Dream girl update Monday 31 January 2022


Dream girl 31 January 2022: The Episode starts with Laxmi and Bua ji having a talk. Bua ji says about Jyoti, who lost her name by people saying against her character, and now she has to find some ways to get her married. Laxmi thanks her after getting an idea. Samar practices the lines and gets Ayesha’s call. She asks him to give his best. He says I have audition infront of Manav. She asks him to enjoy all moments of the process, all the best. He says take care, thanks.The guy and his family come to see Jyoti.

The man gets a call and says he will not make this relation, as they heard bad about this girl and calls her characterless. Sharma defends his daughter Jyoti saying wrong people have done this. Laxmi comes there dressed in saree and covering her face. She says stop and shows her face. Manav waits for Samar and Samar comes to him saying sorry for being late. Manav says he won’t get any favor to be his brother.Samar says the lines in his audition. Manav does not like it and says you remember the lines, try to understand the character, its samosa wala, a common man, just keep it in your mind. The guy and his mum ask who is she.

Laxmi asks did she forget her, mangalsutra, sindoor and this baby too. She says she is mum of his to be child. The guy says what proof you have, its all wrong. Laxmi cries and acts to be his wife and holds his feet asking him not to worry. He says don’t believe him, I m innocent. Laxmi asks why, why not this girl, and scolds him for insulting the girl and her family.She asks him why do he need proof to prove himself wrong, and why not Jyoti. Samar says the lines again. Manav asks him to have the character in him and gets angry. He says he can’t do this. Samar says it will. Manav says not today, I can’t compromise, the film has many people’s work and I can’t cheat him.

The guy agrees to accept Jyoti and the engagement is also done. Laxmi gets happy. Manav talks to his dad and he says Samar will do it, he is like me. Manav smiles and Samar looks on. Laxmi tells her dad about winning the bet. Samar says he will act good, let me live the life of Raj samosa wala for six months, and give me one chance. Laxmi’s dad says I know you are a good actress, how will you stay there. Samar’s mum asks how will he fit in the poor life, he did not see it till now. Samar says I will live such, as many people live such poor life, I will do the role, bless me.Laxmi swears on her dad and his upbringing, I will never leave my value, please fulfill your promise.

Her dad asks her to go. She hugs him happily. He says he has some conditions. She asks what. Manav says you will not lose and come, you will fulfill my dream, promise. Samar says promise. Laxmi’s dad asks her to promise she will not leave her good values, not get in bad company, not hurt anyone, be a good human being first and then a good actress. Laxmi promises him.Samar’s dad gives him 6 months time. Laxmi’s dad says 6 months, come back if you don’t become heroine. Her asks her to go and Samar’s dad asks him to go. Laxmi hugs her dad and thank him. Samar hugs his dad. Laxmi and Samar pack their bags. They give them money for their use, and takes elder’s blessings, saying they will not break their trust.

Samar asks his mum not to be sad as he will call her daily, and not cry. They both start leaving from home.Laxmi having an emotional bond with her brother and showing some sweet write-ups on chits which she has saved for him in her saving box since childhood. The entire city greets her all the best. Laxmi arrives Mumbai and calls Pappu Bhaiya. She says we reached, where are you. Pappu says I m outside, wait for sometime. Laxmi asks him to come soon. He asks him to take the keys from Raj, who will be staying with her. Laxmi says I can’t stay with any guy, why not any girl.

He says I know Raj since childhood, he will not trouble you. He asks her to ask about Raj Samosa Wala and get keys. Laxmi says this to Bua ji and ask about sharing flat, and is there anyone else. Bua ji says its Mumbai, we have to adjust, this is first hurdle, you will get more hurdles, its your deeds ground, don’t be afraid, don’t die, just do the war. Laxmi hugs her.Ganesh function is celebrated there. Laxmi comes there and smiles seeing the people dancing. Mere saare palchin………She says so many people, where to find Raj Samose Wale and ask people do they know him. She says I left Bua in taxi and don’t know this Raj, who to ask now. Laxmi smiles seeing the Ganesh idol and thanks for making her reach safely here, everyone was making fun of her, make me get entry in Navrang studios, make me meet my fate.

Samar comes there and she turns. The decoration sticks were falling on her and Samar holds it. They have an eyelock. Hara hara mai……… plays……… Raj talks to Pappu and says so that girl is coming to keys, you should have told her about Raj. Laxmi hears him and says so he is the one. She says I m that girl, bigger superstar than Deepika and Aaliya.She says she will become new heroine of Navrang studios. He smiles. She asks him does he know Samar Sareen, what will he know, and says he is Manav’s younger brother. She shows her contacts with Manav, Samar and Ayesha. Samar laughs. Ayesha comes home and smiles.

The staff gets tensed as she smiled and it means someone is going to go. Ayesha commands the staff and is arrogant towards them for small things.Laxmi makes Samar clean the house and treat him like an ordinary Raj, not knowing he is actually Samar. Ayesha scolds the assistant for a small chit, which has transfer code of company’s account, and without which she can’t transfer salaries to staff. The assistant resigns herself and says I know you won’t forgive more than three mistakes. Ayesha says you need me more than I need you, you have let yourself down and looks at her with arrogance.

Samar sees Ayesha ironing the clothes and requests her to iron his clothes too. Laxmi says what poor life teaches, to recycle things and Bua ji laughs. Bau asks Samar to make bulb right as its fluctuating, else fuse will go. Samar asks me? Laxmi says shall I call electrician. He says I will do and fails to do. He says we will call electrician and she does the bulb right, saying she will lighten her world herself. He helps her and she looks at him. Hara Hara mai don nainon se hara………plays……. She smiles.

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