Eternal Love Update Sunday 31 January 2021


Eternal Love 31 January 2021: starts with Sonakshi asking Rohit to take his penalty kiss. She closes eyes. Mahesh looks at her. Some time back, Sonakshi apologizes to Naren. He says we shall finish the work for which everyone is waiting since 4 hours. He goes. Veena says Naren is punctual, he is becoming rude, don’t mind, go and get ready for the engagement. Rohan says who locked the door. Tanya says I will see where is Rohan. Mahesh hides from her.

Veena asks Deepa to get the plate. Deepa hears Suman asking for Pari. She looks for Rohan. Tanya opens the door and gets in. Rohan and Pari get shocked seeing her. Tanya says you both here.
Rohan says I came here to take your medicines, Pari came here to look for washroom, how can anyone lock the door, where is Hari. Pari says I m scared of the thought that I got locked somewhere, thank God you have come, thanks Rohan Bhaiya was here. Tanya asks are you fine now. Pari says yes. She goes. He asks Tanya to take her medicines. Deepa comes and asks are you fine, what happened, did you see Pari, Suman is finding her. Tanya says yes, she was here. Deepa asks her to go and rest. She gets angry. Rohan says 2-1 and winks.
Rohit says sorry, the way dad spoke to you. Sonakshi says its my mistake, I got late. He says Madhuri’s dance was very impressive, how did you manage all this, my demand was stupid. She says your demand can’t be stupid. He says dad is annoyed. She asks what shall I do. He says you pay my penalty, I can help you in convincing him.

She asks him to just go. She locks the door. Mahesh looks at her. Tumhe kaise mai kahun….plays….. He applies perfume and switches off the lights. Sonakshi laughs that light went in Rohit’s Malabar hills. She says Rohit, I know your perfume well, you have come to take the penalty kiss, fine, take it. She closes eyes and turns. Rohit and everyone dance on the song Abhi to party shuru hui hai…. Pari says I went for touch up. Suman takes the ring box. Ajit asks them to come and dance. Mahesh holds Sonakshi. She opens eyes and asks who. She gets shocked and runs calling Rohit. Mahesh catches her. Naren says its not late, Sonakshi danced such a way, this is embarrassing. Veena says Rohit is Madhuri’s fan, she challenged Sonakshi, he is so happy. Veena asks Vimmi to get silver plate and ask Sonakshi to some fast. Sonakshi asks who are you, what do you want.

Vimmi comes to Sonakshi. She says Parvati will look Apsara today, I won’t disturb her. Sonakshi struggles and screams. Mahesh ties Sonakshi’s dupatta to his face. Sonakshi throws something at the window. The window breaks. Vimmi runs to see. Sonakshi shouts for help. Mahesh asks Sonakshi to shut up. Vimmi looks inside and asks Sonakshi to open the door. She opens the door and sees Mahesh. She asks him to stop. He pushes her. She asks him to leave Sonakshi. The call accidentally connects Rohit. Rohit hears Vimmi shouting on Mahesh. He runs upstairs. Vimmi beats up Mahesh. Sonakshi shouts Rohit. She falls down. Rohit comes there and gets shocked. Vimmi switches on the lights. Rohit sees Mahesh. He runs down the balcony. Rohit shouts to security. Yash comes. Rohit hugs Sonakshi and consoles.

engagement happening. Sonakshi asks where is the ring. She worries. Some time back, Rohit asks Sonakshi not to worry, that man has to get caught. He asks Yash to be with Sonakshi. He runs out and asks Veena to be with her. He asks security where did that man go. Guard says don’t know. Rohit asks him to check the parking. Mahesh hides. Mahesh leaves in a car. Rohit runs after him. Everyone comes to Sonakshi. Naren says I don’t believe this, how can someone barge into our house, take some action. Rohit comes back and says I need to talk to Sonakshi. Everyone goes. Mahesh hugs Sonakshi’s pic. He sees the ring and says Parvati is just mine. Rohit consoles Sonakshi.


She says I thought its you, he had applied your perfume, he touched me, I understood its not you. She cries. He asks her to calm down. She says a man came as master ji, its strange, I got to know that someone fainted the building watchman and threw him away, someone was roaming there as watchman. Rohit says don’t worry, I won’t leave him, you trust me, right, I will make beautiful memories with you, you will forget all this. He hugs her and asks are you ready, shall I go and tell everyone. She asks him not to go, how shall I go downstairs, my clothes. He says I m at your service, its our engagement today, I love you lots. She says I love you too. Pooja gets a dress for Sonakshi. Rohit helps Sonakshi. Ek dil hai….plays…

He lifts Sonakshi and brings her for the engagement. Sukhmani signs Naren to do the pakki misri rituals. Naren does the rituals. Suman also does the rituals, followed by Veena. Rohit makes Sonakshi wear the ring. Sonakshi sees the ring box empty and asks Suman where is the ring. Suman and everyone get shocked.
Sulochana says such drama is common in tv serials. Naren says they can’t handle a ring, how will they handle the family respect. Sonakshi tells something to Pooja. Pooja gets her purse. Sonakshi gets a ring and says Rohit wanted to wear the ring of my choice, the lost ring was chosen by Raima. Everyone smiles seeing the ring. She makes Rohit wear the ring. Sulochana says your ring got missing today, Sonakshi will make you disappear from Rohit’s life tomorrow. Raima gets sad. Suman says congrats. Rohit says wait, ceremony isn’t over. He says friendship band, you will be called my wife after marriage, our relation is of equality, friendship, life gets hectic, we forget that we are friends first, we both aren’t superior than one another, we should remember this, life will be easy, rings go missing, don’t make this band away from your sight. He makes her wear the band. Everyone smiles..

Sonakshi tells everything to the commissioner. Commissioner says I don’t think that man came for robbery motive, why didn’t he steal anyone, he applied perfume to trick Sonakshi, he is your obsessed fan, maybe someone loves her, she is a big star, my wife copies her sarees, she has many fans, this fan is one who thinks she is of him, we will find him. He asks Rohit about the man who came before function. Rohit says yes, Hari told me that he left. Commissioner says we will question the staff, Sonakshi go out with security. He leaves. Suman asks Sonakshi not to worry, she will read Hanuman Chalisa. Mahesh drinks and says I couldn’t control myself, you were looking so beautiful, Rohit, you have to pay a price for hurting me.

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