Destined by fate update Thursday 6 July 2023

Destined by fate 6 July 2023: Kanha tells Anjali that he will get another guest room ready for her. Anjali says Sayuri left home by her wish, so what if she may not return. Kanha says its an issue between husband and wife, so Anjali should better not interfere. Anjali recalls Kanha’s words and looking at Sayuri’s sindhoor thinks however Kanha hides,

Destined by fate 5 July 2023

she knows Kanha loves only him and is just hiding it because of the promise made to Chiru. She thinks Saroj is right that Sayuri is manipulating Kanha and luring him to love her, anyone who loves Kanha would get angry on Sayuri. She thinks she considers Kanha as his husband and she is Mrs Kanha Chaudhry.Sayuri joins family for breakfast and asks why her favorite dishes re prepared today. Indu says they are prepared each year, they all made preparations

since yesterday and hoped she would cut her birthday cake with Kanha. Sayuri nervously munches food and asks them to stop talking about Kanha as this is her house and will never return to Kanha’s house. Pihu asks if they can go to a mall today. Rashmi says they can celebrate Sayuri’s birthday there. Sayuri says she needs to attend college and leaves. Rashmi says Sayuri is tensed since last night as something happened last night.

Indu says even Kanha must be tensed on the other side. Bhanu says she trusts Kanha more than Kanhaji regarding Sayuri.Kanha walks down calling Nakul. Kusum tells Saroj that looks like Kanha is normal now. Saroj asks Kanha to have breakfast. Kanha joins family for breakfast. Kusum and Saroj asks him to leave Sayuri if he is not connecting to her by heart. Kanha says Saroj got emotionally connected to Dhanraj after marriage, in fact 60% of Indian marriage happen same way, so its not wrong if he connects with Sayuri after marriage.

He says he will bring Sayuri home today at any cost. Anjali asks him to take her to doctor’s appointment. Kanha says she can go with Nakul. Saroj says he took Anjali yesterday, so he should take her even today. Kanhha says he explained everything to Nakul, so she need not worry. Nakul backs him. Dhanraj says either him or Kusum will also accompany Anjali, so Kanha shouldn’t worry.

Kanha reaches Sayuri’s house. Sayuri slips while stepping down the stair. Kanha holds her. Sayuri feels shy and asks him to leave her. He says he didn’t marry to leave her, he will celebrate her birthday today and then will take her home. He calls Sayuri’s family to bring the cake out. They walk out with cake. Kanha shows #KriSa written on it and explains its Kri of Krishna and Sa of Sayuri. He holds her hand and cuts cake with her and wishes her happy birthday.

Anjali watching that with Saroj says she knows Kanha loves her and is trying to make her jealous by showing his attention towards Sayuri.Kanha expresses his love for Sayuri and says I love you my wife. Anjali and Saroj feel jealous hearing that. Kanha tries his best to convince Sauyuri, but she doesn’t listen to him and leaves for college. During break, Kanha Waits for sayuri at a tea stall and tries to cheer her up.

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