Divya Drishti update Friday 12 January 2024

Divya Drishti 12 January 2024: Divya says why are you trying to save him? That woman has ruined our life. She separated us don’t you think we should.. Drishti says we should use our minds. divya says we all saw her taking the dead body. Why are you defending her? She has done bad things.

Why do you wanna save her? Drishti says enough. Have you lost your mind? She might be a bad woman and we will punish her but only when we see her with that one eye. What if we kill her and she is innocent? What will be the difference between her and the woman who killed our mom? What if she didn’t know there was a body in the carpet. Have you seen her with one eye? No one has. Before trying to kill someone you will use your mind and be calm.

Pisachini says I am tired of these annoying humans. She says I miss my Devri

so much. For these Shergills I have to wear this stupid clothes. When will I bed in my real attire. How will I test lava? I will kill someone in front of her and see if she has a third eye. Bichu says so you will kill someone again? Pisachini says who are you to question the devil inside me? If my devil wakes up I can kill you too. No one can stop me. The star is on her clothes. Pischini says guru ji couldn’t stop me either. Her eye shivers.

Pischini says something is in my eye. Pisachini rubs her eyes. she comes in her real attire and says I feel better. Pischni says who should I kill? You? He says no please. she rubs her eye. The star shine. Pisachini says what is happenin. bring water. she washes her face and screams more. Pisachini says my eye.
Divya says who else should we doubt then? Dirshti says people will ask so many questions. How did the sword attack her? Divya says why did you save her. If I find one more proof against her I will kill her.

Lava comes to Rakshti and says your coffee. He says I am working. Lava says you need coffee when you work. That drishti doesn’t know. Rakshit says she is my wife and she doesn’t need to serve me coffee to prove that. Shekhar comes. Lava goes.
Shekhar says to Rakshit wow girls after you all the time. He says whats up with your wife. Shekhar says she doesn’t like me.

Pisachini’s eye falls down. Bichu is dazed. Divya comes there. Pisachini lays in bed. she hides her eye and says my head hurds. Divya says I was doing laundry. Let me take your clothes. Pisachini says sure. she takes the dupattaa. Piscahini says my eye feels better. Bichu says that cloth was taken by Divya from here. That means something was in it.

Pisachini says what will I do without my eye. Bichu says I have an idea.
Shekhar says to rakshit i want to tell you something. It’s a long story. Rakshit says say what it is.
Piascini and Bichu come after Lava. Bichy takes Pisachini’s face.

Shekhar says will you agree to me? Rakshit says tell me. Shekhar says what is happening in this house someone is behind it. Rakshit says who? Lava comes there. She says you said my husband is looking for me? You were lying.
Divya brings the star to Roomi and Drishti. The star becomes larger. Bichu runs after Pisachin’s eye. Ojaswani stops him.

LAva says Rakhit your wife is nowhere with you. There is no marriage bond between. Marriage is more than just going to office together. You are ignoring me for her? Shekhar says I am here too. Lava says then go from here.
Ojaswani asks Bichu what was the brand of earrings you wore. Bichu sits there in anger. He says I am tired. I have to go an sleep.

Rakshit’s room is on fire. Lava screams. She says fire. Rakshit says calm down.
Everyone screams seeing the fire. Divya and Drishti come where Rakshit is. Shekhar tries to run. He is stuck in fire. A wood is about to fall on Shekhar. Drishti saves Rakshit. He falls on her. Lava says Rakshit please get me out of here. Drishit coughs. she says this looks like a magical fire. Dviya uses her magic and reduces the fire. Rakshit stries to break the door. Divya breaks it. Everyone runs downstairs. they scream fire.. Everyone runs towards the pool. Lava says it was fire. Pisachini says she saw fire? SHe saw the fire beforehand? So she is the one with third eye.
Dirshti comes out too. Lava says I was so scared. Pisachini says she was inside too?

Drishti looks at the burned room and cries. She recalls her childhood. Rakshit comes. Drishti says how did this happen. drishti cries. Rakshit hugs her. drishti says I tried a lot but it wasn’t stopping. Rakshit says it’s okay. It’s extinguished. Drishti says I am sorry, I am so scared of fire. I didn’t know I would be so close to it. she cries and sobs. Rakshit says you still came to save me? He caresses her and says let me bring you water. She says don’t leave me alone. He says I wont ever. Rakshit caresses her face. He says are you okay? Why didn’t you leave. Drishti says what if something happened to you. Rakshit says would you care? Drishti is leaving. rakshit says where are you going? Your skin is burning. Let me get you medicine. Piscahini wonders what was she doing inside. Sunny sees Pisachini. He says you here.. He runs. Pisacini says he saw me.

Rakshit advises Drishti to get medicine for her burn wounds. She has feeling of something bad to happen in the house

Pishachini is following Sunny and he finds it difficult to escape from her clutches. Drishti goes down to check if everything is okay in the house. Pishachini manages to capture Sunny and harms him. Drishti’s third eye starts glowing when she comes across Sunny lying on the floor.

Pishachini notices Drishti’s third eye and Sunny unfortunately breathes his last. Pishachini tells Drishti that she has been looking for her for so many years.
Drishti goes and informs Shikhar and Aish that Preeto is Pishachini. She tells Ojaswini that Pishachini killed Sunny as well. Preeto enters the balcony and Ojaswini asks her about her son. The family members are in shock as they aren’t able find Sunny’s body.

Sunny is alive suddenly and back to everyone’s surprise and they all blame Drishti for lying about Sunny’s death.

Drishti tries to tell Divya everything but Divya refuses to believe. Pishachini tells Bicchu that she revived Sunny. Drishti is tries to convince Divya about Preeto’s real avatar. She tells her they have to expose Preeto in front of the entire family. Divya believes her and says that they will destroy Pishachini.

Rakshit talks to Mahima about how he saw a one eyed woman with his father. Mahima starts crying. Rakshit tells Mahima to not say anything to anyone as he wants talks to Drishti about it.
Drishti, Romi and Divya gather to look at the stone and they stare at the moon. The stone starts glowing and brightens up the room.

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