Destined by fate update Wednesday 27 March 2024

Goons threaten Kanha and Nakul to send Ammu with them or else they will shoot them. Ammu requests not to harm them as she is ready to accompany them. Sayuri tells Ammu that she is part of their family now and can’t go. Ammu says women of her profession can’t stay with a dignified family and thanks for their concern.

She says she never by herself compromised her values, but was forced in it, etc. She leaves with goons. Nakul tries to run behind them and falls down. Kanha lifts him up and asks if he is fine. Nakul says yes and says they should save Ammu or else she will be killed. Kanha and Sayuri accompany him.

Rashmi manipulates Saroj and Daadi Mausi against Ammu and portrays herself as a well wisher of the family. She finds Kanha, Nakul, and Sayuri missing from home and informs Saroj and Daadi. Kanha, Nakul, and Sayuri call inspector on the way to Ammu’s location. Inspector says he wants to inform them something important. Kanha says they will listen him later and asks him to save Ammu’s life first. They reach the location and find Ammu tied to the chair and her boss arriving to teach her a lesson They are shocked to see a well-known politician who runs a woman welfare organization as Ammu’s boss.

Boss verbally abuses Ammu and tries to slap her when Nakul enters and warns to dare not touch her. Boss asks how did a client come inside. Goon informs that he is Ammu’s boyfriend. Boss demands money from Nakul and captivates him. Kanha’s phone rings. Boss gets alert and walks towards the sound. Rashmi continues to manipulate Saroj and Daadi mausi against Ammu. Saroj prays god to send her children back home safely Boss checks and doesn’t find anyone. Kanha walks in with a live video and exposes boss and his goons. Sayuri brings other girls out to expose the boss

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