Destined by fate update Tuesday 26 September 2023

Destined by fate 26 September 2023: Kanha warns Vaishali not to act smart and reveal whole truth in detail. Vaishali reveals that she and Rishi were college lovers and wanted to marry each other, but Rishi’s family opposed their marriage and hence they eloped and married; Rishi’s family started treating her like a servant; Rishi took her to USA and tortured her even more there and made her life a hell, he is a sadist who derives pleasure by torturing others. Kanha requests her to visit his home and reveal Rishi’s truth to his family and save his sister from marrying Rishi. Vaishalil says she will visit his house tomorrow as she has her mother’s major operation today. Kanha says Nakul will visit hospital and take care of her mother instead. Vaishali promises to visit Kanha’s house tomorrow for sure. Kanha says its a question of his sister’s life and warns her not to break her promise.

Yash calls Kusum and confesses his feelings for her. Kusum feels emotional and cries vigorously. Sayuri eagerly waits for Kanha and Nakul to return home and hopes Vaishali agrees to help. Kanha returns home and reveals Rishi’s truth. Vaishali thinks after her mother’s surteyr, she will visit Kanha’s house tonight itself. Nakul spies on her and recalls Kanha asking him to spy on Vaishali as he can’t trust her. Sayuri gets angry hearing Rishi’s sins and determines to protect Kusum from Rishi and get her married to Yash. Daadi Mausi walks to them and scolds them that they re busy chatting with each other instead of making wedding arrangements.

Rishi parties with his friend and gets heavily drunk. His friends praise him for controlling Kusum like his slave and hopes even they get a beautiful and obedient wife like Kusum. Rishi gets angry on him for talking about Kusum and feels lucky. He falls asleep on sofa and gets a nightmare of a policeman arresting him for harassing Kusum. He thinks he can’t take a chance and wants to marry Kusum at any cost. Next morning, Sayuri gets Kusum ready as a bride and hopes some miracle happens. Yash enters with a gift for Kusum. Sayuri walks away. Yash offers a gajra to Kusum and stands emotional. Kusum feels his pain.

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