Eternal Love Update Friday 29 January 2021


Eternal Love 29 January 2021: starts with Rohit and Sonakshi getting saved. Sonakshi says I m fine. Netra asks what’s happening. The man says it fell by mistake, I will get it checked. Mahesh looks down. The man scolds him. Netra asks are you fine, else we will shoot tomorrow. Sonakshi says no, we will shoot today, else you will ask me to change marriage date. They all smile. The lady wishes Suman and offers help. Suman asks Pari to help them, its Sonakshi’s marriage. Pari says the professionals will handle this. Suman says Sonakshi fulfilled your every wish, if you hurt her, then you know, I m very bad. Pari goes. Rohit and Sonakshi come.

Suman gives black thread to Rohit. He says fine, if you are saying, I will go now, its my marriage also. Sonakshi says I will get ready and come directly from
the set, we have to make an episode bank to get leaves. Suman asks him to eat something, he is would be son in law. He asks did you talk to mom. Suman says yes. Rohit says mom didn’t talk of dowry. Sonakshi asks are you asking for dowry. He says I m talking of dowry directly, I m Sindhi, heart surgeon, I want dowry. Sonakshi says its illegal. He says then file a case and take me to court, I can’t do this marriage if dowry isn’t given, any way the list is ready. Suman and Sonakshi worry. Suman checks and looks at him. Sonakshi asks why are you so serious. She reads Madhuri Dixit. They laugh.

Naren asks what’s happening, I don’t want Rohit and Sonakshi’s marriage. Sukhmani says we are elders, we should not impose thinking on them, you married Veena by your choice, Nishi married Yash, who is four years younger to her, Akash and Deepa’s live in, I accepted it. Naren says Sonakshi isn’t right for Rohit. She says I take her guarantee, I trust her. He says Rohit is my son, I know he can’t tolerate this media attention, this is a disaster. He goes. Veena thanks Sukhmani.
Sonakshi asks do you want Madhuri as dowry. Rohit says dowry is illegal, this is my demand, I have a list, Parvati is going to become my wife, I feel like Pati Parmeshwar, I have put the penalty clause, you have to kiss me. She says no. He says I m a big fan of Madhuri, I will be glad if she comes, you can call her. She says she is from film industry, I m from TV, she is senior. He says you worked hard than Madhuri, you are senior. She says sweet.

He says Madhuri ji or a kiss as penalty. She says no, what’s happening, go. Mahesh sits there as the watchman. He ties up the watchman. Sonakshi goes. Mahesh follows. Pulkit holds Sonakshi and says relax, its me. She says sorry I felt… Mahesh looks at her. Her earring falls. She comes back and asks watchman to tell her if he gets the earring. Mahesh goes.
Everyone dances in Sippy mansion. Rohan sees Deepa. Sonakshi says we didn’t talk of expenses. Suman says you have worked a lot, you can manage the expenses, we will share the expenses with Sippys, we got sponsors for your clothes and jewellery, you decide the ring for Rohit. Sonakshi says I will take Raima. Suman asks why do you want to take her. Sonakshi says Raima looks him best, I will take the ring of her choice. She goes. Suman says I don’t like Raima.

Sonakshi says I have tension about Madhuri, what to do. Rohit comes and asks what’s happening. Veena says we all are dancing as you are getting married, Naren has agreed for the marriage, Sukhmani has done this work. Rohit hugs Sukhmani. Yash says we also love you, dance and show. Rohit says no. Veena says please. Rohit says okay. They all dance on Gallan Goodiyan….. Sonakshi dances with her family. Naren comes and looks on.
Mahesh walks drunk. He comes to a man and gets keys. He goes to some place. He sees Sonakshi’s dummy and fixes the earring. He says I m alive because of you, I see your beauty every day, you don’t know who I m, I love you a lot, you can’t be of anyone else, my wife Mangla insults me a lot, I don’t lose courage as you are with me, wife should be like Parvati, one day you will be mine, Mahesh ki parvati, I won’t let marriage happen, I will get you from mandap, don’t get scared, we will be happy together, promise. He smiles.

Mahesh coming to Sonakshi. He says its me, master ji. She asks him to take measurements fast and make the outfit. Some time back, Yash asks Naren what is so urgent. Naren tells everything. He says I just trust you and Nishi, none should know this. Yash says Rohit and Sonakshi will feel cheated. Naren says this marriage will happen on my terms. Pooja says we want a wedding planner. Yash nods. He says its all okay. Sulochana says these preparations would have been for you, you are Rohit’s first love. Raima asks her to join kitty party or zumba, why to become vamp, take it easy. She goes.
Raima asks Pooja if she needs any help. Pooja says I have to final the theme. Raima says Sonakshi called me, she needs my help, she has to select ring for Rohit.


Rohit says I have imp surgery, it will finish in 6 hours. Sonakshi calls Rohit and says Madhuri can’t come, I tried a lot. Rohit asks her to pay the penalty. Sonakshi and Raima reach the set. Sonakshi says thanks, we had done shopping, are you looking for Sumit. Raima says no, its okay. Sonakshi teases her. She asks where is Sumit. The lady says he will come an hour late. Raima says he comes late every day, this is not done. Sonakshi says someone has come to change him. She greets Netra. Netra says sorry, Madhuri isn’t in India, that’s not possible. Sonakshi says oh no. Raima asks what happened, I heard Rohit and your conversation, that penalty… Sonakshi asks Netra to send the stylist and master ji soon. She goes to get ready. Mahesh looks on. Pari is at photoshoot. Rohan comes to her. She says I know Tanya is your wife, what’s the big deal. He says Deepa is after us. She says I hate Deepa, can you stay away from me. He says no, but I know Deepa, she is a good lawyer, just for some time, we should stay away. Pari says Sonakshi is going to marry Rohit, how can we stay away, we will be meeting today, why did you come here. A man clicks their pic. Rohan catches him. The man says I have sent the video to madam, its no use to delete it now. Deepa sees the video.

Rohan asks who has sent you, Deepa right?
The man says I was just doing my work, you can talk to madam. He goes. Rohan says you didn’t listen to me. Pari asks Rohan to control his feelings first. He says everything will be ruined. He goes. Raima says its so tough, you and Sumit are pro at acting, I will go now, I have to get ready for Pakki misri. Sonakshi thanks her. Raima says I will tell you about Rohit, I will go now. Sonakshi says you are getting late to have tea date with Sumit, is anything cooking. Raima says no and goes.
Rohit calls Sonakshi. She shows the ring. Raima forgets the phone and goes back. Sonakshi says Raima knows your likes and dislikes well. Rohit says I know, but I want you to select it by your choice, we will understand each other’s choices, I know you will like my choice, I love you a lot, it should always be your choice. Raima goes.

Rohit asks is Madhuri coming or not. Sonakshi says she is coming. He asks no penalty. She says no, you are mad. Raima collides with Mahesh. He says sorry. She goes. Mahesh comes to Sonakshi. He says its me, master ji. She asks him to take measurements fast and make the outfit. He tries to touch her. She asks him to hurry up. Sonakshi is called for the shot. She goes. She meets Rina with master ji. Sonakshi says your master ji has come. Rina says but this is master ji. Sonakshi gets shocked and asks who was there inside. Mahesh takes Sonakshi’s saree and pic. Sonakshi runs back and doesn’t see him. Rina says its okay, I will send master ji now. Sonakshi thinks where did he go, its strange, this saree was hanging there, who has thrown this on the ground, who was that man. Mahesh removes the disguise. Sonakshi worries. Rohit shows the ring pic.
Raima says its pretty. He asks what happened. The lady says Parvati has sent the clothes. Rohit says I m getting engaged to Sonakshi, not Parvati. The lady says sorry, she has sent Raima’s phone. He asks how is it. She says Sonakshi should like it, it doesn’t matter if I like it or not. He says so this is the problem. She says I will go if there is some problem. He says I asked Sonakshi to choose, I want to see her choice, we need to know our choices, we didn’t get time for courtship, everyone wants us to marry. She nods. He says you have a unique place in my heart, I don’t want to hurt you both. She says don’t worry and hugs her. Yash says Naren is trapping me, it sounds so confusing. He hides the papers. Naren comes. He asks did you get the papers. Yash says I will make the papers ready soon, are you doubting me. Naren says I know you love Rohit, just get the papers, its imp, just I can see the coming destruction. He goes. Yash says will this marriage happen now or not.

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