Eternal Love Update Saturday 30 January 2021

Eternal Love 30 January 2021: starts with Tanya panicking about the accident. The man says call the police. She says no, my house is nearby, I will take him. She takes Mahesh home. Rohit treats him and asks Tanya to relax. Mahesh angrily stares at him. Some time back, Rohan comes home.

He sees Akash and asks for Tanya. Akash says she went for shopping. Rohan says Deepa will come in the evening. Akash says she is meeting Tanya in the shopping mall. Rohan says I m gone today. Deepa comes home. Rohan comes. He says everything between me and Pari is over, I went to tell her about this. Deepa shows the video and says I don’t think so. He takes her phone and deletes the video. He says don’t mess with me, lets enjoy Rohit and Sonakshi’s big day today. He keeps the phone and goes. Suman prays. She asks Pulkit to come fast. She compliments Pari and clicks her pic.

Sonakshi finishes the shoot. Netra asks her to just rush for the rasam. Sonakshi goes to get ready. Rohan calls Pari and says I have deleted the video, don’t worry if Deepa doesn’t talk to you well. Pari asks is Tanya wearing pink today. He says yes, why. She says nothing, I will meet you there. She ends call and says I will look better than Sonakshi today. Rohit gets ready and says not bad Sonakshi, I hope to get the penalty fulfilled today. Sonakshi says I will make Rohit meet Madhuri today. Tanya hits Mahesh. The people scold her. She says no need to call police, I will take him home, its nearby, there are two doctors in my family. She calls Rohan to come fast. She takes Mahesh with her.

Veena likes the decorations. She says Pooja you have done this, I m so proud of you. Rohit comes. Pooja compliments him. Veena hugs Rohit and compliments him. Rohit says my mom is so pretty, so I have to be handsome. Veena fixes the broach to Rohit’s sherwani. She asks him to be nice towards Sonakshi. He says you are scaring me. She says love and trust are imp in a relationship, you should adjust, you both are top in your professions, don’t make love get less, love will become a compromise, you won’t want that to happen right. He says no, and hugs her. He says I promise, I will not let my marriage become a compromise, I will love her a lot, not more than you, you are the best. Akash says come fast, Tanya has hit someone by her car.

Rohit treats Mahesh. He asks Tanya to relax, its not a serious injury. He asks Mahesh to come to hospital if the wound hurts more. Mahesh gets a nail and stares at him angrily. Veena comes and apologizes to him. She says Sonakshi would be coming, you come. Rohit says our driver will drop you when you feel better. He goes. Mahesh gets angry. Sulochana talks to guests. Yash asks her to please control and enjoy the marriage. Ajit and Rohan compliment Tanya. Rohan asks her not to be stressed, that man is fine, Rohit has checked him. He collides with Deepa and says sorry. Yash sees Pooja with friends. She says just friends. Ajit says Rastogis have come. Rohit says did Sonakshi get Madhuri along or not. Pooja and Ajit welcome Rastogi with rose petals shower. Veena hugs Suman. Suman asks where is Rohit. Ajit goes to call. Rohan goes to flirt with Pari.

Rohan asks Deepa why is she worried. He says Pari looks good, right. Rohit greets Suman. Suman says Sonakshi would be reaching now. Pooja asks Rohit to wait for more. Naren says she is late in her own function, now you know why I m doing this. Sonakshi is on the way. She asks Shankar to take her fast. The ladies say tv serials are just nonsense. Suman gets upset. Veena says its nothing like that, my would be bahu is in industry, I will proudly watch tv. Suman goes. Pooja asks what happened. Veena tells everything. Pooja asks her to have a drink. Suman compliments Rohit. He says you know its Sonakshi’s choice. She says I want your pics, pose like a King and smile. She clicks his pics. He asks why are you taking pics. She says designer has sponsored your outfit, some actors earn in their marriage, Sonakshi doesn’t like it, I don’t leave sponsors. Pooja says so tacky. Rohit asks check where is Sonakshi. Raima comes and asks can I get some attention until Sonakshi comes. Rohit says wow, you look stunning. She greets Suma.

He compliments Raima. She says there is no oxygen cylinder. He says breathing will fluctuate. She says its fine, I will manage. Suman worries. Rohit goes with Raima. Mahesh sees Hari on call. He asks him to get a glass of warm water. He says this engagement can’t happen, Parvati is just mine.Naren angrily arguing with Rohan and leaving the function. Some time back, Pari says Tanya, we have worn the same colour. Tanya says our choice matches, you look pretty in this colour. Deepa and Akash compliment Tanya for her look. Rohan says I think Akash is right, Tanya looks pretty. Pari excuses herself. Deepa says one all. Rohan says cheers. Sulochana asks where is Sonakshi, everyone is here, it would be better you chose Raima, he is here with you. Rohit and Raima look on. Yash sends Sulochana. Naren comes to ask. Rohit says Sonakshi is on the way, she is late, she will be coming in some time. Naren says we save lives and get late, there is a difference. Rohit says its her profession, her work. Rohan stops them. Naren says I m going, I won’t wait here to listen to people’s taunts. Pooja asks Ajit not to let Naren go.

Sonakshi calls Rohit and says sorry, I m stuck in the traffic, just 20mins more. He asks her to come soon. Ajit announces the dance celebrations. He calls the couples for the dance. Ajit and Pooja stop Naren. Veena insists him to dance. Naren refuses. Sukhmani says you have won prize in couple dance many times. Pari gets jealous seeing Rohan and Tanya. Sulochana asks Rohit to dance. He says its couple dance, my better half isn’t here. She asks him to dance with Raima, rules aren’t there that he should dance with his would be wife. She says Raima is your friend, dance with her, like Pooja is dancing with her dad. Raima says we should dance to prove aunty wrong. Rohit says okay. They join the game. Ajit explains the paper dance round. Raima says Rohit, for old time sake. The couples dance on Befikre… Sonakshi is on the way. Hari asks Mahesh to sit back and rest. Vimmi comes and says Rohit is dancing, come and see. Mahesh asks Hari to go, he is fine, he will go home. Hari goes. Mahesh gets angry. He says this engagement can’t happen, I have to stop this drama, how. He sees his ring and says how will the engagement happen without the ring. Naren says this is so humiliating, we are dancing to entertain the guests, Sonakshi hasn’t come yet.

Veena asks him not to make any issue now. Tanya says I forgot to take my bp medicines, I m feeling unwell, get my medicines. Rohan goes. Suman asks Pari to keep the engagement ring. Pari sees Rohan going. She goes after him. Rohit says Sonakshi would have enjoyed a lot. Raima says close your eyes and think of her, you will think she is here. He closes his eyes and imagines Sonakshi.

They dance. Nashe si chadgai….plays…Rohit says Sonakshi is so beautiful like a flower. He steps out of the paper. Ajit says if you do ballroom dance in paper dance round, you will be out. Pari comes to Rohan and hugs him. She says I felt so jealous, I got decked up for you. He says I like it. He closes the door. He says really sorry, I couldn’t praise you well, you are looking so pretty. She says you also look handsome.

Mahesh comes there and sees Rohan and Pari close. He sees the ring kept there. He takes the ring and goes. He says Parvati is such and her sister is like this. He locks the door and goes. Akash and Deepa win. Ajit says so we have a winner, Akash. Naren asks what trick do you have to keep the guests busy. The man says its too late, we shall leave now, maybe Sonakshi has some imp work. Rohit looks on and says you have to stay back to bless me. The man agrees. Suman says where is Sonakshi. The light goes. Naren asks what’s wrong. Sonakshi asks Rohit won’t he welcome Madhuri. She comes and dances like Madhuri on Chane ke kheyt me song. Rohit smiles seeing her. Naren and Mahesh get angry. Everyone claps. Rohit hugs Sonakshi. She asks happy. He says better than Madhuri, really. Raima says wow Sonakshi, Rohit demanded that Madhuri welcomes him, you fulfilled his demand. Veena says you were fantastic. Sulochana says its good to have actress bahu, we can see item numbers. Sonakshi says sorry, I came late. Sukhmani says its fine, you compensated for coming late, Rohit is so happy. Sonakshi says sorry uncle, I got late. Naren goes.

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