Divya Drishti Starlife Thursday 4 April 2024

Divya Drishti 4 April 2024: Bell rings. Ash says who is there so late? Mahima says only Rakshit will open the door. Rakshit opens the door and says is that a box? Rakshit picks it. Romi says what if it’s a bomb. Mahima says to open it. There are dolls inside it. Romi says who is playing with our emotions? Di left us and someone sent us these.

Ojas says these are Pisachini’s dolls. She took them from the kids at the mall. Mahima says yes these are the same dolls. Ojas says yes these are her dolls. Pisachini says why would I do that? Rakshit says to torture us. Mahima says what game are you playing? Pisachini says they’re alive and they are doing this drama. They are fooling us. Mahima says if you play one more game with me I will take your life.

Romi says to Divya and Drishti you two have to be careful. Mahima says something is wrong. She hears someone cry. Pisachini has a doll. Mahima says what new game is this now? Pisachini says if I had to play a game I wouldn’t need a doll. Drishti sees Vidya in a dream. Vidya is pregnant. She sees Guru ji. Drishti wakes up. She says what did I see? Drishti’s belly is 9 months pregnant. She says how is this possible? This is exactly what the star said. Drishti comes out. Drishti says I have only 24 hours to deliver. Mahima looks at her. She comes downstairs and says so you’re alive. I knew. Pisachini was right. You’re all playing a game with us. Divya wakes up and says where is Drishti? Rakshit wakes up. Everyone heard a noise. Shekhar says I heard something.

Drishti says where do I go? Mahima says you’re right. You can’t play this game with me. Everyone comes there. Divya says what to do. Drishti says in heart if I move, she will know I am alive. Mahima says tell me the truth. You’re alive right but I will kill you right now. Say that you’re alive. Divya says I have to save her. Pisachini says what are you doing.. Mahima looks back. Divya and Drishti disappear. They come to a dark place. Mahima says where did she go? She was here.

Drishti says how did we come here? Where are we? Who brought us here? Guru ji comes and says I brought you here. Drishti says I saw you in my vision. Pisachini says what happened here. Mahima says I saw Drishti. she was 9 months pregnant. Mahima says she was here. rakshit says are you crazy. Ash and Ojas come and ask what happened here? Mahima throttles Ash and says I will kill her if you don’t tell me where she is. Where are they both? They are alive.

Guru ji says nothing wrong can happen to you now. I am here. Did Mahima see your belly? Drishit says she saw it right now. Divya says she got to know she is alive. Guru ji says I will handle everything. He becomes a fire ball. Mahima says tell me where are they? Rakshit says leave her. Pisachini shoves Ojas. Shekhar says I will tell you. They are both.. A strong wind blows and a cyclon comes there. Divya and Drishti’s shadow appears there. Divya and Drishti say you’re scared of us.

We are dead but my kids would come for you. Mahima says what is this. They try to touch but they can’t. Drishit says your end has started. Divya and Drishti laugh. Pisachini says where did they go? Mahima says this can’t be true.

Guru ji says you both are like your mother. I couldn’t tell you everything. They touch his feet. Drishti says so they don’t know we are alive? He says I handled it. Drishti says everyone thought you’re dead. He says you have many questions. He says I want to meet my blood. Drishti says Mahima? He says no. I don’t want to see her face. My heir is Rakshit. Would you make me meet him?

Scene 2

Shekhar says how did they do this? Rakshit says they will come and explain. Drishti says yes we will. Rakshit says your belly. Drishti says the star said I would deliver in 24 hours. Rakshit says we can’t trust anyone. Who did this magic? Drishti says there is one person we can all trust. Rakshit says who? Guru ji comes in.

Mahima says they have become a ghost. We have to be together and fight their ghost for it. Pisachini says they are alive. There is something we can’t see. We have to be together and find them.

Guru ji hugs Shekhar and Rakshit. They both touch his feet. Rakshit says where were you? Mom said you are dead. He says I know. I saw lal chakoor in that cake. Your mother was selfish and self-centered. she locked me in that cave. I stayed there for 25 years. Finally now when that cave destroyed I came here. Divya says but it doesn’t look like you were in the cave for 25 years. Drishti says yes. He says I had many powers. Because of them, I don’t look old. I am trying to find out who did all that happened to you. First I thought it’s Pisachini but it’s my own daughter Mahima. She is a demon.

Rakshit says we don’t know what to do next. Guru ji says we have to make them fight each other. They are together for that ratan. They are also planning to kill each other. We have to make them fight and then make them end each other. No one knows them better than me. Pisachini is proud and Mahima is suspicious. Guru ji says they will kill each other. Rakshit says so bari ma would? Guru ji says she is my blood but to protect the ratan from evil I have to kill anyone even if she is my daughter. We haev to take the difficult way. Divya says how will we do it?

Romi shouts Pusachini witch where are you? Shekhar says why are you shouting? Romi shouts come out Pisachini. Pisachini says what happened? Did you forget your worth? He says you did so wrong. You killed the girl I loved the most. He has made a painting of Divya. Romi says you took my love from me. Shekhar says she was my wife. Pisachini says you said we were just friends. She laughs and says what a love triangle. Romi says she loves me. Shekhar hits her and the paint falls on Pisachini. She says why did you do this. Romi says black face. Pisachini leaves. Shekhar and Romi laugh. Divya and Drishti come as well. Dviya says what acting. Drishti says have to shatter her pride. Divya says let’s continue.

Pisachini comes to her room and says I have to clean this paint. I will kill this Romi. What is happening? My hair. Divya and Dristi laugh outside. Pisachini screams. Mahima is coming there. Drishti hides. Pisachini comes out and says my hair is white. She sees the other mirror but they are black. Pisachini says how did this happen? Mahima did all this. She is playing this game with me. Ash says to Romi we can’t be like Mahima and Pisachini. They hate each other. You can’t fight with each other. Shekhar says he said he loved my wife. Romi says don’t take it to your heart. I miss her. Ojas says Mahima is so clever. She is using Piaschini as a pawn. Ash says she couldn’t be of her family. Now she is using Pisachini. Pisachini hears all this and becomes angry.

Mahima checks the room. Drishti is hidden under the sofa. Mahima is coming towards her. She collides with someone.

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