Dream girl update Tuesday 22 March 2022

Dream girl 22 March 2022: The Episode starts with Ayesha celebrating her victory alone and saying good bye to Laxmi. She swims and relaxes in the pool. She suddenly gets drowning and then laughs, as she has been acting such. Karthik calls Laxmi and says she is not taking call, where is she, she should tell us, we are dying in her worry, she is not replying. Laxmi’s dad gets her message that she is fine, she has hurt them again, but she can’t let Raj spoil his career, she will come after few days and asks them not to worry. Karthik asks whats this. Bua asks them to have strength.

Manav comes to talk to them and says Laxmi can do anything, and police won’t do anything if she went by her wish, we are trying to get her. Karthik argues and says we will not trust anyone. Manav says we will find her, its good she is safe. Karan also messages Laxmi and asks her to call him.Ayesha goes to sauna spa and someone increases the temperature to the maximum. She gets getting unwell and finds door locked. She shouts to open the door, its stuck and panics. The person sets everything on normal and leaves. Ayesha comes outside and takes a breath of relief. She reads its beginning of your end on the glass…and gets scared.

She comes out to the lady and asks who did the temperature changes and shows the lady. She sees there is nothing written there.Prem, Manav and Sona have a talk about Laxmi. Sona is annoyed with Laxmi. Manav says I don’t want why she did this, she never puts others in troubles. Its morning, Ayesha wakes up and hugs Manav. She greets morning, and he wishes her happy birthday, with a rose. She thanks him. He says I can’t forget it, we will party today.

She says she can’t think of partying, as Samar is in such state. He says very sweet, but I will gift something. She says she just wants Samar’s happiness. He says he will talk to Laxmi’s dad and calls him, asking about Laxmi. Her dad says she is nowhere, we could not find her. Manav asks him not to worry, they are finding her.Ayesha smiles and says Laxmi did birthday gift to me by disappearing. She hears Laxmi’s voice and happy birthday song. She goes to see on hearing it again and again. Prem and Sona wish her. Ayesha says we will celebrate birthday once situation gets fine.

They bless her and leave. Ayesha hears Laxmi’s wishes again and gets shocked. She goes to see in her room and is stunned.Ayesha coming in Samar’s room. He ays he was seeing old videos. Manav comes and says its Ayesha’s birthday. Samar wishes her. Ayesha says Nidhi mailed that its party in office. Samar asks her to go. She says fine, I will attend just for formality. Samar tells Manav that he will find Laxmi. Manav stops her and asks him to wait for some more time, else it can be risky for Laxmi. Karan talks to someone and says Ayesha transferred 3 crores in my account, I want to withdraw it, call me, I will come to collect it.

Nidhi arranges the birthday party. Ayesha and Manav come in party and she is surprised by the grand arrangements. She talks to Nidhi and asks whats wrong with you, who told her to do all this. Nidhi says you told me. Ayesha says what. Nidhi says you mailed me and shows the mail. Everyone in office got the message and shows her. Ayesha calls on that number and its out of reach.Manav asks Ayesha to come, the cake is here. Ayesha gets a message to be careful of the cake. Ayesha looks at the cake and gets tensed.

Manav says we all are waiting, come Ayesha. She walks to them. She says no need of candle, I m not a kid. Nidhi lights the candle and sparkles come from the candle. She screams. Manav says its just a candle Ayesha. They wish her and ask her to cut the cake. Ayesha says distribute the cake. They all insist.Ayesha cuts the cake and Manav makes it fall on her dress. He says so sorry. She says its fine, I will wash it. She says whats happening, someone is joking with me, don’t know who did this, but its not funny. She cleans the dress and says I have to find out who is playing with me. She hears Laxmi’s voice singing happy birthday to you again and gets shocked. She says so Laxmi is doing all this. She asks Laxmi to stop this, so she is joking with her, come out and talk to me.

She checks all bathrooms and does not find her. She comes out and sees Manav. She says Laxmi is inside, just see, and makes him check. She says its Laxmi, she was singing birthday song. He says there is no one here, you are tensed because of Laxmi and Samar, and hugs her. She says sorry. He asks her to come and leaves. She hears the song again and rushes out.Ayesha sleeps in her room. She recalls all the events. She wakes up and looks around. She asks who is there and goes to see. A masked person attacks her. She calls out Manav and the person tries suffocating her. She wakes up by the bad dream and sweats. She sees Manav beside her and gets a message.

She gets a message and the person asks her to meet, if she has courage. Ayesha thinks whoever it is will regret.Sona sees Ayesha going in morning and says where is she going at this time. Ayesha goes to the place where she was called and waits for that person. She thinks who is this person, and why did he/she not come till now?

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