Destined by fate update Sunday 2 July 2023

Destined by Fate 2 July 2023: Saroj asks Sayuri to let Kanha and Anjali spend some time together and sacrifice her marriage with Kanha. Sayuuri says she can’t as she loves Kanha. Saroj says Kanha will fall in Anjali’s love soon if she leaves him and asks her to leave Kanha if she really loves him.

Destined by fate 1 July 2023

She continues her mind game and says nobody needs her here and she should go where she belongs to and is respected, etc. Sayuri cries out loudly and thinks what shall she do now. She throws the cake away and looking at the gifts given by Kanha hugs them and apologizes Kanha.Kanha notices Anjali unconscious on floor after consuming sleeping pills and rushes her to hospital.

Sayuri continues crying and thinks as Saroj said she came in between Anali and Kanha unwillingly, she shouldn’t be the reason forsomeone’s pain; she will not let Saroj cry, Anjali’s heart break, and create a rift betweenmother and son. Kusum tells Saroj that its good that Devraj and Tej are not in town or else they would have felt disappointed. She asks about Nakul and seeing her calm behavior asks if she did something. Saroj says Sayuri will leave their house now.

Kusum asks if she fought with Sayuri, what did she do. Saroj justifies her act and says she calmly spoke truth and made her understand her point. She says she never overreacts, but gets out of control seeing Sayuri and her family. She justifies her act to even god and prays to send Sayuri out of their lives forever. Sayuri runs to her room and cries looking at Kanha’s given gifts. Tu Rokena Ruke Nainaa. song plays in the background.

Kanha reaches hospital and says he will not let anything happen to Anjali. Kusum asks Saroj if Anjali really attempted suicide. Saroj says she doesn’t believe Anjali can do that and prays god to protect her daughter, she says maybe to get Kanha closer Anjali made a drama of suicide. Sayuri looking at the sindhoor bottle says she was Kanha’s enemy, then became friend, and then loves him;

she has to leave him for the safe of Saroj and Anjali. Sayuri picks her bag and thinks she has to go from here as she cannot trouble anyone again.Doctor checks Anjali and informs Kanha that Anali’s out of danger now and takes him out of the room to speak. He asks Kanha to not let Anjali bear any mental stress and keep someone with her always as she may attempt suicide again. Kanha walks out of doctor’s room and calls Sayuri. Sayuri picks call and questions about Anjali.

Kanha says Anjali committed suicide due to stress, he feels ashamed of himself that he was not present for his friend who always supported him, he would have been in guilt if something had happened to Anjali, Anjali made a mistake and its his duty to forgive her like they forgive in other relationships. Sayuri recalls Saroj’s words and says he should be with his friend. Kanha sensing her distress asks if something happened there. She says no.

He apologizes for leaving her birthday in the middle. Sayuri says birthday comes each year, he should be with Anjali. He asks if she is fine. She says she is. He apologizes her for leaving her alone and says he is happy that she is with him. She says yes and disconnecting call cries more vigorously.

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