Divya Drishti Starlife update Wednesday 6 March 2024

Divya Drishti 6 March 2024: Drishti jumps in the water. Rakshit brings her out. Drishti cries and says I have to go to my Divya. She was here. Please take me to her. Rakshit hugs her and says nothing would happen to her. Drishti says no, I promised mom I will never let her go anywhere away from me. She is in trouble.

she can’t handle that. Please take me to her. Drishti screams and cries. Drishti faints. Raskhit calls the doctor. Drishti sees Divya in hell and in the fire. Drishti wakes up and screams. Rakshit hugs her. He says we will bring Divya back please don’t cry.

Divya is in hell. She is surrounded by fire. Someone laughs. Kaal says your powers won’t work here. You have lost everything. Everyone laughs at her. They hold her and stamp her back with a number. Divya says I am not scared of you. He says you are 402 now. There was 401 before you. He fled, we have made the rules strict now. Divya says but he fled anyway.

Rakshit says we have to do something. We have to bring Divya back. Mahima says please calm down. You have to stay sane for Drishti.

Shekhar says I should run from here. Pisachini says where are you going fake Shekhar? Don’t dare to run. I will send you back to hell. Murli says I can also tell everyone you killed Patali. Pisachini shoves him. He says don’t do your magic on me. The whole house shakes because of an earthquake. Murli says stop it. Simran says Shekhar is nowhere. I looked everywhere. Rakshit brings Drishti downstairs.

Murli runs out. Pisachini says I am not doing anything. Some of kaal’s guards come there. Pisachini says they will take you back to hell. They come out of the ground. Murli is scared. He says leave me. Hell’s guards also come inside the house. Everyone is scared.

Pisachini says if you dare to run, I will send you back to hell. Keep doing what I ask you.

Door knocks. Everyone is scared. Rakshit opens the door. It’s Murli. Ojaswani says everything is going wrong in the house. Drishti looks at the wall that opened hell’s door. She opens it. Drishti comes to Pisacini’s room. She says I have to go to hell. Drishti sees Patali’s dead body. Drishti says I know you and your Pisachini did this drama to send my Divya back to hell. You’re the reason behind all this.

Drishti says Piaschini did all this ma. We have to bring Divya back. Mahima says please take some soup. We will bring Divya out. Rakshit says I don’t know what to do. I can’t see Divya like this. We were living with a fake Shekhar. I don’t want Drishti to suffer like your mom did. Shekhar says do you remember that diary that we used to write in childhood? Rakshit says do you still remember? Rkashit says you left me alone after it. Here’s your diary. I have your photo too. Murli looks at the photo and says this photo told me the story of the diary.

Drishti says to Mahima Patali’s body is in Pisachini’s room. she doesn’t care about it. If she was a mom, she would care for it. We will take her dead body and tell her she can only get it back if she gets us Divya back. Rakshit comes Drishti says I will do it. Please don’t try to stop me. Rakshit says I am here to be with you in everything.

Kaal says to Pisachini one sister is over, now time for other one. Rakshit and Drishti come to the body. Pisachini says let’s take her body. Rakshit says calmly down. Drishti sees that the red wax was not on Patali’s hand anymore. It was there before. Drishti takes Rakshit back. She says Patali is pretending. She isn’t dead. She had wax on her hand. It wasn’t there now. Who removed it? We have to expose that she isn’t dead. We can only bring Divya back this way. Rakshit says I will get you coffee first. You need to calm your mind and I will make the plan. Everything would be fine. Drishti goes to her room. Rakshit says in heart I will ask Romi to keep you there. I am sorry but I can’t risk your life.

Pisachini wakes Shekhar up. She says so much is going on in the house. You’re sleeping here. He says do what I ask. I want to take Drishti this time.

Drishti is crying. She says I don’t know what to do Romi. Romi says Rakshit is making a plan. Pisachini says to Murli to make a plan with Drishti and take her to hell. He says Rakshit won’t let her come with me. Pisachini says you have to convince her.

Rakshit gives Drishti water. He says in heart I didn’t want to do this. I am sorry. Drishti faints. Rakshit takes her to the bed. Rakshit says I am sorry, I can’t risk your life. I will do whatever we have to. Romi says she will stay fainted for two hours only.

Murli says to Pisachini Rakshit has locked Drishti in a room. He locked the room with powers. Only you can bring her out. Pisachini tells him the plan. Romi peeks in the room. Pisachini opens the door. Romi and Rakshit come in her room. Murli is hidden in her closet. Rakshit says what are you doing here? He says I was looking for Patali’s heart but I couldn’t find it. Rakshit says it’s in that closet. She has locked it with her powers.

Pisachini comes to the room where Drishti. She says now Murli will take you to hell and no one would know. She said to Murli I don’t want anyone to go there but Drishti. I have locked the room to hell. I have made a door in your house.

Murli says we have to do something. Mahima says you’re very brave. Rakshit says where is her heart? Is it in hell? Mahima says it can’t be there. Rakshit says someone is keeping an eye on that heart. Murli comes to Drishti. He says bhabhi.. Drishti wakes up. He says it’s me. He gives her a coffee. Drishti says what am I doing here? Murli says Rakshit fainted you. Drishti says how could he? Murli says he tried looking for a clue. Should we see in my room? We can find a way to hell there.

Romi and Rakshit are in Pisachini’s room. They see something there and leave. Murli and Drishti come thee. Murli says there is a way to hell here. I saw it when I was running after Pisachini. Pisachini says now you will go to hell and go there forever.

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