Dream girl update Friday 18 February 2022

Dream girl 18 February 2022: The Episode starts with Bua ji coming and being surprised seeing her brother. He asks does she know Samar, as if he stays in this house. He asks does he stay here, and asks Laxmi. Laxmi recalls Samar’s words and says how can she stay with a strange guy, don’t he trust her, ask Bua ji. Bua ji says no, I won’t let anyone stay here. He asks who is he. Laxmi says he is Samar Sareen. They all are shocked. Laxmi says if you could identify, how will I identify, and asks him to see his childhood face.

Bua ji says he comes here for rehearsals, I requested him to come and he is so good, he agreed. He asks why did she call him Raj. Samar asks why so Bua ji, tell me. Bua ji says we have called him Raj to hide his identity. Laxmi’s dad thanks him for coming for rehearsals. Samar touches his feet and takes blessings, saying my dad asks me to take elder’s blessings, which are real assets. Laxmi’s dad gets glad seeing his valued and says I was wrong, Laxmi was right about Ayesha and Navrang studios.Her brother asks why this dream girl contest now, if you both started rehearsing, we have seen it on tv.

Laxmi asks Samar about the contest. Samar says its done for publicity, which starts two months before. Her brother asks will the contest not happen. Bua ji says no, it will happen and Laxmi is decided the winner. Her brother asks about the script. Laxmi asks Samar did he not get script today. Samar says we were going to do dance rehearsals today.Bua ji goes to make tea. Laxmi asks her brother to freshen up. Laxmi’s dad talks to Samar and tells about Laxmi saying Samar Sareen’s name since childhood. Samar says I m lucky and smiles. Samar says about his family and servants. Laxmi prays that Raj does not say anything wrong, else her dream will end.

Bua ji asks why did she say he is Samar Sareen. Laxmi says I was tensed and Raj was saying the same, I felt bad lying to dad.Laxmi says my Bhaiya asks his college then what. Samar answers him. Laxmi asks Samar to go, as his driver is waiting. Samar asks them to stay. Laxmi’s dad asks why will we go, we just came. Laxmi asks Samar to go. He asks where will I go. She asks him to be in balcony. He asks how. She asks him to go down and get in balcony by pipe, she will get food. Her brother asks is he still here and asks him to have food and go. She says its his gym’s time. Samar says gym cancel. Laxmi asks him to concentrate and his trainer is waiting. Samar says fine and leaves.

Samar stand out and Laxmi says sorry. She shuts the door. Samar is bothered by the mosquitoes and he is in balcony. He thinks Laxmi will be with family having good time. She does not eat thinking about Raj being hungry. She takes an extra plate and tells her dad that its for dogs. Samar looks on. Her dad asks her to eat first and then go. She thinks about Samar. Samar says she called me dog, I m here because of her. He says its better if I go home and sits fighting with mosquitoes.Laxmi brings food for Samar and gives him. She argues with him and says she got the food by excuse of dogs.

Laxmi tells about her big audition and how will she manage her dad and brother, if she loses the day, what will she do. Samar looks on. He makes her have food and music plays…………. He says I know you did not eat food properly. Zara zara dhadkan…………..plays…………. Samar giving tops to Laxmi about auditions. She says she will show range of talent in her and impress Prem. She asks him to adjust till her dad and brother are here. He worries thinking what will she do tomorrow and smiles. She leaves. Laxmi’s dad calls her and she tells Samar to wake up and run. He hides and she asks him to hide anywhere else, and jump by the balcony. He says I can’t. She makes him leave. He jumps down and she throws the pillow and sheets.

Laxmi’s dad comes there and she says she was making rats leave. He says he came to take her and asks her to shut door well. Its morning, Laxmi prays and apologizes to Lord for lying to her dad. She says her name should be on top in auditions and asks for her dad’s blessings. he asks what special today, her shooting will start after contest. She says she is going for mock shoot. He says they will be proud to have her, Samar and Ayesha are with her, they can’t be wrong. He blesses her.Bua ji makes her have curd and hugs her. Laxmi thanks her. She asks Bua ji to send them and call Raj for sometime to rest. Bua ji says fine and wishes her all the best.

Laxmi bumps into Samar at the stairs. He says sorry and sees her new look. She asks whats he seeing. He says you become oversmart and know everything, she does not look bad, all the best. She stops him from going inside. They both fall away and her dad goes. He looks at her. Zara zara sa……………..plays……………Ayesha tells Karan to be careful that Laxmi does not come near auditions, she is clever and come in auditions. She says its imp for her, she is not in office. Karan asks where is she going. Ayesha says there is some imp matter and is outside Meera’s college. She sees Meera coming and ends the call. She follows Meera. Karan says her selfishness is her bad point, his and Laxmi’s way is clear today.

Laxmi comes to Navrang and sees many girls. She thinks they are top beauty contest girls. Karan asks them to leave the script and greets them. He says every girl will be given 5 mins and they will be judged on their performance, and the judge is Prem Sareen. He says just 10 girls will enter the second round. He says all the best and leaves. Laxmi rehearses in washroom and a girl likes her script. Laxmi says its her script. The lady says its unique and sends her to loo. Laxmi comes back and sees her script missing. Laxmi says I did not ask her name, where to find her.

Meera meets Dhruv and he asks her to come with him, and make any excuse at home. Meera agrees. Ayesha is shocked seeing them holding hands. Laxmi looks for the girl. Prem and Karan see the auditions of the girls. Laxmi thinks how can she lose her script. She hears her script said by that girl and rushes there to see. She thinks what will she say in her audition now. Karan waits for Laxmi and goes to her. He asks is she ready, her turn is next. She says she lost the script, she was rehearsing in bathroom, the girl came and liked it.

He asks is she mad, how can she trust anyone and give her script, I m mad to trust you, I cheated Ayesha for you, if she knows I did all this, then my career will end before its start. Laxmi is called next. He asks does she have any script. She says no. He asks what will she do now, her dreams are shattered now, she is dumb girl, don’t go on stage as no one knows your number, else Prem will not forget this and Ayesha will know about me. He asks her to leave. She cries.Karan leaves. Laxmi sees her number 150 and recalls Karan’s words and Samar’s words. She thinks to go. Karan thinks its good she did not come and Prem and Karan start leaving.

Laxmi stops them and comes on the stage. She says he wants to participate in the dream girl contest and hides her face.

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