Bitter Sweet Love Starlife Wednesday 27 March 2024

Kunal is leaving. Vandana runs after him. He goes in the lift. She runs downstairs. She says your judgment is nonsense, who are you, Tansen? You are judging me. He asks are you a fool. They argue. She says you can reject me if you don’t like my voice, you can’t reject my dreams, I m born to become a big singer, I will become a singer.

He says as a businessman, I know what sells in the market. She says music is business for you, its worship for me, a new voice always sets trend, you don’t have a vision, I know you are a big music producer, I m nothing, remember, it doesn’t take time to change market and trend. Bobby looks on. Vandana asks Rohan to end the drama and start the recording.

Vandana’s dad Vijay and Aaji wait for Vandana. Aaji says your daughter will fulfill your dreams. He says yes Taai, she will fulfill it, I will call her. Vandana says I m ready, come. Rohan says we will not do the recording today. Vandana cries. Rohan says lets skip it today. She says you liked my voice so you called me. He says yes, I have to rethink, sorry. Kunal says good one, song is made to sell in the market. Vandana taunts him.

She says I got motivation to become a singer and prove you wrong, I will become the number one singer, you will come to me and ask me to sing for your music label, I will say sorry, I don’t have time. He says better wake up from sleep. He leaves. She cries. She checks her dad’s message. She gets sad. She calls Vaibhav. He asks what happened, tell me fast. She says I got rejected. He asks then.

She says a businessman rejected me, I got insulted, he called my voice a noise, who is he to reject me, its my loss, if I tell dad, then he will get hurt, what shall I do. He is busy in office. He attends another call. He says I m listening, I know you felt bad, don’t think much, think of something else, think about me, about our marriage, honeymoon, we will go to Switzerland, don’t worry, my love, just handle your dad. He takes another call. She gets sad. She leaves. Auto driver/Kaka asks her to sit in the auto, its raining. She says I couldn’t save my dreams. He encourages her.

Bobby says you could have ignored that. Kunal says I did a favor on her, she was living in misconception, I enlightened her. Bobby says you never know. Kunal says that girl’s voice has no quality of a playback singer. Vijay praises Vandana’s voice. Vandana is on the way. She recalls Vijay encouraging her. She cries. Kunal gets a call from Parisa. He answers the call and says what happened, why are you up. She says yes Mamu, I m fine, I called you to feel better, love you a lot. He says love you too, what happened. She says mom’s 56 missed calls, why does she take stress, she loves me and I love her too, I feel sad for her. He says don’t worry, I will speak to mumma. She thanks him. She asks did you get your queen voice, its okay, you will find her, you will make our music label number one. Bobby comes and asks how are you. Pari greets him. Kunal says Bobby is your Mamu. Bobby says just call me Bobby, love you. Kunal takes the phone and says you were saying something. She says I went to my friend’s house, they have a big family, they stay together, we don’t stay together. He says I m getting dad’s calling. She says take his class, bye, love you. He says love you too. Vandana comes to the café. She writes 1 on the mirror. Kunal looks on.

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