Aparajita zeeworld update Tuesday 26 September 2023

Aparajita 26 September 2023: Aparajita calls Kabir and tells the media that we were looking for proof and we have it. She plays the video and says the girl who took pheras with Arjun and says after that the bride was swapped. Mohini says how can you prove that? Aparajita says the girl who sat after the pheras with Arjun had a mark on her hand which Niya has but Disha don’t. Aparajita says it means it was Disha that got married to Arjun. The reporter asks then why didn’t the girls know? Aparajita says because Mohini had given them sleeping pills so they wouldn’t remember anything. She stole Disha’s bangles but couldn’t swap her before pheras. Mohini says enough, you are destroying Niya’s life. Aparajita says she didn’t marry Arjun and we have proved it, she tells Ashmit that I didn’t want to do wrong with Niya and wanted to prove to you that it was Disha who married Arjun. I wanted to show this video to you before but Mohini called the media so thank her for clarifying everything to the world. Mohini says I will destroy you. Aparajita says you keep dreaming about that but my family is with me so you can’t do anything with us, you had just one daughter who loved you but you made her hate you for trying to destroy her life, you should be ashamed. The media taunt Mohini for trying to destroy the girls’ lives. Mohini glares at Aparajita and says I will be back to this house soon. She goes from there. Aparajita hugs her daughters. Dadi apologizes to Aparajita and says I should have trusted you, I am sorry. Aparajita says you showed me the way by pushing me, just keep blessing us. Dadi says I wish Akshay could see that you saved their lives. Arjun and Disha take Ashmit’s blesssings. Aparajita says I think we should get them married again properly, he says sure. Aparajita invites the media to the wedding too.

Scene 2
Arjun and Disha get married again. They take pheras and he applies sindoor to her. They register their marriage to the lawyers. Ashmit looks at the papers and says this is wrong, this is not my address. Arjun says I added my office address as that place started our relationship, we both want to live there. Ashmit says you both are not coming home? are you still miffed with me? Arjun says no, I just want to achieve something without your help, Akshay is still in coma and the office is near so we can meet him easily. Disha says we are married but we can’t live away from our family. Aparajita tells Ashmit that he is your son and will always be, if they want to live alone and become independent then what’s wrong? they can do anything with your blessings. Disha says I am sorry uncle. Ashmit says okay, you can. He goes from there.

Aparajita brings Disha and Arjun to Akshay. She says I didn’t do any injustice with your daughters, they need your blessings now. Disha asks him to wake up soon, I am starting new life and I want you to be a part of it. Aparajita says he must be very happy today. Dadi says lets prepare for bidai now. Aparajita says its time to send my daughter.

Arjun and Disha start leaving the house. Aparajita does their rituals. Arjun calls someone and says what? Aparajita asks what happened? Arjun says the authories are saying my office is at an illegal place and they are going to demolish it. Dadi says where will Disha go now? Aparajita says they can live in the laundry house. Disha says she is right, that house has many memories. Asha says how will I gather strength to fight with the world when Disha is not around. Disha says I will be around. She hugs Aparajita and she blesses her. A man brings a letter for Aparajita and says we are ready to invest in your business and this is 1 crore check as an advance. Aparajita says this is a good day. Arjun and Disha leave.

Mohini calls the investor and says I have transferred 1 crore to you, now you will give her more cheques but then it will bounce back and she will have nowhere to go. The investor says you are cunning. Mohini says I want her on the roads, I will throw her out of the house and call the media too.

Arjun and Disha come to the laundry house. A man brings items for Arjun, Disha says you should have asked me at least. Arjun says I have to welcome you. Disha helps him and they put on kalash.

Aparajita gives money to the man who arranged the wedding, she calls Disha for change of money but Niya brings it. Aparajita thanks her, Niya says Disha told me that you always call her for change but now its my responsibility. Aparajita says Disha always had it, I will miss her. Niya says I can’t take her place but I will do my best to be with you. You have done so much for me, my mom never showed love but I can’t thank you enough. Aparajita says you are my daughter so don’t thank me. She hugs her. Mohini comes there and is angry seeing that. She says she is using my daughter against me but I willd destroy her daughter Disha now.

Arjun smiles at Disha and they recall their moments together. Arjun is putting rice in the kalash while staring at Disha and it spills out. Disha stops him and says these rice are proof of our love. She picks them up and puts in her dupatta. She kicks the kalash and enters the house with Arjun. They hug each other.

Disha is cleaning the house and looks at her family photo. She says I miss Maa. She puts the photo on the wall and calls Arjun. She asks him to help so he picks her up and she put the photo on the wall. Arjun says call me with love and then I will put you down. A worker comes there so Arjun puts her down. The worker brings a mattress and silently leaves a snake under the bed.

The worker calls Mohini and says I did as you said. Otherside Disha gets on the bed, Arjun comes there and says you know what tonight is called? Disha says its called night-time. Arjun says its your wedding night. The snake is near Disha’s foot.

Mohini is dancing and drinking in her room. Aparajita comes there and thinks what is she up to? Mohini murmurs that I will snatch Disha from her now. Aparajita gets worried and runs from there. Mohini says she is going to save Disha and now Asha is in danger.

Arjun and Disha are cuddling in the bed. Disha gets a call and says it must be a spam call, she switches off her phone and says I want to spend time with you.

Aparajita calls Disha but her phone is off. She gets worried for her, Mohini sees that and smirks. Aparajita says I don’t know what Mohini is up to, she goes from there. Mohini says Asha is alone in the house so its time to start my plan.

Asha is calling Chhavi and says don’t feel bad that we didn’t tell you about Disha’s marriage. Chhavi says I have network problem here so tell Maa to not worry.

Aparajita comes to Disha’s house and screams for her. Disha and Arjun come out of their room. She asks what happened? Aparajita says I heard Mohini saying that she is going to harm you, did someone come here? Arjun says some workers came with the mattress. Aparajita checks it and they all look around the room. The snake leaves the house before they can spot it. Aparajita says why would Mohini say this? Disha says Asha.. she is alone in the house now.

Mohini is spying on Asha and Chhavi’s call. Asha says I have so many followers on social media. Mohini says she doesn’t know that I have hacked her accounts and her phone number too.

Aparajita tells Disha and Arjun to not worry, she will go and check on Asha.Aparajita comes back home and shouts for Asha. She checks the rooms and says where is she?

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