Every Girl’s Dream update Monday 30 January 2023

Every Girl’s dream 30 January 2023: Rati says Raghav did it all. Ugra says stay out of it. You weren’t even there. Rati says but I was here at the right place on right time. I knew he was planning something that’s why he hit me when I questioned him. Raghav says shut up.. He’s about to slap her. Krisha holds his hand. She shoves him. Krisha says I won’t let you hurt Rati. He says it’s between me and my wife. You stay out of it. He says you.. do you have any shame going against your husband? Krisha says to Rati tell everyone. Don’t be scared. Raghav says everyone knows the truth. Devraj shoves him and says don’t dare to touch Krisha again. Ugra says we are all with you Rati. Don’t be scared.

Rati says I heard three of them talking about jungle. THat car would scrape there. No one would know. When Raghav came home he had mud in his shoes. Mummy ji was mad at him due to it. Naina mopped mud and he thew the shoes. Raghav hates Devraj and Krisha. That’s not it. Raghav did that accident to Krisha’s dad. Everyone is shocked.Rati says Raghva got Krisha’s dad’s accident done. He was in Udaypur. He was saying that day too before going. When I questioned him he asked me to stay silent. All three of them scared me. He tried to take Krisha’s life. I can’t be a wife and let someone die. Ugra says what are you saying? You trust them. Rati says I trust Krisha. She doesn’t lie. Krisha cries. Police comes outside. Roma says I’ve told them everything. Inspector comes in.

Roma says says arrest him. Ugra says Jaya please stop all this. It’s not right. Jaya looks away. Inspector asks to arrest Raghav. He looks at Devraj in anger. Police take Raghav. Ugra says this isn’t right. You could stop it. Jaya says I wanted him to go to jail. He shouldn’t have stooped so low. You should be grateful that you and Nainaa aren’t in in jail. You both were also a part of it.Inspector says we have to take statement. Jaya says Krishan isn’t well. Can you take it later? Jaya takes Krisha to her room. Police take statement from Rati. Krishan looks at Devraj. Devraj comes ot Krisha’s room. She’s cleaning herself. Devraj washes blood on his hand. Krisha sees it. Krisha says show me. She cleans his wounds. Krishan says you dug it yourself? He says bring medicine from the cabnit. Krisha says you called me Krisha. You said you will always call me Maya. You called me Krisha. That means you haven’t forgotten Krisha. He says yes I haven’t. Krishan says then? He says nothing.

I didn’t forget that you tried to run from here and met somoene. And that you will try it again.Devraj says I will keeep an eye on every moment of yours. He puts a tracker in her foot and says it will tell me where you are and when. He leaves. Aarav comes and asks Krisha are you okay? Police wants your statement? Krisha says can you give me your phone? She says I am coming.

Scene 2
Devraj thinks about what happened. Jaya comes to him. She sits with him. Jaya says are you okay? Whatever happened today made you feel something? Put your hand on your heart. Tell me when you thought Krisha is no more did you feel the same? You always tell her you don’t care about Krisha. She cares the most about you. More than herself. Love and respect are the most important things for any relationship. Since you’ve gotten married Krisha did every responsibility. She risked her life for you. What will you do in return to that? Devraj recalls putting tracker in her foot. Roma says Krisha is ready to give her statement. Jaya says I allowed her. Roma says she can tell them she’s forced to stay here. THis is her bext chance. Devraj stands up in shock.

Inspector asks Krisha is there anything else you want to tell me? It looks like a lot is going on here? Why did you sneak out of the house? If there’s anything wrong going on with you in this house, we can take an action on stop. You can share with us. Krisha sees Devraj walking outside. She recalls everything. Devraj comes in. Inspector says why are you silent? Krisha nods. Inspector asks what? Devraj stands next to her. Jaya and Roma come too. Inspector says if you want I can ask them to leave. Krisha says I’ve no problem with them. Inspector says tell us what’s happening here and who’s doing it. Don’t be scared. Krisha says me. Everyone is shocked. Krisha says I have done the sin of thinking people are like the way they look. My sin is that I’ve trusted people. I’ve loved a man who doesn’t love me. There’s no law against stupidity. People gaev to manage it on their own.

Scene 3
Naina comes to Ugra. She says won’t you punish them for what they did? Ugra says I will. I thought Jaya and Devraj consider us their family. We have to make a separate plan. I will be an eclipse in Krisha’s life. Naina says when? Ugra says on right time. Ugra says I am worried for Raghav right now and what should be the punishment for Rati. She dared sending her husband to the jail. She has betrayed her husband and she will pay for it.Jaya says we are all a little upset after what happened. Inspector says we had to ask. Jaya asks Krisha to rest. Krisha trips. Inspector sees the tracker in her foot. He says what’s that in your foot? Krisha says nothing.

He says there was a gadget in your feet. It looked like the tracker we put in people’s feet who are home arrested. Why is it in you foot? show me your feet. Krisha shows the other foot. He says the other one. Devraj is tensed.

Inspector says show me your foot. I felt like there was a tracker in your foot. Krisha pretends to fall. Devraj holds her. Jaya says there’s nothing. She’s stressed. Roma says everything is fine. Jaya says take her to the room. Devraj picks her and takes her to the room. Naina says what’s happening here? Aarav says you jealous? Your husband dumped you. Naina says I dump people. He says it’s the same thing. Devraj and Krisha will always be together. No matter how much you try you will be unsuccessful. Like your marriage. She says you can’t talk to me like that. He says you can’t do this either. Aarav says Devraj can forgive you both but I can’t. Stay away from Devraj and Krisha. If you try to harm them I will be his Hanuman and destroy your plans.

Dervaj brings Krisha to the room and says they are gone. You had the right to tell them everything and go away from this house. Why didn’t you? Krisha says I could but you would go to jail I don’t want to punish you. Because what Raghav did was a crime what you are doing is a sin. You broke my heart, broke my trust. You’ve hurt my soul. You have detained me but I would never detain you in jail or Maya’s memory. What you have done with me, God will punish you for it. She leaves.

Scene 2
Krisha coems to Rati. She says are you okay? Rati says I fainted. I am fine. Krisha says I came to thank you for all that you did. You supported me. I am sorry for all that you had to go through. Your life was fine before I came here. Rati says my life was never good. I was just silently taking it. I should thank you for supporting me and giving me strength to wake up. Raghav had to pay for his sin. Krisha says but you love him. Rati says once you love someone you can’t stop loving them. Rati says you are right. Once you love someone you can’t stop yourself. You should rest. Let me get you a juice. Rati holds her head. She says what is this nausea.

Krisha says if there’s no danger on Devraj’s life now I have to go away from this house now. I’ve to find out away. Krisha calls the employer. She says is the position still valid? He says please submit your form. Krisha says now I have decided, I will leave this house and never come back.

Scene 3
Devraj recalls losing Krisha. He wakes up. He says I can’t have these dreams. I have to make Krisha Maya and fulfill my mission. Kirsha says hould I ask mummy papa to come to Chandigarh or wait? I should play it safe. Jaya comes in. She asks are you okay? She says yes. Jaya says I know you are mad at us. I wanted to thank you. You did it because you love him. Devraj also loves you.. Krisha says please. Don’t lie to make me feel better. We both know everything. Jaya says I know you don’t have the reason to trust me. Jaya says as a mother I am telling you don’t give up on your home on Devraj. Krisha says I’ve no hopes. Jaya says there will be time when everything will change. Just don’t lose hope. Keep trusting my Dev.

Krisha comes to the terrace. It’s all decorated. Devraj waits for her with a cake. Krisha says it’s not my birthday. Is it Maya’s birthday? Devraj says it’s mine. Krisha says yours but Jaya? He says she celebrates it as per hindi calendar but as per english calendar it’s today. I want to celebrate it with you. Krisha says with me? He says of course. I never celebrate my birthday with anyone but Maya. Sit. Devraj pours wine. He says it’s Maya’s favorite. SHe would never say no to good wine.

Devraj gives the glass in her hand and says cheers. Krisha is shocked. Devraj says think. Krisha says in heart I should do as he says so he doesn’t doubt. Krisha drinks. He says if you taste it like medicine it would taste bad. Drink it like me. See.. He sips it. Krisha drinks it. Krisha says I don’t like it. he says Maya has to like it. Krisha says I won’t change myself. Can’t she be like me? Can’t you like a Maya who doesn’t like wine? Why can’t she be like me? Devraj says I want the Maya who lives in my memories. Krisha says okay. She drinks the whole bottle. Krisha says are you happy now? Happy birthday.

Krisha is drunk. Devraj says are you okay? Krisha smiles. Krisha touches his face and says I will be fine. Devraj holds her. Krisha says when you hold me like this I get happiest. Dervaj says you’re drunk. Krisha says are you shy baby? Devraj says what are you doing. Krisha says come let’s dance. Don’t you wanna see if I can dance like Maya? Krisha dances on teri meri prem kahani. Devraj is shook. Krisha dances around him. Devraj holds her. Krisha falls in the pool. Devraj jumps after her. She dances in the pool. cDevraj caresses her face. Krisha says I love you Devraj. Devraj says I love you Krisha. She passes out.

Scene 2
Rati reads the pregnancy strip details. She sees her strip and realizes she’s pregnant. The maid brings in juice for her. Rati is shocked. Ugra comes to Rati. She hides the strip. Ugra says scared of me? Don’t be scared. I know you feel bad. I am upset at you for speaking against Raghav. That doesn’t mean I don’t care for you. You’re my DIL after all. You look so upset. You didn’t drink your juice? Ugra mixes something in her juice and gives it to her. Naina says don’t worry everything will be fine. Ugra says you’ll feel better. She says in heart I won’t let you live in peace.

Scene 3
Krisha wakes up the next morning. Devraj is sleeping next to her. Krisha says you slept here? You brought me here? Was I drunk? Why did you come here? He says because you were drink. Krisha says I drank so much? Krisha says why can’t I recall anything. He says your medicine. You will feel better. Krisha says how could I.. She recalls she drank in anger. Krisha recalls the pool. She looks at Devraj.Rati says Raghva had the first right to know it. If I can’t tell him I won’t tell anyone.

I hope you realize your mistake and come back to us. Krisha says what would Devraj be thinking? Devraj knocks and says what are you doing inside for so long? Come out. I am getting late. Krisha comes out. She recalls saying I love you last night. Krisha says I am sorry for last night. I said weird things. Dervaj says you were drunk. It’s fine. People say what they try not to. Devraj says it’s okay. Everyone makes mistakes. Krisha says I recall something you said as well. How can I forget such a big thing? Remember what you said. That it’s your birthday today. Happy birthday. Devraj says I told you to practice like Maya. I don’t celebrate my birthday. Krisha says because I am not Maya? You did so much for my birthday. I can do something special for you. Tell me what you like.

Ugra comes to Rati, She says I got juice for you. Rati says I am okay. Ugra says I know you are hurt. Our pain is the same. Raghav isn’t here so I’ve to take care of you. Have this juice. She makes Rati drink the juice. Rati has nausea. Ugra says are you okay? She says yes. Naina says to ugra do you know what is happening to her? Ugra says the medicine has started working. She will lose her senses soon. She won’t be able to see of speak. She will become a living dead body.

Krisha asks what do you like? Devraj says you.. I like you. Promise me you will always stay with me.. Devraj is dreaming it. Krisha says tell me. What can I do for you? He says you can become Maya for me. Devraj leaves. The song hamari adhuri kahani plays.

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