Anupama starlife update Monday 30 January 2023

Anupama 30 January 2023: Kinjal tells Anupama that she should visit her baby whenever she finds a time or else she will come to meet her with the baby. Anupama says she is the grandmother of the baby and cannot stay away without seeing it, she has right on the baby and responsibilities towards it. Kinjal and Pakhi emotionally hug her. She asks them to stop crying as its her marriage tonight. Pakhi says photos won’t look good with puffy eyes. Kinjal gets more emotional and cries loudly. Pakhi asks them to stop and Anupama to get ready soon.

Hasmukh notices Leela restless and asks why don’t she hug Anupama and bless her. He says if Anupama leaves from this house without Leela’s blessings, only her one aspect of happiness will be incomplete, but Leela will regret her whole life. Leela stands speechless. Anuj and Anupama feel excited for their wedding and thank god. They dance unale to control their excitement. Aftr sometime, Anuj with GK is busy selecting a dress for Devika when Malvika walks to them crying. Anuj asks if she is planning a prank again. Malvika cries vigorously hugging him. Anuj concerned asks her what happened. Malvika says she needs to return to USA today itself as she got a court hearing of their parent’s dream house.

Anuj says she can postpone the date. She says even she doesn’t want to, but this is the final date and she really has to go. Anuj says he will not marry without Malvika.Kinjal, Pakhi, Toshu, and Samar start wedding arrangements under hot sun cracking jokes and hope they get some cool juice and snacks. Anupama walks to them with cool juice and snacks. They surprised asks how does she know they craved for juice and snacks. She says she is their mother and knows everything. Anuj denies to marry without Malvika and says he will marry after she returns from USA. Malvika requests him not to do that as Leela and Vanraj will get a chance to humiliate Anupama.

Anuj says Anupama will understand. Malvika warns if he postpones the wedding, she will never return to him and will wander around. Anuj stands stunned. Malvika speaks emotionally that things go as they plan and the show must go on. Anuj says he would have understood if he had a big family, but he has only Malvika, Devika, and GK as his family and can’t miss any one of them. Malvika performs his nazar and says Hasmukh has postponed his surgery because of the wedding and she won’t be able to forgive herself if something happens to him, she is sure even Anu will understand her after her usual dialogues and pleads him to let her go.

Anupama feeds snacks to her children. Kinjal says a mother is never off her duty. Malvika dances around Anuj on a song Pyara Bhaiya Mera Dulha Banke Agaya.. song.. to cheer him up and walks away with teary eyes. GK comforts Anuj and asks him to handle Anupama as only he can. Anupama spends quality time with her children and gives her usual long emotional speech on motherhood and the challenges she will face after her marriage. Vanraj watches them silently.

Anupama emotionally asks Samar, Toshu, and Pakhi to take care of themselves and each other. She points at their bad hobbies and asks them to change it. They all 3 say that they will handle everything here, so she should handle her newly married life and new relationship with Anuj without any baggage and fear. They say Shah house will continue to demand something or other from her, but she should ignore and concentrate on her new life. After some time, Anupama gets ready as a bride and Anuj as a groom. Taron Ka Chamta Gehna Ho.. song plays in the background. Meenu praises Anupama that she is looking pretty.

GK says he never thought he would see this day. Devika says she had lost hope. Anupama recalls all the hurdles and recent events happened in her life. She says she is ready to become Anuj’s. Anuj says he was always Anupama’s and today officially be hers forever.Shahs reach the wedding venue. Vanraj watches the family enjoying. Kavya suggests him to attend the wedding reminding him of Anupama’s help during their wedding. Samar informs everyone that baraat is on the way. Hasmukh hopes Leela also attends the wedding and Kavya hopes Vanraj attends the wedding. Samar says it’s okay as they are all here to compensate for the happiness.

Anuj reaches with Baraat and dances on Meri Shadi Shahs rejoice to see that. Kavya welcomes baraatis with garland. Devika says she is also from the bride’s side. Kavya says that’s after she enters the venue.Kanta picks aarti thali to perform Anuj’s aarti. Rakhi taunts her that it’s Leela’s house and hence she should have performed Anuj’s aarti. Kanta says she would be happy if Leela would have performed aarti. Leela walks in and, holding aarti thali with her, performs Anuj’s aarti. Everyone rejoices to see that. Anuj seeks Leela’s blessings and reminds his words that one day Leela will welcome him wholeheartedly.

Leela smiles and hugs him. Taunting neigbhors join in next and say they came to bless Anupama today. Hasmukh says people become good in good people’s company. GK says however strong evil prevails, always goodness wins.Anupama feels nervous waiting for the rituals. Vanraj watches her from a distance. Anuj gets eager to meet Anupama. Shahs pull his legs. Anuj insists to call Anupama as muhurat is nearing. Kinjal says he will be stunned to see mummy as a bride. He jokes to sprinkle water on his face if he faints.

Anupama enters in style with girls dancing around her. Samar and Toshu lift her up and take her to the stage. Anupama shyingly shows Anuj’s mother’s ghungroo in her legs. Anuj gets emotional seeing that. Anupama then dances on stage with Anuj on Phool Mangoon Na Karaar Mangoon… song.

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