Dream girl update Saturday 23 April 2022

Dream girl 23 April 2022: The Episode starts with Ayesha making Aarti drink the milk. She gets a call and gets busy. Aarti coughs and makes the milk fall on the bed. Ayesha gets injection and thinks to give her, to avoid some tension. Aarti turns and sees her. She asks Ayesha not to give her injection. Ayesha asks her to sleep now, and gives the injection. She sings lullaby and makes Aarti sleep. She goes out.Ayesha comes to Navrang and asks Manav about the rumor reaching him. He says its confirmed, doctor said you have fixed appointment for surgery, I know you were taking Aarti for the plastic surgery, its half truth. She says whatever, I can’t expect help from you, just give a statement to rubbish all rumors, it can really help me.

He smiles. Karan comes there and taunts her. He says get less angry and you won’t need surgery. She leaves.Aarti gets unwell and wakes up. She holds her stomach and calls out Ayesha. She falls down.. Sona walks by and knocks Aarti’s room’s door. She says maybe she is tired and sleeping. Aarti gets up and drinks water. Karan comes to meet Aarti and tells Sona that he has some time off, Ayesha is not here, so he came. Sona says Aarti is sleeping. He says fine, I will see her once. He knocks the door and starts leaving. He hears some sound and asks Aarti is she fine. Aarti cries. Karan asks her to open the door.

He tells Sona that Aarti is not opening the door. Sona knocks the door. She says Ayesha did not make me give her food, and said she will see Aarti. Prem comes and asks Aarti to reply.Aarti gets dizzy and tries reaching the door. She falls down on the floor. Karan breaks the door and gets inside. They get shocked seeing her on the floor. Karan lifts her and puts her on the bed. Prem calls doctor. Karan sees medicine and blood. He asks Prem to call Ayesha. Aarti coughs and vomits blood.

Prem calls Manav and asks for Ayesha, she is not answering call. Manav says she went for interview. Prem says ask her to call me urgently. The doctor checks Aarti, and says I don’t know how Ayesha took sleeping tablets overdose and anesthesia injection, she could have slipped in coma, make her have food, she is fine now. Karan goes to Aarti and says Ayesha is not here, I m with you. Aarti asks him to call Ayesha. Sona brings the food. Karan asks Aarti to have food. Aarti refuses and says she will have food with Ayesha.

Sona and everyone keep trying Ayesha. Aarti cries and is hungry. Karan worries seeing her. Its night, Aarti has stomach ache and does not eat food. Karan cries seeing her and leaves. Laxmi sees Karan crying and asks what happened. He says he is worried for Aarti, he wanted to become like Ayesha, name and fame, he used to think like her, his life used to start and end on her, then Laxmi came in his love and taught him real meaning of love, he found himself and his happiness, he has seen his life apart from Ayesha, and when he sees Aarti, he feels why is he here, he wants to keep Aarti away from Ayesha, I can’t let Ayesha ruin Aarti’s life. He goes.

Karan getting Mithi to Aarti. Mithi plays with Aarti and convinces her to have food. They come out to dine. Ayesha comes and sees them dining. She asks what happened. Aarti says she won’t talk to her. Ayesha asks did you ask me, I had a terrible day, Aarti you just think about yourself. Karan says listen what happened. Ayesha asks him does he have things to blame her, she does not have time or mood for it. She goes. Sona says Ayesha is selfish.

The news show about Ayesha and surgery the matter. Ayesha switches off the tv. Manav comes and argues with her. He tells her that Aarti could have died, there was overdose of sleeping tablets, thank Lord Karan reached there on time, you are killing her, don’t come close to her, stay away. Aarti hears this. She cries and asks Manav to leave. She hugs Ayesha and says no one will scold my Ayesha. Ayesha says she will have food with Aarti and sends Karan. Karan gets angry. Manav talks to him.

He says its not Aarti’s mistake, she just obeys Ayesha. He says we can do something, think of some way out. Karan says I think I have some way. Its morning, Manav calls a doctor for Aarti, and says he feels it will be good to treat her while she is asleep, she hates doctors. The doctor says she will give her injection. Karan gets Mithi there. Manav hugs her. Karan says sorry, Aarti needs you, but she knows Ayesha wakes up early. Mithi nods. Karan takes the doctor there. The doctor checks Aarti. Ayesha passes by and sees them. She gets shocked. She sees doctor giving injection and makes a vase fall to make Aarti awake. Aarti wakes up. Ayesha says sorry, but Aarti is everything fine, whats happening.

The doctor hides the injection. Karan says this is our friend, she came to meet Aarti. Ayesha says why did you get doctor here, and this injection in her hand…Aarti gets shocked. Ayesha asks are they giving injection to Aarti. Aarti says no, I won’t take injection. Mithi says injection does not hurt. Aarti says she feels hurt. Manav says no one will give injection. Ayesha says fine, but why did you do this, do you want to make her unconscious and take her to mental asylum. Aarti cries and hugs Ayesha. Ayesha says no one can take you till I m here. She takes Aarti with her.

Ayesha asks Aarti not to gel with anyone here, she would have gone to mental asylum, don’t be innocent. Aarti asks Ayesha to be with her. Ayesha says she has to take Aarti away from them, Karan is also with them.

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