Destined by fate update Wednesday 27 September 2023

Destined by fate 27 September 2023: Nakul waits for Vaishali outside the house. Kanha also comes there who spent sleepless night. Vaishali is encouraging herself to say the truth to save Kusum’s life. Sayuri comes to Yash who says that he always mocked people in college for love at first sight and when he himself is experiencing it now he feels he’s getting mocked for s own words. He says that Kusum believes that its her last chance but lofe always gives second chance to people. He asks promise from Sayuri to not let Kusum marry someone like Rishi. Sayuri promises the same as Rishi and Vaishali are on the way.

Someone attacks Vaishali right before she’s about to open the door. They try knocking the door when Vaishali shouts for help. Kanha and Nakul break open the door to find the place shattered. Sayuri thinks that only 50 minutes left for marriage. Kusum recalls Rishi’s threats and Yash’s words and cries. She wips her tears and self talk herself to accept her fate. Kanha suspects Rishi behind the issue and is about to go out to find. They hear some noise stops. Sayuri prays for Kanha to come fast before muhurath.

Sayuri gets shocked seeing Bharat coming before tme and gets shocked. Saroj and Dadi greets them and Dadi praises them for coming early. Gayatri says about taking Kusum away and starts performing rituals. They gets greeted while Sayuri looks on tensed. She tries to call Kanha but he doesn’t pick up.

Kanha nad Nakul find a box and opens it to find Vaishali tied up. Sayuri pleads Saroj to stop the wedding but Saroj scolds her as bharat is outside. She takes her outside. Rishi mocks Sayuri for not finding Kanha and Nakul. Saroj lies that they’ve gone for temple. Sayuri taunts him for coming early as he’s scared he girl will go from his hands.

Kanha is in car with Nakul and Vaishali and gets worried seeing Sayuri’s message. Rituals takes place and Rishi is about to go on inside whrn Sayuri stops him. He taunts her if she wants to stop the wedding and Sayuri says yes. She says that she can’t let the wedding take place before completing the ritual. She says about cleaning Rishi’s feet as a part of the ritual.

Everyone upports Sayuri while Sayuri and Rishi challenge each other in their minds. Sayuri starts performing the ritual and makes Rishi fall down in the pretext of cleaning his feet. She mocks him. Rishi gets welcomed to the mandap. Sayuri prays for Kanha to come soon. Rishi thinks that everything is going according to his paln as he tied up Vaishali and saroj will not only listen to Kanha and Nakul’s words.

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