Eternal Love Update Saturday 13 March 2021


Eternal Love 13 March 2021: Starts with Rohit getting shocked seeing Sonakshi dancing in the party. Some time back, Sonakshi recalls Mhatre’s words and says maybe I won’t be comfortable. She gets lawyer’s call and asks him to do arrangements for Suman’s bail. She says I m ready to do this. The friends catch up in the pre valentines bash. Anil says I have got a tv actress today for the performance. They wait for Rohit. Rohit says I m not late, I have come. Anil says I got a surprise ready for you. Rohit sits and drinks. Sonakshi comes there and dances on Dilbar song. She has a veil covering her face. Rohit and his friends look on. Sonakshi removes the veil. Rohit and Sonakshi get shocked seeing each other. They recall their words.

The friend says Anil, you weren’t here for a year, but you should know that this girl whom you called is Rohit’s ex-wife. Sonakshi says I will complete my performance. Rohit says yes please, Anil you should have called a hot and young actress, you called a boring actress. Anil says sorry, I didn’t know she is your ex wife. Rohit says it doesn’t matter, actresses can do anything for money. Sonakshi says its okay, I will complete my performance. Rohit turns and says its helpless, I m there to help you, you can’t get embarrassed. Anil asks can you complete the dance, madam. Sonakshi says of course. Rohit says I can’t watch this, I m leaving. Anil says no, stay here, I will send her. Anil says sorry, I didn’t know who you are, I can’t upset Rohit, you can go. Sonakshi says but why, I will dance. He asks her to go. She sees Rohit. She goes. Rohit says you can’t break down, I won’t let this happen, never.
Its morning, Munya asks are you going to the court. Sonakshi says I don’t know what to do, I couldn’t pay the lawyer fees, will he come or not, I had good savings, everything ended in one moment, I have no money to bail out mum, I had one hope. Lawyer comes home. She says sorry. He says relax, I will fight the case, you had sent 4 lakhs to me by someone, I thought to pick you and go to the court. She asks 4 lakhs.

Sumit comes and says yes, 4 lakhs. Lawyer says Sumit has sent the money. Sumit asks Sonakshi why didn’t she call him. Sonakshi asks how many times shall I ask for help. Sumit says don’t stain our friendship this way, come, we will get Suman home.
Sonakshi and Pari see the hearing. Sonakshi calms down Pari. Lawyer applies for Suman’s bail and requests the judge to accept the bail. He says she isn’t fine, she has a heart problem. Judge says seeing her medical reports, the court decides…. Rohit comes and says wait, I have evidence against Suman. Lawyer says Rohit is Suman’s ex son-in-law.Rohit goes in the witness box. He says Suman is a greedy woman, she thinks new ideas for getting money, don’t give her bail, I was in London last month, I had a meeting with Goyal, he said he built a residential complex for rich people, he isn’t able to come to India because of this case, because of her.

Sonakshi’s lawyer says wait, you said Goyal came a huge complex in London. Lawyer says Goyal is living well, Suman is bearing trouble here, its injustice, we can get Goyal expelled from London, you came here to give statement against Suman, but thanks, it helped her. Rohit gets angry and sees Sonakshi.Judge says Suman’s bail is accepted, court is dismissed. Rohit smiles. Suman hugs Sonakshi and Pari. She says I will teach a lesson to this man. Sonakshi says no, Pari go with mum and complete bail formalities, I will see him. She goes to Rohit and says you may believe that Lord exists, Lord always supports the truth, everything is over between us, you have a problem with me, then fight with me, don’t trouble my mum. He says now you felt how it feels when mum gets hurt, Suman ruined Veena’s life, Nishi and Naren were right, you are just classless gold diggers, Suman thinks of getting money, you daughters do such things, I will never leave any way to take revenge. He sits in the car. Sonakshi says I can’t believe that we loved each other so much, we hate each other now, was it reality or a beautiful dream. She goes. He cries and drinks. He says sorry Sona, I had come just to help in Suman’s bail, I love you.

Rohit signing the little girl. He sees Pari and says Pari is pregnant… Some time back, Rohit sees the red balloons. He recalls Sonakshi saying I love heart shaped red balloons, promise me, you will always give me one balloon every valentines. Tu jahan…..plays…. Rohit buys a balloon and sends it for Sonakshi. Sonakshi asks who gave it. The girl says that uncle gave it, he is your big fan and said I love you. He signs the girl. He leaves. He sees Pari. He says Pari is pregnant.Sumit sees the balloon. He asks Sonakshi is Suman fine. She says yes, she is sleeping. He says everything will get set now, what happened. She says I told Rohit once to give me heart shaped balloon every valentines, a fan has sent it to me today. He says you are lucky to get people’s love. She says I never thought Rohit will fall so low, he broke my belief on love, he proved me wrong, it hurts a lot, why did he do this with me, I hate him a lot.


Rohit asks did she say she hates me. Sumit says yes, why are you happy, she said she hates you, you are helping her, stop insulting her, you love her, why are you doing this, you insulted her in party and called me from London, you asked me to give her 4 lakhs, you insulted her again, what’s happening, you sent that heart shaped balloon right. Rohit is drunk. He falls in his chair. He asks did she get it. Sumit says yes, she tied it in the balcony. Rohit says that’s her fav spot. Sumit says I have seen many love stories, your love story is strange, you are ruining yourself to save her.Rohit says my love is zero in front of her love, she needs a friend at this time, be with her, I m fine, she should be fine. Sumit says I promise, I will be with her and take care, you also take care. Rohit says she shouldn’t know it. Sumit says fine, we have to go to lawyer now. He goes.

Rohit says Pari’s matter is also a problem. He gets Veena’s call. He answers and says yes, I m coming. Tanya, Rohan and everyone get pics clicked. Veena takes Rohit for the family pic. Rohit says Pari is pregnancy. Rohan gets shocked. He goes and takes a drink. He asks what happened.
Rohit says you are celebrating here, Pari is carrying your child, our society doesn’t accept an illegitimate child, what did you think of her and baby. Rohan says its not my child, you know Pari’s character. Rohit says I will break your mouth. Rohan says you know Suman, and your Sona… they all are such. Rohit says I will not leave you. Sukhmani asks what’s happening. Rohit says nothing, I m asking him to be careful, else Tanya may get hurt and he may not se his child’s face. Rohan says I have to do something of Pari. Nishi likes the wedding invite. He says I will do everything as you wanted, I wish you could have been part of this family. She fools Yash and Veena.

Rohit looks at her. Nishi comes to Rohit and smiles. She goes. Veena asks him to come and have breakfast. Nishi shouts Sonakshi Rastogi and slaps Tina. She asks how dare you send her the marriage invitation. Tina says sorry, I joined last week. Nishi says you are fired. Rohit says stop, Tina isn’t going, she was just doing her work, you should have checked the list one, its the problem in this house, someone does mistake and other has to bear it.

He asks Tina to do her work. Veena says Sippys won’t take it seriously, they don’t want to keep any terms with us. Suman reacts angrily on seeing the invite. Sonakshi says maybe it happened by mistake.Suman says Nishi would have done this to insult us. Sonakshi says forget it, I m going for a film audition, producer called me to the hotel, its 5 day work, amount is fine. She goes.

Suman cries for Sonakshi. She says Sonakshi’s dad left away, then Karan cheated her, and now Rohit broke the marriage. Munya says maybe she gets a chance to become a film heroine. Pari shouts and asks for icecream. Suman scolds her for overeating. She says I will get you married to a nice guy. Pari says you don’t have money to get me married, I don’t want to marry. Suman says Rohit and family ruined my daughters’ lives, I have to give them an answer. Akash gets Sonakshi’s call. Deepa answers. Sonakshi says thanks for keeping my number saved. Deepa says even you have my number. Sonakshi says any way, I called to congratulate you, finally you both decided to marry, I m very happy, I got the invite, I know staff would have sent it by mistake, I wish I could help, I know there are many people to help, I wish for your happiness. Nishi takes the phone and disconnects. Sonakshi says maybe she doesn’t want to talk, I shouldn’t call again.

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