Once there was a king update Saturday 23 April 2022

Once there was a king 23 April 2022: In the palace, Kaal was enraged over Rani that it’s because of her only. Raja accepts that he was the one who did this all. Amrita goes to plead Raja, and then Bari Rani Maa. Both deny helping her, Amrita goes to ask Rani to do something, her husband is her culprit and she doesn’t want to punish him; she must now save his respect. Raja forbids Rani to take an action, Rani questions Kaal if he would listen to her. Raja leave angrily.

Rani comes to get the doors opened, bringing Kaal along. Rani questions the ladies who gave them a right to get aggressive, there is a difference between protesting and getting aggressive. Today, Kaal would apologize for his mistakes, and he has a right for repentance. Kaal joins his hands to the ladies, and asks for forgiveness as he regrets what he has done. Rani says that Amrita has forgiven Kaal, she bore this all to change Kaal with love. She is happy they all took a stand for Amrita, she is a common girl who wants to live in this man’s world with a raised hand but cutting the neck of a person in return isn’t needed. The ladies clap for Rani and leave. Kaal heads inside.

Raja comes to Rani, Rani hugs him tight but he pushes her away. He forbids her to say she loves him, if those women had no right to punish his father she also didn’t have a right to save him. Today, Rani snatched his justice and revenge from him.
Rani was walking down the forest tensed, Raja calls her from behind a tree. Rani goes to him but he vanishes. Rani regrets that sometimes Raja worries her, sometimes his thoughts. She moves on, Raja joins her again suggesting her to make him up. He is always wrong, she must make him understand with love.

He vanishes again. Rani was determined to speak to Raja what she did was for his mother.At night, Raja was practicing vigorously with boxing bag. The phone rings, Raja holds the phone angrily saying he doesn’t want to speak to her. It was Meenu who tells on Rani’s insistence that Rani is really ill, she might have a pneumonia. Raja hurries towards the hostel.In the room, Amrita argues that Kaal can’t take any step against Rani who saved his life. Kaal tells her to go away, and makes a call for a small pistol.

Bari Rani Maa over hears and asks if he wants to finish Prem Vadha? She warns him to think once again. Kaal reminds her hands are also red with blood. Bari Rani Maa says it was Raajneeti, but what he is going to do will leave him of no use. Kaal wasn’t ready to listen to her and leaves. Bari Rani Maa was determined to get him in her control once again.In the room, Meenu helps Rani lay in the bed. Raja comes there and was concerned that she is hot in fever. Raja brings doctor along, rani and Meenu eyes him closely.

The doctor exclaims Rani has been suffering from 108F fever. He says he has to inject medicine to Rani, Rani sits up at once confessing to Raja that she lied just to call him here. Raja laughs with the doctor that he already told him. They tell Rani he is a fake doctor. Rani complains on him for betraying her, Raja gets serious what she did. Meenu and the doctor leaves. Rani says Kaal must pay for what he has done, but what he was doing was all wrong. Raja was stubborn, he says that he couldn’t stop himself as well. Till today he considered himself as Amrita’s son, but he is also like Kaal as well.

He moves towards the terrace. Rani comes behind him, kiss his hand and says he isn’t like him. He has committed mistakes, but not sins; he can never hold a hand on any girl. Raja hugs Rani closely asking if she is feeling love for him. Its good he must leave without saying anything, this way she would realize how he feels when she does this. Rani holds him back asking if he is angry with her, Raja tells her he would always be angry with Kaal. Rani was sure Kaal must have changed and asks him to give a chance to Kaal. Raja leaves.

In the morning, some goons kidnap Raaj Mata. There Raja finds Rani worried in front of the temple, Rani says she got medicines for Dadu but she isn’t anywhere around. Raja panics saying he know where she can be. They return to palace, Raja clutches Kaal’s collar demanding where Raaj Mata is. Kaal stood silent, Raaj Mata appears from upstairs. Rani hurries towards her. Raaj Mata explains that Kaal saved her life. Kaal recalls he sent the goons to kidnap Raaj Mata then went to save her. Raaj Mata says she had fainted in front of temple, Kaal came to save her. Kaal recalls Raaj Mata was unconscious and he was about to shoot him when a man came to inform him that one of the seats in elections is appointed for the women, if some lady from his family gets elected the seat would be theirs.

Kaal wondered who could win the seat from his family, Raaj Mata then murmured Rani’s name weakly. Kaal had decided to win Rani’s heart then.At Raaj Mata’s place, she insists on Rani not to stay here. Rani says she has to stay here, as her grandmother is ill. She tells Raaj Mata that Amrita became her mother and allowed her to stay away from home until her exams, so she is going to stay here. She then calls Raja at the palace to get her books from hostel. Amrita receives the call and assures she would tell Raja get her books. She turns to see Kaal standing behind, he promises to get Rani’s books from there. He turns to see Bindu spying on him, she panics watching him.

At night, Rani was waiting for Raja when Kaal arrives. She was shocked to see Kaal, Kaal says she is precious for him and what she has done left him owing her. He insists on Rani to keep a guard here, for Raaj Mata’s protection. Rani asks what if a person is insecure from inside the house, and insists what he did to Amrita was all wrong. Kaal accepts that Amrita has given a new chance to him, he was sure to come up to their expectations. Rani touches his feet, Kaal gives a look to Hari Prasad who nods understandingly before leaving.
The next morning, Rani was sleeping with her head on books.

Raja and Raaj Mata come from behind. Raja asks if this is her study, he complains Raaj Mata that she told in her house she is coming for study and here she is asleep. They argue with each other. Raaj Mata laughs that even their arguments are cute. She asks Rani to get ready, then Raja would give her a drop till college. Rani denies going with him. Raaj Mata leaves smiling. Rani asks Raja if he isn’t angry, as she left without informing him. Raja asks if he should be, Rani was confused.
In the palace, Bari Rani Maa and Bindu were discussing about Kaal’s planning. A guard brings a file for Raja, Bari Rani Maa wonders why Amrita is being so happy watching this file, and she goes to spy.

She comes to Amrita’s room coughing badly. Amrita hurries to get water for her, but she sends Amrita for cough syrup. She herself hurries to check the file and was shocked watching it. Amrita arrives with the cough syrup, Bari Rani Maa says she will have to treat it now.Rani gets ready for college, she tells Raja that yesterday she had forgotten the books at hostel. Kaal himself came to give them to her. Raja was angry at once why she didn’t tell him. He insists Kaal never does something selflessly. Rani says Kaal has been forgiven by Amrita.

Raja asks why she can’t forgive him then. Rani says she isn’t Amrita, she can’t even think about forgiving his betrayal until she know about the true reason behind him.

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