s not injured. Devraj says Bihari ji please save your Krisha. Please save her trust. Krisha can’t breathe. Devraj sees the the tyre marks. He follows them. Aarav says she’s not there. Devraj says I know where she is. He points at it. Roma says it looks like something is burried there.

Scene 4
Sudha calls Jaya. She says sorry I am calling you but there’s something important. You are an elder there. We are really worried ro Krisha. I don’t know, things aren’t okay. Krisha said she has any misunderstanding. Please tell me everything is fine. Jaya says yes. Sudha says she doesn’t tell us anything. Please tell me everything is okay. Jaya says small fights happen between husband and wife. Krisha is happy here. Sudha says thank you.Aarav says Krisha is inside it?

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