Dream girl update Thursday 17 February 2022

Dream girl 17 February 2022: The Episode starts with Laxmi making Samar have plenty of wine asking him to hurry up. Ayesha smiles and says 15 wine bottles, she will get drunk by tasting it and not wake up till tomorrow. Samar coughs and she takes some food for him, as he is hungry. She sees he has gone and looks for him. She bumps into him. He says all bottles are complete. She says he got drunk and says she will leave now, and asks the man to send to the address. She says lets go Raj. He says I will see everything, and support you always, trust me, lets go. He falls down and she thinks they can’t go by bike now.

She thinks how to take him home and asks is he fine. He says I had fun, I did not have such fun even in US. She says don’t know what he is saying. He says I drank many times with friends in college. Ayesha sees the line of the girls and says if Laxmi comes now, she can’t reach to the door till 5pm, not she can just dream to be dream girl. Laxmi thinks what to do, as time is passing.Samar asks her not to worry, he is with her, no one can stop her from becoming dream girl. He holds her hand and says he will say her a secret, don’t say anyone, I m not Raj Samose wala, I m Samar Sareen. She is stunned.

He says I will make you my dream girl, my future heroine, I m taking training to become Raj Samose wala. She asks really, then I m Sridevi. He says don’t you believe me, this is not fair. She says he heard it so many times from me, no need to become Samar Sareen.He asks her to see the small Samar and Laxmi’s pic. He takes a selfie with her and falls. She holds him and says lets go now. He says its such a good place, beach and this place, lets dance. He says dream girl’s Laxmi Mathur’s first dance performance. She asks what is he doing. He dances with her. Socho ke keh bhi dun tumse mai…………..plays………. He says I always wanted to dance with you like this. He says you know what else I wanted to do. She says please stay in limit.

He smiles and says listen to me what I want to say. He falls on her and she takes him. She tries taking lift. Samar says it was so much fun. She says no car is stopping, my career will end because of you. He says call my driver, why are you asking the lift and says the number. She says lets call for helicopter. He says you don’t believe me, call Ayesha Bhabhi, battery off, you will have boss number. She says sit quiet. He says she will come to take me. Laxmi stops a car and asks for lift.The lady leaves seeing Samar drunk. Laxmi takes lift and a man helps them. Ayesha says its 4.45 and Laxmi did not fill form till now. Manav comes to her and gives the forms.

He says he is going tomorrow and she can choose the final shortlisted girls to compete with her, and we was thinking about Karan and Akshay to direct the movie. She gets glad and he says lets meet at home in evening. He leaves. She says Karan is my brother and knows a lot about me, I have to keep him happy.She asks Karan why is he sitting alone, why is he not celebrating his birthday, he knows Manav considered him for film director. Karan says its not final, Akshay will get it. She says he is ungrateful, she has convinced Manav to consider him. She says she knows how to make and ruin anyone’s career, think before blackmailing me, and tells about Laxmi, she could not come and fill the forms, she will be somewhere lying drunk. She says it happens what I want.

She turns and sees Laxmi smiling and hearing them. Laxmi taunts Ayesha saying the one who compromises with values, does so being doubtful of their talent, she does not drink wine and got all wine bottles. Ayesha says about dreamk girl contest and she lost the chance, her form is not submitted. She leaves.Laxmi sees Karan and thinks in FB that she has to go and submit the form. Karan helps Laxmi.Laxmi breaking the queue and filling the form to keep it inside. She hides seeing the man leave. Karan catches her and asks does she think she can win by cheating. She asks him for a chance, its last chance for her life.

She says you say dreams fulfilled who gets right chance and tells how Prem gave right chance to Ayesha and she became dream girl, and he wanted to become director and could not become till now, as he did not get the chance. She says you are Ayesha’s shadow, she would have given you the film to direct, but she does not want this, she knows I have the talent to become a good heroine, so she is not letting me get this chance, she knows if you become director, you will be equal to her, which she does not want.She says she came till here and she will show becoming a heroine, if he helps her today, she will not forget his favor, if she is selected as heroine, she will make him direct the movie.

Karan says no one becomes dream girl by filling form. She says if Ayesha thought this, she would have not stopped me, think as a director and ask yourself can’t I become a good actress. Ayesha looks for Karan.Karan asks Laxmi to go inside and gives her the form. Ayesha asks are all forms submitted. He says yes. She asks him to seal the entry. Laxmi hides inside. Ayesha goes there and checks the forms. She goes. Laxmi comes out and Karan keeps her form in the box. She smiles. FB ends and Laxmi thanks Karan. She says if he was not here, she would have not submitted form. He says audition is still there, Prem will be taking it, as Manav convinced him. She gets glad.

He says its tough to convince him, and if he likes your talent, he will send you in final 5. She says if Ayesha makes me leave the contest then. Karan says its my duty, I will decide who will come for audition, Ayesha will just see final 5, contestants will be known by number, you can go. She says my dad says, those who look hard from outside, are soft by inside, I feel I got someone mine here in Navrang. She thanks him and leaves.The fake Dhruv meets Nandini and she tells her plan and gives him money. She asks him to meet Meera and he knows whose name to take when he gets caught. She smiles and leaves. Everyone sit for dinner.

Prem says I chose Ayesha last time, I hope I choose someone like Ayesha. Nandini says I m sure you will choose one better than her. Prem says no, its tough. Nandini says Ayesha does not look young now. Ayesha thinks I will show after Manav goes.Manav asks Meera to have food. Meera says she ordered pizza. Meera goes to get the pizza and Ayesha thinks why did she go to open the door. Meera gets pizza and meets Dhruv. She asks him to go and he takes her out. He gives her a letter and she smiles. Nandini says where is Meera till now. She says I will go and see. Ayesha says I will see. Ayesha says where did she go with the pizza and calls her. Meera asks Dhruv to go.

Ayesha goes to see and Meera sends Dhruv. Ayesha asks why is she here. Meera says I got a call and hides the letter. She lies to Ayesha and goes, dropping the letter there. Ayesha gets it. She reads the love letter and sees Dhruv’s name. Samar falls down the bed and wakes up. He gets hangover. Samar says did Laxmi miss the form submission. Laxmi gives him lemon water and he says I was out in drunken state, did I misbehave. She says no, she is annoyed a bit, she is with him and share everything, then he did not tell him the imp thing. He asks what.

She says that you are my dream guy, my destination. He thanks her. She says you are Samar Sareen. He is stunned. Ayesha asks Meera why did she come back. Meera says she wants to get her earrings and takes the letter. She leaves. Meera says she will be late tomorrow after classes. Ayesha says fine, inform the driver. Meera says no, I don’t need driver, my friends tease me, I will come myself. Ayesha thinks she is going to meet Dhruv, how did that man come, before my games fails me, I have to stop her. Nandini smiles seeing Ayesha worried.She thinks she will get real shock when she loses the dream girl tag and also Manav.

Samar asks did he say everything. Laxmi asks how can he think he is Samar Sareen. She says what did he say and he laughs. She says she reached Navrang and filled the form. He gets glad and smiles. She says Prem will be taking audition, you have to help me, I have much work. She asks why did he lie that he drinks, just to help me. He smiles. She thanks him and says if he fell and got hurt then… don’t be so good to anyone, his city taught her this. He says fine and goes to check at the door, saying her words.Laxmi’s dad and brother come. Samar asks who are they. Laxmi’s dad says I m Laxmi’s dad and he is brother. Samar says great. Laxmi’s dad asks what is he doing here. Laxmi comes and says Papa, being surprised.

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