Destined by fate update Saturday 1 July 2023

Destined by fate 1 July 2023: Sayuri realizes she was imagining romancing Kanha. Kanha alerts her and brings a birthday cake for her. He then gifts her a note book with I love you Sayuri written on it. He then kneels down holding a diamond ring and recites a shayari for her trying to express his love for her. Clock ticks 12 just then. Kanha wishes her happy birthday and then tries to say her I love you when Saroj calls her and he runs away. Sayuri picks the diamond ring.

Destined by fate 30 June 2023

Sayuri’s family and Nakul wish happy birthday Sayuri and hope Kanha would have wished Sayuri and proposed her. Bhanu thinks Kanha must have got his bansuri/flute today.Kanha rushes to Saroj and asks what happened. Saroj informs her that Anjali attempted suicide unable to bear the sorrow of losing him. She pleads him to go and save Anjali.

Kanha rushes to his car and speeds towards Anjali’s house. Sayuri watches from a distance and returns to the celebration room. Saroj notices her and follows her. Sayuri’s family and Nakul eagerly wait for Kanha to call them for Sayuri’s birthday celebration. Indu says its better if they don’t call us as they don’t want kabab me haddi. Nakul says they are not kabab me haddi and says he is dying to eat birthday cake.

Rashmi offers him cup cake and says his life is precious. Indu hears that and looks at Bhanu. Bhanu signals her its okay. Kanha’s car breaks down midway and he starts running towards Anjali’s house. Saorj walks behind Sayuri and seeing the decoration berates her for luring Kanha and ruining Anjali’s life. She tries to make Sayuri feel guilty and continues to accuse her that she killed Dhruv and then Kanha and now with her greed she will kill even her some day.

Sayuri asks her not to say that. Saroj continues her mind game.Indu returns from kitchen and finds Nakul asleep. Rashmi looks at him smilingly. Kanha reaches Anjali’s house and enters after breaking the door open and finds Anjali unconscious on floor with a pill bottle besides her. Sayuri tells Saroj that even she and Kanha are humans and can get attracted to each other, Kanha himself clearly told her that he doesn’t love Anjali. Saroj says he would have after marriage and offers her to take how much ever wealth she wants and leave Kanha as she doesn’t belong to this house.She further says she cannot stop hating Sayuri’s family in this life.

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