Every Girl’s Dream update Sunday 19 March 2023


Every Girl’s Dream 19 March 2023: Krisha comes back home and bumps into Jaya, she finds the divorce papers in her hands and asks what is all this? Jaya says you and Dev have to break up because Dev has to fulfill his duties as a king of this city. He has to give his name to Vamika’s baby. Krisha is shocked.Vamika comes to Dev and says I sold everything to buy this palace so I don’t have anything left. I just want to go away because I can’t let this news go out and people to insult me. My honor is my everything. Dev says I can’t let you go, you have done a huge favor on me. This is your family and you are not alone here. This news won’t go out and I will find Aarav, you just have to give me a chance.

Promise me you won’t leave like this. Vamika promises him. She thinks his promise will break soon.Jaya tells Krisha that you have to open her eyes and go back to her life. Just sign these papers and leave Dev’s life. Krisha says Dev won’t sign these papers. Jaya says my son deserves to become a king but he can’t because he married you, your blood will make his blood unpure. Krisha cuts her finger and says I have the same blood as you. Jaya says you talk like a middle-class person all the time. Krisha says enough, can’t you see what Dev wants? you just worry about this palace and royalty. Dev comes there and says Jaya thinks the best for everyone, Latika comes there and says Vamika has locked herself in the room.

They all rush to Vamika’s room. Dev breaks the door and finds a gun in his hand. She is about to kill herself but Dev stops her. Vamika says you promise me but your wife posted about me. She shows the video of Krisha telling everyone that Vamika is pregnant out of wedlock. Krisha says I didn’t send it publicly. Dev shouts at her. Jaya says I can’t give her more chances to insult this family. She drags her out of the house and locks the gate on her face. Dev says it’s not her fault. Jaya says she keeps doing these mistakes. Dev says someone must have trapped her. Jaya says wow, you think I am wrong? you want to take her side when she is wrong? You are a king so act like one. Dev says but I am a husband too. Jaya says if you bring her back in the house then I would die first.

You have to choose between me and Krisha today. If she enters the house today then I will kill myself. Dev is shocked. Krisha is crying outside the house. Dev requests Jaya to not do this with him. Jaya says you have to take a decision, choose between her and me today. Krisha says I won’t go anywhere from here. She sits outside the house and calls Pinky for help. Jaya tells Dev I don’t want to give you pain but we have to sacrifice for our family. Dev gets a call from his friend who asks him to check his social media. Dev finds the news there that Krisha’s social media account was hacked and news about Vamika were rumors and lies only.

The news was posted from Dev’s house. Dev tells Jaya that I didn’t post it. Outside Krisha says I had to hack Dev’s account but now he will understand that it happened with me also. Dev tells Jaya that I told you that Krisha’s account was hacked. He calls his friend and asks him to recover their accounts. Dev opens the gate and says my love will be enough for you always. He lifts her in his arms and brings her back in the house. Jaya is angry seeing that. Dev tells Jaya that Krisha is mine and she deserves to stay here, he takes her from there. 3

Jaya tells Vamika that Dev knew someone hacked Krisha’s account, he has asked to investigate it. Vamika says don’t worry, I have planned everything. Let the police come and I will sacrifice a pawn. Jaya asks who? Vamika says you just see.Dev gets a call from his man and says what? He goes to Raghav and starts beating him. He says how dare you to hack Krisha’s phone? You have made us all ashamed. Raghav says what are you saying? I didn’t do anything. Dev says I don’t trust anything you say, he is about to beat him more but Krisha stops him.


Krisha asks Dev to calm down, you brought me back in the house and this is a new start for us. Dev smiles at her and makes her sit on the bed with him. He pulls her in his arms. Krisha says I promise that I love you more than anyone else. Dev says I know, we might be different but you are my own, closest to me. Krisha smiles and says I think Raghav was trapped, someone else did it. I think Vamika is behind all this. Dev says why would she do that? Krisha says she wants to get you, she wants to give your name to that baby. Dev says I won’t let anyone get your place in my heart and that’s my promise.In the morning, Krisha wakes up to find Dev talking to someone on the call. She tries to spy on him by recording him. Dev ends the call and gives her a forehead kiss as she acts like sleeping. He leaves from there.

Krisha hears his recording and says Aarav was last seen at that location, I have to go there.Krisha comes to the market and asks around for Aarav but can’t find any lead. She says what to do? She hears azaan from the mosque and prays to the Lord saying religions can be different but God is the same. A kid comes there and says you are looking for someone right? I saw him. He takes her to a house.Minakshi is trying to make Vamika eat laddos but Vamika doesn’t like them.Krisha hides outside the house and hears some goons talking about kidnapping Aarav. Krisha thinks she has to tell about this to Dev. The goons see her outside. She tries to run from them but they surround her. Krisha hits them and runs from there.

She thanks the kid and calls Dev. Dev says we have found out about Aarav. Krisha says great, let me talk to him. Dev says we won’t be able to ever talk to him, he is no more. Krisha is shocked.Krisha comes home and all family members are crying. She says this can’t be true. Dev says the commissioner called me and told that Aarav was in his car when he had an accident by hitting the train. They can’t even recognize his face. Krisha says because that person was not Aarav. I am sure they are confused. Dev says enough, they got Aarav’s engagement ring on his body. The truth is that Aarav left us. Krisha says I got late, I should have found him earlier. Dev says what do you mean? Krisha says I got to know about Aarav, she tells him everything about the goons.

Dev says that means you were right, he was kidnapped? Who must have done it? Jaya says the police will catch them but we should worry about Vamika now. She goes to check on her.Jaya comes to Vamika and says you should have told me what you would do with Aarav, if Krisha finds out the truth then we are all gone. Vamika says I always win. The person who killed Aarav will be here.The commissioner brings the killer to Dev and says Aarav took a 4 crores loan, he couldn’t pay it back and tried to run away but he got into an accident. Vamika whispers to Jaya that I had to remove Aarav from the scene so Dev can become mine.



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